Alexander Hamilton: Seeing the Future, Predicting our Present – Illinois Review

Our beautiful form of government was designed with “checks and balances” within, so that no one person in it or part of it could grow too strong or abuse its power.

In Federalist #75 Hamilton warns us of the risk of avarice in political leaders. This is one of the reasons that the making of treaties with foreign powers was not left solely in the hands of the President. A foreign power could ensure that the President would be a wealthy man once out of office in exchange for making a treaty to their liking. Therefore all treaties must go to the Senate, for their advice and consent.

Congress, the direct voice of the people, was given the watchdog role over elected the President and a few others. If the POTUS sold the country’s interests to enrich himself or committed other crimes Congress was expected to impeach him and the Senate was expected to try him and remove him from office.  Clearly Congress has neglected its duty.

Sec. of State  and now Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used her time in the State Department to add to the coffers of the Clinton Foundation. She hid the direct evidence of this by using a private email account to carry on State Department business, and then destroying those records.


Source: Alexander Hamilton: Seeing the Future, Predicting our Present – Illinois Review

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