Government Agency’s Out Of Control Salaries Revealed In New Television And Radio Ad Campaign Hitting The West Virginia Airwaves 

West Virginian Taxpayers’ Money Being Used To Fund Out Of Control Public Salaries, Says Nonpartisan Group WASHINGTON D.C. – The exorbitant salaries paid to staffers at the government agency the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is the subject of a new television and radio ad campaign launched across West Virginia today by nonpartisan group, Protect America’s Consumers. The ads reveal that the CFPB uses West Virginian taxpayers’ dollars to pay their employees an average salary of $10,000 every month. Staff at the CFPB set their own salaries because they don’t have to answer properly to Congress and senior managers succeed in paying themselves more than the Vice President. The ads also urge West Virginians to contact Senator Manchin to encourage him to reform the CFPB. “When Congress formed the CFPB they didn’t make them accountable to anyone, meaning that they can waste the people of West Virginia’s money on lavish offices and outlandish salaries and nobody can stop them – not even the President,” said Steve Gates, spokesperson for Protect America’s Consumers. “The CFPB was formed to serve a noble purpose: protecting American consumers. Protect America’s Consumers is committed to reforming the CFPB to make it accountable and answerable to the people of West Virginia.”

Salaries are not the only out of control expense at the CFPB. Their headquarters is undergoing a renovation. The cost has gone up from $55 million to over $200 million.

The $216 Million Price Tag For The CFPB Building Translates To A Higher Cost Per Square Foot Than The Bellagio Casino And The Burj Khalifa In Dubai. “The $216 million costs cited by the IG translate into $590 per square foot, more than the square-foot costs for Trump Towers, the Bellagio Casino and the luxury Burj Khalifa in Dubai, according to the committee.” (Richard Pollack, “CFPB Delays Renovation Of Its Pricey Headquarters, Adding Millions More To Cost,”

Source: Government Agency’s Out Of Control Salaries Revealed In New Television And Radio Ad Campaign Hitting The West Virginia Airwaves 

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