“Estimates of Plutonim Released by Fukushima” – Devil’s Racecourse

This is long so make a cup of coffee or tea. I kept it in layman’s terms for easy understanding and easy digestion but the headache you get won’t be from confusion but rather from the stark realty of the situation unfolding at Fukushima. These are facts.

“Puzzled”, befuddled, confused, astounded, mystified, mind-blowing, excreta ad nauseum…So you think when they run out of synonyms for “incompetence” they will admit this is caused by the Fukushima, “triple melt-down, through and out”, calamity or take more bribes to deny it again?

As some of you know already I took some time to verify that this ‘die-off’ is reality; I again wish to thank all those that donated to my Go-Fund Me account as it would have taken far longer than I would have wished to stay in that area. I know how devastating breathing in that sea-mist and foggy air is there; I have friends that live in that area (Morro Bay and the Central Coast of California) and it pains me knowing that they have a hard time grasping the direness of this situation.

However there are some that do grasp my words and do understand that this is a planet killer. After five years of denial, ‘Band-Aid fixes’, pouring tons of water to cool what remains in containment daily, having that same, now contaminated water, enter the Pacific Ocean daily (Estimated rates of 300 to 700 metric tons of it; this is not taking into account the flow of subterranean river the reactors were knowingly built above) where much of at least two reactor core {corium} now reside); it becomes clear that TEPCO is putting on a ‘dog and pony show’ for the ignorant masses. Nothing more.

“But they are capturing the water on sight and storing it for ‘decontamination’!”

Obviously people saying that took ‘common core’ math. Just based on the ‘tank farm’ built on site at Fukushima; a logical 5 year old could assess that there isn’t enough storage for the massive volume of water required to cool what remains of the melted reactor cores.As for “decontamination”; well that was ever a ‘myth’.

Sort of a reassurance factor created by the ‘nuclear-phages’ in the beginning. See taking radioisotopes or fallout away requires scrapping up and removing whatever the radioisotopes contacted and moving it somewhere else. Sort of foolish really when you consider that you already have one contaminated site; so now you are going to take all that contaminated material and contaminate another site by storing it there?

You know Karen Silkwood went through the ‘gold standard’ of ‘decontamination when she was exposed; why don’t you ask her how well their procedures worked?You can’t; she died and it is the same standard today as it was then as it was all the way back to the “Chicago Pile”.I

f decontamination was a real process and actually worked? “Three Mile Island” would be a luxury country club and golf course now. Guess what?It isn’t!

Then there is the entire exposure lie.Every system used is based on ‘external’ exposure to radioisotopes, Gamma, X-ray, Neutron, or Exotics (yeah the electromagnetic spectrum is only what we have measured and know; there is always more.) So based on the ‘external exposure’ guidelines both Alpha and Beta emitters (in general not energetic enough to penetrate your skin) are ignored. Some consider them ‘harmless’; however this too is a myth proliferated by the nuclear industry. Although Beta emitters do cause burns and Alpha emitters cannot penetrate the skin; if they are breathed in, drank or eaten? They are like having a tiny x-ray machine lodged inside your body; constantly bombarding the cells surrounding that internalized radionuclide, as it slowly releases its decay energy.

In the case of the Alpha emitter plutonium; if you breath it in? It will bombard cells within it’s proximity for 24,000 years or so. So one particulate of plutonium, floating in the atmosphere, being inhaled, killing someone by lung cancer and then getting released during the cremation the body (big in Japan) so that particulate again enters the atmosphere; has the potential to kill 333.333 people before it decays (based on a 72 year human life span).

That is one molecular particulate of plutonium’s potential lethality.I dare anyone, any expert or layman, to tell the world the truth about how much plutonium was actually released when Unit #3 exploded.

Unit #3 was a Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX) reactor; so it’s regular low enriched uranium (LEU) fuel pellets are augmented with 7% finely powdered plutonium 239, from decaying weapons stock. That powder is added to every fuel assembly to reduce the need for uranium. They are running out of easy to mine and find uranium you know? After 4.6 billion years, it would seem uranium is reaching the end of its viable half-life and there is no more when it’s gone. So a 7% mix today that will slowly climb as less uranium is available; after all; MOX is safe…Well aside from Fukushima anyhow.

“Mixed oxide, or MOX fuel, is a blend of plutonium and natural or depleted uranium which behaves similarly (though not identically) to the enriched uranium feed for which most nuclear reactors were designed. MOX fuel is an alternative to low enriched uranium (LEU) fuel used in the light water reactors which predominate nuclear power generation.”

“Mixed uranium oxide + plutonium oxide (MOX) fuel has been used in about 30 light-water power reactors in Europe and about ten in Japan. It consists of depleted uranium (about 0.2% U-235), large amounts of which are left over from the enrichment of uranium, and plutonium oxide that derives from the chemical processing of used nuclear fuel (at a reprocessing plant). This plutonium is reactor-grade, comprising about one third non-fissile isotopes.
In a MOX fuel fabrication plant the two components are vigorously blended in a high-energy mill which intimately mixes them such that the powder becomes mainly a single ‘solid solution’ (U,Pu)O2. MOX fuel with about 7% of rector-grade plutonium is equivalent to a typical enriched uranium fuel. The pressing and sintering process is much the same as for UO2 fuel pellets, though some plastic shielding is needed to protect workers from spontaneous neutron emissions from the Pu-240 component.”


This link will take you to an exchange between the Canadian Atomic Energy Control Board (“control” being a relative term) and a group of concerned individuals regarding MOX fueled reactors:

The numbers here are FACT! Math does not lie; nuclear energy producers do. It’s too profitable to let the public know the real risks so they always manipulate and deceive to ‘make you feel safe’.

No experts wish to take my dare?

“One attraction of MOX fuel is that it is a way of utilizing surplus weapons-grade plutonium, an alternative to storage of surplus plutonium, which would need to be secured against the risk of theft for use in nuclear weapons. On the other hand, some studies warned that normalizing the global commercial use of MOX fuel and the associated expansion of nuclear reprocessing will increase, rather than reduce, the risk of nuclear proliferation, by encouraging increased separation of plutonium from spent fuel in the civil nuclear fuel cycle.”

“The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, was a U.S. proposal in the George W. Bush Administration to form an international partnership to see spent nuclear fuel reprocessed in a way that renders the plutonium in it usable for nuclear fuel but not for nuclear weapons. Reprocessing of spent commercial-reactor nuclear fuel has not been permitted in the United States due to nonproliferation considerations. All of the other reprocessing nations have long had nuclear weapons from military-focused “research”-reactor fuels except for Japan.”

This is key to understanding both the cover-up and the peril of what Fukushima has wrought on humanity. Japan was the US plutonium reprocessing connection or pusher for the junkie; to keep us in compliance with the non-proliferation agreements.

“Beware the Industrial Military Complex…”

So the Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Defense (DOD) have kept a tight lid on precisely how much fuel was released in the Unit #3 detonation at Fukushima; in fact they wished no one would remember that it was a MOX reactor and a poorly updated one at that. The General Electric 1st generation Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) or BWR/1 with Mark I containment was fraught with design flaws so bad; many engineers left G.E. in protest. This was precisely the Unit #3 reactor at Fukushima.

“In modern BWR fuel bundles, there are either 91, 92, or 96 fuel rods per assembly depending on the manufacturer. A range between 368 assemblies for the smallest and 800 assemblies for the largest U.S. BWR forms the reactor core.”

The weight of a uranium nuclear fuel pellet is 7 grams but I will make it even easier as math is no longer the strong suite of humanity: Reactor #3 had approximately 548 assemblies (not rods; assemblies) in the reactor core and another 514 assemblies in the spent fuel pool (SFP) directly above the reactor (Another GE dangerous design flaw of the Mark I). Just in spent fuel alone there was some 90 tons of it in total in the SFP. That pool was obliterated in the explosion.
90 x 2000 (1 ton = 2000 lbs.)= 180,000 lbs. Using whole numbers for easier grasping; 7% of 100,000 is?
7 =7% of 100
70 =7% of 1000
700 =7% of 10,000
7000 =7% of 100,000
Just so there are no ‘idiots’ to question the obvious math; so more than 7000 lbs. of plutonium was released into both the atmosphere and Pacific Ocean when Fukushima unit #3 blew up. I say more because I rounded off the numbers and only included that spent fuel outside of containment in the obliterated SFP of Unit #3. It’s nowhere to be found in the post blast photos; GONE! Along with all that spent fuel.

This is a fact; it was not contained, it did not magically all fall into containment and disappear (as they cannot seem to locate it) it was atomized by the explosion and just like a dusty pipe organ; blasted into the wind.
Anyone telling you anything different is either lying or a moron.

Let that sink it because it isn’t sinking to the bottom of the ocean as so many ‘experts’ assure us. It flows with the cesium 134 and 137 we are detecting everywhere now; both in the air and the sea. Within a few weeks Fukushima ‘plutonium’ detections were confirmed all over Europe. Seems only the US fails to admit it, which is strange, as all that plutonium had to pass over us to get to Europe.

Since day eight, after Fukushima’s meltdown and detonation, almost everyone in the US was breathing in plutonium fallout from the disaster. Granted this is contrary to what President Obama and his ‘experts’ told us but then I don’t listen to people with ‘double digit’ IQs when it comes to physics.

With one gram of fine plutonium dust I could cause the death of everything in Central Park, New York on a breezy day; granted a slow death of lingering malignancies, a decade long torture but the result will be death all the same. That is the essence of the term “Dirty Bomb”.

Fukushima was a MASSIVE “dirty bomb” and none in the mainstream media mentions this fact; ignored completely and they think a ‘terrorist made firecracker’ is something to worry about?

Well at least we all will bear witness to this “planet killer”. For 5 long years I have been mocked, second guessed, ridiculed, defrocked and discredited and yet; I have witnesses that have watched each of my insights bear out to be completely correct; even amongst my critics. I’m not a ‘fear-monger’; I’m a fact-monger and I share my insights with the world. Want to stop me? Please try!

Time will bear out the facts that Fukushima is indeed a ‘planet killer’ as for you critics? At least I know I’m the ‘walking dead’; you haven’t even figured it out yet. Morons.

Source: “Estimates of Plutonim Released by Fukushima” – Devil’s Racecourse

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