Alarming Trends the Result of Leftist Domestic Intimidation

A police officer involved in organizations which research trends in law enforcement reports on some alarming trends.

He says that officers “many of us are experiencing a new level of noncompliance. There’s often a disregard for law enforcement bordering on acrimonious.

The era of new rules for engagement is taking hold; we need to see if it works. Crime is up. Low-level offenders skate by with a citation. Drug rehabilitation in return for reduced sentencing is moot, as offenders are well aware they will likely serve no time for their refusing to abide by the rules.

Criminals with serious offenses are being let out early. Those with ill intentions are emboldened when criminality has no consequence.

Add to this the alleged perception of the “Ferguson effect,” which suggests officers are reacting more cautiously, and a situation can escalate from troubled to dangerous.”

Another shocking and alarming trend is the increasing frequency of law enforcement officers being shot.  The killing and wounding or LEOs is generally either ignored or treated unsympathetically by the press. The same is true of President Obama.

These trends are ramifications of inflammatory statements made by Barack Obama and actions taken by his administration and the Obama DOJ, as well as leftist organizations which coordinate their actions with the Obama regime. The leftist news media organizations are guilty of fanning the flames of mistrust and hatred of our law enforcement officers as well.

Law enforcement officers, detectives, and agents do a remarkable job, day after day, with little recognition or reward. We the people should make our voices heard at city council meetings and in letters to the editors of newspapers, supporting law enforcement and criticizing leftist mayors who throw cops under the bus.
And when police departments are forced to adopt “non-confrontation” policies where officers are instructed to stand back and allow small or relatively minor crimes to occur rather than engage the perpetrator and risk escalation and possible use of force, we the people must make our voices heard, in a loud and clear manner. We must insist that law officers be supported by our local governments, and that minor crimes be dealt with according to the law. And we must demand that our government, our representatives, give our law enforcement officers support. When government officials are silent about the shooting of police, and are absent at their funerals, what message does that send? (These same officials often speak sympathetically about violent criminals injured while assaulting police, and attend their funerals.) Words matter.

The Obama regime met with professional agitators in Ferguson after the lawful shooting of the “gentle giant”, and helped perpetuate the “hands up” myth. Obama and his leftist minions spend millions to create a cultural current among young, ignorant, disaffected people of distrust of the police and disregard for the rule of law. While it is understandable that city governments want to avoid the recurrence of the riots of Ferguson after the rampaging Michael Brown attacked an officer and was subsequently shot, the proper response cannot be the suspension of law enforcement. When criminal actions go unpunished, when serious offenses are given a slap on the wrist, criminals are encouraged and more lawlessness will ensue. The “silent majority” cannot remain silent about this, or the leftists and anarchists will become energized, and will demand license for more and more outrageous behavior. When civil unrest is rewarded, we can only expect more of it.

Islamic terrorists have used a brutal form of ‘negotiation for centuries. Obey Sharia law, they tell us, or we will inflict murderous acts of terror as incentive to comply. Those communities and countries which capitulate soon topple and wind up ruled by the terrorists.

Obama and his leftist minions are engaging in domestic terrorism by proxy. They are intimidating local governments with the threat of violent civil unrest, while the DOJ is encouraging “non-confrontation” or the suspension of law enforcement as the remedy. Obama encourages civil unrest and racial division, while continually suggesting that police officers are armed racist thugs who cannot be trusted. The evidence for that statement is legion.

I won’t be intimidated by the lawless leftist radicals. I won’t be silent as government enables petty criminals as they steal and vandalize because they ‘don’t want to make them angry.’ This is a deadly precedent and we cannot allow it. We cannot be silent about the campaign of slander and libel against our law enforcement officers, which is brainwashing ignorant and impressionable young people, motivating some of them to shoot and kill police officers. As a society we must stand with cops, we must come to their aid in the media, and in town councils, just as they come to our aid when trouble starts and we call for help. Leftists and anarchists are attacking the thin blue line which separates us from civil war. We are closer to the tipping point than most of us realize.

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