Social Programming via Hypnotic Brain Rape

I read a short blog piece on advertisements today which I mostly agree with. It describes advertisements as brain rape. They are forced into our field of vision and into our ears, without warning and without our consent. Furthermore the experience is often very unpleasant and at times even physically painful.

“That commercial then pours its poisonous message into the brain, without ever asking or receiving permission from the viewer to do so.  One can just look away, but that is no more comfort to me than it is to a victim of sexual assault.  “Close your eyes and pretend it is not happening” is not a functional solution.
When browsing content on the internet, a banner ad will rob the user of screen real estate, forcing its way into the window through which one would otherwise consume the desired content.”
I recognize the economic reality of the need for media producers to get paid for their content. Advertisers pay them, and this often allows viewers to see and/or hear programming for free. But advertisements can be offensive to the senses. A couple of points come to mind.

First, the volume issue. Our ears are assaulted, no other word for it, by blaring commercials often with no warning. One infomercial pitchman used to be particularly bad about it, Billy somebody, until he had a heart attack and died. If you were watching a quiet movie and had to turn up the volume to catch the soft dialogue, the blast of the sudden commercial volume was enough to actually hurt your ears. I have never used equipment to measure the volume difference but I can tell commercials are significantly louder than the non commercial product.

Secondly, I am certain there are non consciously detectable signals embedded in commercials. I recall the young child of a friend of mine, before he could talk much but just after he began to run around. He was hyperactive as hell, tearing around, in and out of the house, in his own world. He was never interested in television programming, for children or adults. But the one thing that interested him were the commercials. He could sense them somehow and would come running into the house and plant himself down in front of the television and sit there without moving, staring at the set. Then, just as soon as the commercial was over he would take off running again, back outside or into another room, always on the go, until the next commercial began. How did he know when the commercials began and ended? What was it about them that held him glued to the set like that?
I am certain there are brain entrainment frequencies such as binaural beats embedded in commercials, capable of inducing altered states in our minds, hypnotic, suggestible states. And I think that child could somehow sense those frequencies and was fascinated by them. I used to joke that my friend and his wife should record a tape of just commercials and play them so he would sit still for a while. I also quipped that he would probably grow up and buy everything. But that was not really funny, because it hints at a sobering fact.
Those broadcasts are putting people in suggestible states of mind, and the emotional narratives of the stories are programming the public to react in predictable ways to various stimuli. And the programming does not stop with commercials; there are other kinds of programming happening.

Ben Shapiro the author of Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV explains:

“They’re very clever about it; they recognize that if they slide their messaging in, it’s much more effective than if they simply come out and hit you in the head with a two-by-four,” he said. To this end, they write sympathetic characters who behave badly yet advance their agenda.



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