Voter ID law upheld in North Carolina. AGAIN. Geez, can’t the Left take a hint? | RedState

You would think that eventually the Left would stop trying to get Voter ID declared unconstitutional – but they don’t, bless their hearts. Perhaps they can’t. It might be a compulsion, is what I’m saying. In this particular case, the federal judge was pretty comprehensive about smacking down the plaintiffs; Thomas Schroeder ruled that opponents of Voter ID failed to demonstrate any kind of harm from the North Carolina law. Also, you know it’s bad when Politico dryly reports:

“The plaintiffs “failed to show that such disparities will have materially adverse effects on the ability of minority voters to cast a ballot and effectively exercise the electoral franchise” as a result of the 2013 state law, Schroeder wrote. That argument was made more difficult after black voter turnout increased in 2014, he wrote.”

Then again, opposition to voter ID has always been a, if you’ll pardon the pun, distinctly minority opinion in the United States – including among minorities. This is one of those situations where’s it’s trivially easy to argue the pro-Voter ID position: We require a photo ID for almost everything else in this country, but we shouldn’t require one to vote? It doesn’t help the Left either that their argument assumes a rather insulting and paternalistic attitude towards minorities; contrary to the official opinion of the Democratic party, your average black or Hispanic voter is perfectly capable of getting a valid photo ID on his or her own… and in fact, most of them manage to, even without the heavy-handed hand of progressives to give them a helping finger.So, smart call by the judge, there. Bit of a foregone conclusion, though.  I mean, Voter ID is pretty mainstream these days.

Source: Voter ID law upheld in North Carolina. AGAIN. Geez, can’t the Left take a hint? | RedState

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