What the West Must Understand About Islam

For the purposes of understanding how Muslim immigrants behave in western nations there are a few key points everyone should be familiar with.
1- Islam has Not been Hijacked.
Muslims often quote peaceful passages from the Koran to non Muslims and declare that jihadist “radical” Muslims have perverted or “hijacked” Islam. How do Muslims themselves make sense of contradictory passages in the Koran?
When there are two passages that contradict each other, the one written later supercedes the one written earlier. This is called the principle of Abrogation.
The peaceful, tolerant passages were written early in Mohammed’s prophetic career. Those passages have been abrogated by later more violent, less tolerant passages.
So… when so called radical Muslims quote violent passages from the Koran and so called moderate Muslims quote peaceful passages from the Koran, many Westerners assume that Islam has many contradictory passages and Muslims can pick and choose which ones they will obey. But according to the Koran, it is the later more violent, less tolerant passages which are to be obeyed.
2-Sharia Law is a Religious Duty.
Islam includes a mandatory and highly specific legal plan for the whole society. Sharia. There is no separation between the religious and the political in Islam. It is a totalitarian system of order for every level of society governing:
Morals and Manners
Transactions and Contracts
Ritual Worship
Democracies, and Free Speech are abominations which must be eliminated.
3- Muslims are Allowed to Decieve Non-Muslims, if it helps Islam (Taqiyya).
The Koran instructs Muslims to LIE to non-Muslims about their beliefs and political ambitions in order to protect and to spread Islam.
Islamic leaders often say one thing to the Western world in English, and then say something completely different to their own countries in Arabic a few days later.
One example is the statement “Islam is a religion of peace”. Because of the duty of taqiyya Muslims often quote an early peaceful verse from the Koran, neglecting to mention that it has been abrogated by a later, violent verse. According to the Koran, the world will only be at peace when every country is ruled by Islam and Sharia law, and never until then.
4- A Political theory of World Conquest.
According to Islam, the world will remain in conflict until every nation has been conquered and is ruled under Sharia law. Non Muslims in conquered nations have three possible fates under Islam:
1- Convert to Islam,
2- Pay the Jizya, or tax for being non Muslim
3- Death.
Islam says Muslims must rule every land in which they take up residence. And Islam states that Muslims must conquer every country in the world and force people to live under Sharia.
A practicing Muslim may not assimilate into other legal, political, or cultural systems, except for the purpose of taqiyya, or lying to protect and advance Islam.
Muslim refugees don’t come to western countries to assimilate to our culture and legal system. They come to conquer.
5- Muslims and Communists have certain Key Similarities.
Though there are major differences, in the areas discussed above Islam and communism (progressivism, socialism, collectivism) are remarkably similar.
-The genocide and brutality of the two systems, far from being aberrations, are intrinsic parts of the systems.
– Islam and Communism are both totalitarian systems which control virtually all aspects of peoples’ lives.
– Lying to outsiders is an essential and intrinsic element of the systems in order to advance its goals and conquer opposing systems.
These similarities mean Muslims and communists use similar covert methods of infiltration and subversion of countries they attempt to conquer. This leads to a temporary coalition and collaboration between the two ideologies for the purpose of conquering countries, each group planning for the eventual ousting of the other once they gain power.
Just as there are striking similarities there are also striking differences between the two systems. If they succeed in conquering a country and their common enemy has been eliminated, Muslims and communists will each seek to become the dominant group. The temporary peace will end, each side having lied regarding their plans for the other, and violence will erupt once again.
Clearly both systems are hostile to free societies. Both exploit our freedoms to attack our system. The major weaknesses they exploit are the ignorance of the people regarding the threat of conquest of our system of government and the apathy of the people.
Presently the people are doing nothing about the censorship being imposed upon them. This is a critical error. We can correct this error, there is still time, but not much.
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