Pregnant Christian Attacked For Wearing A Cross

A group of Muslim refugees in Germany attacked a couple because one of them was wearing a wooden cross.

  • An escalating refugee crisis stemming from the conflict in Syria has led to an increased focus on violent acts committed by Muslims.
  • Pundits and presidential candidates alike have mulled over hypotheticals such as electing a Muslim president, leading to deeper political divides within the United States.
  • Regardless, the growing influence of Muslims in the United States and around the world is something to reckon with.
  • Recently, a German 8-month pregnant woman was walking with her husband, who identifies as a Christian, when they were violently attacked by a group of Algerian Muslims.
  • The couple was out with 2 other friends at a grocery store. The 4 adults were approached by a group of an estimated 10 Algerians outside the REWE.
  • One of the Algerians saw the wooden cross on a necklace worn by the 25-year-old and began to swear. The violence quickly escalated, which led to one of the Algerians striking the 25-year-old with a glass bottle. His young, pregnant wife was also viciously attacked. When the police officers arrived at the scene, the Algerians had already fled, including the perpetrator.
  • The violence brought on by those supposedly backing up their view of religion is frightening. There were 4 people, hanging out like normal, at a grocery store when they were viciously attacked just for wearing a cross.
  • Somehow, wearing a cross is unacceptable, yet the alleged attackers were able to attack them to defend their religion and enforce Sharia Law. Of course, this was not in the news much as there are “more important” things to be discussed. Either way, the ferocity and strength of those people who claim to be Muslims that insist on promoting and enforcing Sharia Law is often misunderstood and underrepresented.

Source: Pregnant Christian Attacked For Wearing A Cross

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