The Best Response EVER To Obama’s Ridiculous Anti-Gun Tweet | The Federalist Papers

Kimberly Morin writes that Gabby Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly should be tarred and feathered for the abuse he continues to push onto his wife. He and the gun control lobby are nothing but despicable puppeteers pulling the strings for the Giffords to push gun control against law-abiding citizens.

In what is supposed to be an op-ed penned by Giffords (no doubt it is not), she laments about how there is a ‘gun violence crisis’ in the United States. But of course it’s all lies.

There is no gun violence crisis. There is no violent crime crisis. With over 90 million gun owners in the United States and less than 10,000 deaths per year due to actual gun violence, that’s not even a statistical blip on ANY radar. But that doesn’t stop the gun control lobby from pushing their lies anyway.

Violent crime in the United States has continued to plummet for years, even with the number of gun owners rising.

What’s despicable is they are pushing it using a woman who was nearly killed by a psychopath and who can barely express herself without having words put into her mouth. Hasn’t she suffered enough?

That the gun control lobby chooses to abuse this woman to push lies and gun control is egregious. What is truly disgusting is that her husband uses her for his own monetary purposes as well.

From the op-ed:

So today, on National Gun Violence Awareness Day, let’s wear orange—together. Let’s stand together and, through action, honor the lives of innocent Americans taken by gun violence. Let’s make sure that all of us—and all of our loved ones, our friends, our neighbors—demand that the people who are running to be our voice at every level of elected office lay out their plans for addressing our gun violence crisis. And let’s make where they stand on reducing gun violence a decisive factor in whether they get our vote or not.

When is the last time you saw Giffords or her disgusting husband in Chicago or D.C. in the inner cities where gun violence actually exists?

You haven’t.

No, they go to places like New Hampshire and Vermont to push their gun control – two of the safest places in the COUNTRY, and even in the world.

It’s not Giffords’ fault that she is being used and abused by her own husband and the gun control lobby. She is a victim just as much as law-abiding citizens and gun owners are in this country.

And the gun control lobby only wants to create MORE victims by putting gun control laws into place that enable criminals to seek out MORE victims.

Americans for Responsible Solutions should be shunned for the deceitful, disgusting and fraudulent organization that it is, as should EVERY member of the gun control lobby and ANY legislator or candidate who pushes more gun control.

Source: The Best Response EVER To Obama’s Ridiculous Anti-Gun Tweet | The Federalist Papers

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