Sean Hannity EXPOSES Polls Showing Hillary Leading by Double Digits AS TOTAL FRAUDS – TruthFeed

It felt wrong….. and now we know for a fact our skepticism was correct. The national polls showing Hillary with a double digit lead have been proven to be completely fraudulent as they are using unrealistic sample sizes heavily weighted towards democrats.

What is the truth? Who knows exactly. A recent NBC / WSJ poll has Hillary leading Trump by one in a 4-way race and we all know NBC/WSJ are NOT fans of Trump. Could all the National polling be a ruse meant to demoralize the Trump movement?

REMEMBER – NEVER, EVER Trust the Corporate-Owned Globalist Mainstream Media. Their “job” is to push Globalist Hillary over the top against the Trump movement to take America back.

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A new Reuters poll has many Republicans worried about the outcome of the 2016 presidential race–and many on the Democratic side ready to pop the champaign corks.

The poll shows presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading by a shocking 14 percent over her Republican rival Donald Trump: 47 percent to 33 percent.

Unfortunately there’s one problem with the poll. It is heavily skewed.

The Gateway Pundit reports that of Reuters’ 1,201 respondents, 626 were Democrats and only 423 were Republicans.

In other words, 52 percent of Reuter’s respondents were Democrats and only 35 percent were Republican–a huge 33% advantage for Democrats!

According to, Reuters isn’t the only misleading presidential poll. A new ABC News/ Washington Post survey found voters preferred Hillary 51 percent to 39 percent. In that sample, 36 percent of respondents were Democrats and only 24 percent were Republicans.

The skewed polls are made less believable by the fact that Republican turnout in 2016 is likely to be higher than in previous years. As NPR noted in March, Republicans far outstripped Democrats in primary turnout, due in part to the insurgent nature of of the Donald Trump candidacy.

It’s time for the mainstream media to rethink their skewed polling samples.

Source: Sean Hannity EXPOSES Polls Showing Hillary Leading by Double Digits AS TOTAL FRAUDS – TruthFeed

Why do liberals feel the need to publish skewed polls? What benefits might they derive from spreading disinformation about poll numbers?

1- Phony polls give credence to elections stolen by vote fraud. If the leftist vote fraud machine is successful in placing Hillary in the White House, it will be helpful for her supporters to have phony polls to refer to which show her with a comfortable lead over Donald Trump prior to the election. If she is perceived to have been leading him in the polls prior to the election, this perception will serve to take the wind out of any movement to investigate or question the results of the election.

2- Among undecided voters, there is a tendency for people to want to back the presumptive winner. Subconsciously people tend to pick the candidate who seems like a clear winner provided they have not previously made up their minds.

The liberal stranglehold on the main stream media provides them with a decided advantage in shaping the perception of candidates in political races. Given the strong bias of the main stream media for Democratic candidates, and Hillary Clinton in particular, it is prudent to question any poll or report one hears reported on the major news networks.

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