The Scourge of Vote Fraud in America

-Bill Dawson.  June 28, 2016

Democrats rely on vote fraud; if not for fraud we would have Republican majorities most if not all of the time. Those on the left are presently working feverishly to bring hundreds of thousands of poor immigrants to America in the belief that most of them will vote for Democrats, and decrease their dependence upon vote fraud to win elections.


I had to join a union for a job I had when I was about 22 years old. A buddy of mine took me into his confidence and explained to me, bragged to me really, that in a close election they had a way to steal votes and swing the election. This was in Dade County Florida, which is a big Democratic county. Florida was using paper ballots back then. When George Bush won in the 2000 election you will recall all the vote recounting in various Democratic controlled counties in Florida. The term “hanging chads” was in the news a lot at that time.


This was the method the guy told me about. On the way from the polls to the counting stations, they stopped, cut the seal and took the ballots out and pushed a pin through the tab for the Democrat. If the ballot had been voted for a Republican, it was invalidated since you can only vote for one candidate. If it had been voted Democrat, nothing changed. Also it was explained to me that in every election there are people who decline to vote for either candidate. Those were then counted as Democrat votes. They calculated approximately how many ballots to tamper with to swing the vote and only punched a certain number of cards. He told me they had extra seals, with the right numbers on them, and they simply resealed the ballot boxes after tampering with them… then they had little old ladies get on the news and complain that they were confused at the polling place and think they might have started to vote for the wrong candidate, and now they want their vote to count. This would not result in any more votes, since the rule of only voting for one candidate stands. But it was part of the psychology of blaming the Republicans for the mess. The cry of “let every vote count” was heard over and over in the news with the implication that Republicans were attempting to prevent these little old ladies from having their Democratic votes counted. It played out in the news just as my old friend had described it years beforehand. And it nearly worked.

Electronic Voter Fraud, Pencil Version

Electronic Voter Fraud

Electronic voting provides them with even easier ways to steal elections. There have been plenty of studies, and a few whistleblowers, showing that vote fraud is entirely possible, even very easy to achieve, yet difficult to detect, with the electronic voting machines. Over 56% of counties in the US now use electronic voting machines; this is a huge vulnerability. In several elections voters have reported that the voting machine changed their vote from Republican to Democrat after they had voted; they only caught it because they reviewed their selections prior to finalizing their ballot. Why hasn’t anything been done to correct these brazenly criminal systems of vote fraud?

electronic voting machine fraud

I am convinced that a large number of Republicans have been corrupted and bought off by the Democrats. Perhaps they are bought off monetarily, perhaps they are allowed to benefit from the vote fraud systems in their primary races. Perhaps the Democrats agree to fix a number of races for certain powerful Republicans in return for their cooperation with legislation, and their help in protecting the vote fraud system.

both parties are corrupt

I believe we have a thoroughly corrupted system. Growing up I believed in our system of government, I believed this was a free country with honest elections. I still imagine that it was much better than it is presently back when I was young. In many ways I know it was.
But now I am sickened by what I know.

But I hold out hope that Donald Trump can and will begin to dismantle the corrupt system of vote fraud, phony polls, and brazenly false propaganda parading as news, which all work together  as a system to infringe upon our civil right to free and honest elections, if he can manage to win despite this massive vote fraud system arrayed against him.

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