Disbarment Charges are Filed Against Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby – Daily Headlines


A Georgetown law professor has filed disbarment charges against Marilyn Mosby for her corrupt prosecution of six Baltimore cops in the death of career criminal, Freddie Gray.  There have now been 3 trials and Mosby hasn’t come close to winning one yet and has even been excoriated for withholding exculpatory evidence.  The list of charges against Mosby are as follows:

  • that she did not have probably cause to believe that there was sufficient admissible evidence to support a conviction of the officers;
  • that she made public statements regarding the case which were false;
  • that she improperly withheld evidence from the defense that was exculpatory;
  • that she continued to prosecute cases after the judge assigned to hear the cases found insufficient evidence to support a conviction;
  • that she engaged in conduct that was dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful and which misrepresented the facts in the case.

Her persecution prosecution of the six officers was politically motivated from the very beginning and she showed support for Black Lives Matter and a couple of other radical Black organizations.  Her announcement of the charges were nothing but pure political theater complete with Mosby saying she heard the cries of No Justice, No Peace.  She made the claim during that press conference that the arrest was illegal because the knife was legal in Maryland, even though she knew it was illegal in Baltimore.

From Breitbart News:

Mosby finds herself between the proverbial – and well-deserved – rock and a hard place. If she decides not to proceed with a retrial of the first officer and trials of the other three – as she has been called to do – she reinforces the charge that she never had sufficient evidence to prove her case in the first place. If she proceeds to try these cases and loses, which is likely, she will reinforce the ethics charges, making her disbarment more probable.

The first cases Mosby brought to trial were certainly the strongest of the six. Having lost those, her chance of getting any convictions are close to zero. Barry Williams, the no-nonsense judge assigned to the cases, who is also black and a former Justice Department civil rights prosecutor, made no bones about the fact, in his acquittals of the two officers, that the prosecution was derelict and had insufficient evidence. As the remaining cases are no doubt weaker for the prosecution than the first three, Judge Williams left little room for Mosby to redeem herself.

More from Breitbart:

That the indictments were politically motivated by Mosby is without question. She had assumed the office barely 100 days before the Freddie Gray incident and no doubt thought that by indicting the arresting police officers – the targeted enemy of the rioting Black Lives Matter crowd – her political stock would go through the roof. But her political pandering didn’t stop with the indictments: Shortly after accusing attorneys for the indicted officers of conducting a “publicity blitz” and obtaining a gag order to keep them quiet, Mosby was photographed by the high-style Vogue magazine photographer Annie Leibowitz, and Vogue subsequently ran a gushing profile. And when rock singer Prince showed up in Baltimore for his first concert there in 14 years, he invited Mosby to the stage. Soon thereafter Maryland Democrat congressman Elijah Cummings publicly thanked God for her service – behavior than demonstrated her unprofessionalism and inexperience. Political motivation for an indictment is not in itself fatal. Coupled with lack of admissible evidence, it is.

Throw her out now.

Source: Disbarment Charges are Filed Against Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby – Daily Headlines

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