How The Liberal Media Helped To Kill Five Dallas Police Officers

They did it with Trayvon Martin. Did it again with Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, etc.

Each time the media had the facts wrong. Each time it helped to spread a patently false narrative. And each time, violence ensued.



castile robbery

The photo above is reportedly that of now-deceased, Philando Castile, who was shot and killed while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle shortly after it is believed he perpetrated an armed robbery. (The photo identification has not yet been confirmed, though.)

The Minnesota police officer who shot him was Hispanic – though the media has for days pushed the assumed belief that it was a White/Asian officer.

According to the police officer’s attorney, Castile had a gun on his lap while he sat in the car and refused a “Don’t move” order. As that interaction was taking place, Castile’s girlfriend, who was driving, livestreamed what became a deadly altercation. She narrated that Castile had a conceal to carry permit.


According to authorities, HE DID NOT.

Further reports suggest the gun might in fact have been stolen.

The liberal media failed miserably to relay the facts of this case, helping to further worsen the tension between law enforcement and Black communities across America – particularly angry and violent black youth looking for any reason to justify the looting that has been so prevalent during previous “protests” of incidences involving police and minorities.

Hands up don’t shoot never happened.

A black judge has so far found the officers charged in the Freddie Gray death not guilty.

And now, it seems Philando Castile was a young man with a penchant for committing crime, who might very well have been reaching for a weapon even as a police officer told him not to. Instead, this same media (and some politicians) took the word of Mr. Castile’s seemingly self-promoting girlfriend who it now appears, lied and lied repeatedly about what did and did not happen during that brief and fatal altercation with law enforcement.

Five officers are dead in Dallas, and seven more wounded.

When will the media be held accountable for their complicity in that terrible injustice?


Source: How The Liberal Media Helped To Kill Five Dallas Police Officers –

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