FBI Agents Believe An ‘Inside Deal’ Protected Hillary Clinton

“FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting.”

Was the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information cooked from the very beginning? According to the New York Post, FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured, private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State were required to sign unprecedented non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them from disclosing anything about their investigation of Hillary.

A former FBI chief told the New York Post that such a requirement is “very, very unusual.”

While FBI agents are typically required to sign vanilla non-disclosure agreements as part of their security clearances, law enforcement sources say they’ve never heard of a “Case Briefing Acknowledgment,” the agreement agents investigating Clinton were reportedly required to sign.

“FBI agents believe there was an inside deal put in place after the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting,” a source told the Post.

Last week, FBI Director James Comey said that despite Clinton being“extremely careless” with classified information, the agency would recommend the presumptive Democratic nominee not face any criminal charges. Following his comments, the U.S. Department of Justice formally closed the Clinton email case.

A week before the DOJ closed the case, Attorney General Loretta Lynchprivately met with Bill Clinton aboard a private jet on the tarmac of an airport in Phoenix — raising serious concerns about the integrity of the investigation.

Hillary Clinton is reportedly planning to keep Lynch on as AG if she wins in November, according to The New York Times.

During a congressional hearing last week, Comey told the House Oversight Committee the FBI had no transcript or recording of its July 4 weekend interview with Hillary Clinton, nor was she required to swear an oath promising to tell the truth.

Source: FBI Agents Believe An ‘Inside Deal’ Protected Hillary Clinton

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One Response to FBI Agents Believe An ‘Inside Deal’ Protected Hillary Clinton

  1. topcat1957 says:

    EVERYONE knows there was a deal, and there must have been immense pressure put upon the FBI to not recommend charges. Comey had to know Hillary would not be convicted of course, but it appears he is a recipient of Clinton Foundation money. He is on the hook, he has to cover for her, and Obama. Obama sent emails through the private server as well.

    Obama may pardon Clinton before he leaves office, but can he pardon himself? I don’t believe so. Justice will be done I pray.


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