Muzzy logic (a humorous look)

by Erwin Mahnke,  from a “German University”

They hate humour and fun, especially when it is about their paedophile rapist killer prophet or one of their depraved customs, but they make me smile or even laugh time and again with their “muzzy logic” – the total absence of reason and inversion of the truth.


I am coining this after the term “fuzzy logic“, which is a form of multi-valued logic derived from the fuzzy set theory to deal with reasoning that is approximate rather than precise. In contrast with ‘crisp logic’, where binary sets have binary logic, fuzzy logic variables may have a truth value that ranges between 0 and 1 and is not constrained to the two truth values of classic propositional logic. In other words: there is not only true and false, but many possible states in between. ‘Reasoning that is approximate rather than precise’ fits so well to the muzzies, doesn’t it.


This is not about muzzy jokes and neither about funny terms that need clarification. This is about true stories. If you want to learn more about muzzies, here is my recommended reading list and this is the Fjordman Archive of essays.


But before we jump on that topic, quickly view this excellent piece of humour that YouTube is busily trying to remove. We con the world is the perfect start into the day. YouTube removes one, we upload two. This Lynch for Peace flotilla in itself is some sort of bizarre muzzy humour, isn’t it… Coming to our first case.


Muzzy logic #1: If a muzzy is caught doing something wrong, the ‘evil means’ of proving wrong his lies and false excuses have to be removed rather than punishing the muzzy. Everything else is racism.


Noor Ramjanally, habitual liarNoor Ramjanally, habitual liarIn UK, a muzzy ‘leader’, the not-so-honourable Noor Ramjanally, was constantly claiming to be assaulted and discriminated for racist reasons and wasted a lot of police resources to investigate his hallucinations. After CCTV pictures proved that his claim of having been abducted was a plain lie – pictures showed him happily walking the streets at the alleged time of the abduction – other muzzy leaders are now demanding the CCTV cameras to be removed. Hilarious, this muzzy logic! Oh, I think he is in jail now for misleading the police or something like that. Won’t be for long, though, just enough to enjoy the new foot baths and shariah-conform toilets they have in British jails nowadays. Update: The Birmingham City Council meanwhile decided to cover 218 CCTV cameras with plastic bags. The Stalinist mainstream media were heavily involved in this. Welcome to muzzy logic in British politics!


Muzzy logic #2: Only racist liars are calling muzzies liars.


Sheikh Taj al Halili, habitual liarSheikh Taj al Halili, habitual liarThat reminded me of a ‘cleric’ in Australia demolishing the door in his own mosque and claiming it had been vandalised by “youths with a little mental disease”. Too bad for sheikh Taj al Halili, locally known as Ha Lie Lie, that surveillance cameras, his own cameras nota bene, caught him on tape kicking open the door. Watch his reaction from 5:55. Isn’t it typical for muzzies? And then listen to the statement from his lawyer: “he only kicked open a door that had already been broken by someone else”. Muzzy logic. ROFL!


For a while, Ha Lie Lie was a star in Australian TV and journalists tried everything to help him, but you know how these terrible misunderstandings end: he was kicked out of ‘his own’ mosque. Wikipedia has more on this controversial figure: a typical muzzy career – entry to Australia on a tourist visa, stayed and refused to leave, several criminal charges, managed to be appointed imam and mufti of a shabby mosque, self-appointed grand mufti of Australia and New Zealand. Next is probably prophet. Look at him and you know them all.


A similar case also from Australia is the one of Carnita Matthews, 46, a muzzy convert. She was pulled over for a random breath test and when police found that her face was completely veiled, she was most probably requested to remove her niqab and identify herself. I guess, also for the breath test the policeman has to make sure that the device is properly placed. She was not driving drunk, but she was issued an infringement notice for not properly displaying her P-plates. Later she claimed that she was booked only because of what she was wearing and that “all cops are racists.” She went on to accuse the policeman of having forcefully removed her niqab. Until here it is the normal muzzy case of producing lies when being caught. But the pun is yet to come. The woman was tried for making false claims against the policeman and when the judge decided to send her in for six months the outcry was big. Why? Because when she signed the statutory declaration she was allegedly not requested to remove her face veil, so “there is no way of proving that it is her who made the accusations.” They think they are clever, don’t they.


Update June 2011. That was autumn 2010. How rotten our western legal systems have become, gets apparent from the decision of an Australian judge deciding on Carnita’s appeal. Yes, there is some doubt that it was her making the false accusations as she wore the burka, decided this grave digger of the system. A victory for the muzzies, a defeat for reason and justice.


Muzzy logic #3: The universe is full of spirits and ghosts talking to these poor bastards. There is nothing they can do about it.


The late Shaggy, decapitated wife of Busti Ngurah Alit, sodomistThe late Shaggy, decapitated wife of Busti Ngurah Alit, sodomistSo, their apparently genetically programmed reaction to being caught is to produce the most incredible claims that you and I would never come up with, or at least wouldn’t dare to present if you are right in your mind. Remember this guy in Indonesia, 18 yo Busti Ngurah Alit, caught shagging a cow? “She called my name and seduced me, so I had to have sex with her”. This cow spoke to him! Muhahaha. Better to execute such a cow. Who needs the head of a talking cow, anyway? Think she would have demanded to be married first!


Update: meanwhile they did get married! Reality is so predictable. Another man has coincidentally been forced to marry the goat of his dreams in Sudan.


Some more of cross-species sexual preferences of the muzzies and their technical skills in operating guns and vehicles can be laughed about when watching this YouTube clip. Thanks to An Dean for sharing it with us. Oooh, Anne, mon amour, maintenant, vien, oooh. Thanks to Anne also for this instructive material and muzzy sex. We could book this under absence of reason. Let’s return to the inversion of truth. CAIR, Hamas front-end in the US and spearhead of the islamization of North America, is a good candidate for this.


Muzzy logic #4: A trial finding a muzzy guilty is an unfair trial.


Yasser Mohammed Shahade, habitual liar and paedophile rapistYasser Mohammed Shahade, habitual liar and paedophile rapistCarnita Matthews’ case above could be listed here in this section as well, but there is no shortage of examples. Meet the Egyptian Yasser Mohammed Shahade, who entered the US on a tourist visa and went to Tampa, Florida, to illegally act as imam in the Masjid Omar Al Mokhtar mosque. We know that the muzzies have strange customs. For instance, the kissing of the genitals of a young boy is considered good muzzy behaviour, because the paedophile rapist pervert killer prophet used to do so. It must have been something like that and not outright rape of a 13 years old boy. Anyway, instead of getting the deserved 15 years in prison, the pederast served but one and is waiting for deportation. The deal that got him this mild sentence required him to plead guilty to a reduced charge of lewd and lascivious behaviour. Actually outrageous, but now hear CAIR: The Council of American Islamic Relations says the ‘imam’ is innocent, he only pleaded guilty because a muzzy cannot get a fair trial in the US. Muzzy logic: total absence of reason and inversion of the truth. Of course, the identity of the muzzy boy and his family has to be kept secret. We know the ‘Religion of Peace’…


Paedophilia is one of their hobbies, no matter if boys or girls. But what the muzzies really like is raping ‘infidel women’. This reminds them of brother Mo attacking villages and oases in Arabia and taking the women hostage, raping and later selling them as slaves. Kind of a daily re-enacting of the ‘good old days’.


Muzzy logic #5: There is always a good reason not to punish a muzzy.


Hassan Nagi, habitual liar and HIV-infected rapistHassan Nagi, habitual liar and HIV-infected rapistHardly a day without a new muzzy rape case somewhere in the world and generally they don’t see anything wrong with it. But the case of Hassan Nagi, a Sidney, Australia, taxi driver who raped three women despite his AIDS infection, is somehow out of the ordinary. During the trial, the HIV-positive sex predator hurled abuse at the women and called them liars. That’s normal for muzzies. Eventually, however, he pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual intercourse without consent and then he showed a glimpse of muzzy logic: as he is so ill, he shouldn’t be punished too hard.


Boy, girl, man, woman, goat, cow or donkey – it really doesn’t matter as long as there is a hole. The uncontrollable sexual urges of muzzy men are a striking feature of the faithful, next to cruelty and falseness, hypocrisy and bigotry. Just logical thinking is not really their domain.


Muzzy logic #6: Science means to find truth in qur’an.


Abdus Salam, Nobel price winner in Physics in 1979Abdus Salam, Nobel price winner in Physics in 1979Changing the muzzylogical domain. This one is a little less penis-fixated, hence it is reserved for the elite among them only: science. Yet again an area where we are totally wrong! Didn’t you know? Science is not about finding out or explaining things we don’t know. Science, according to the sense-less, is about finding the things written in qur’an in our environment and by doing so confirming the book of horror, their cult manifesto. No wonder that muzzies got exactly TWO (2) Nobel prices in a scientific discipline, in 1979 the Porkistani Abdus Salam in Physics and 1999 the Egyptian Ahmed Zewail in Chemistry, while Jews, for instance, won ONEHUNDREDFOURTYFIVE (145) Nobel prices! I am leaving literature and peace as non-scientific categories aside. No need to mention that there are a hundred times more muzzies than Jews who could spend their time on something reasonable. And isn’t it ironic: Abdus Salam isn’t even acknowledged to be a muzzy, because he was an Ahmadi, a sect outlawed by the ‘faithful’. So, actually, we are down to one muzzy laureate.


But what can you expect from people who think that all animals are muzzies and discover in every howl and yawn the pronunciation of the moon god’s name? Thanks to Miriam Freed for sending me this precious peace of muzzy embarrassment.


Muzzy logic #7: Truth is what the media make of it.


Pallies staging unrests for Western TV screensPallies staging unrests for Western TV screensI apologize for mentioning science, truth, and qur’an somewhat in conjunction in the previous sections. How truthful muzzy truth can be, we see from the muzzy hobby of staging Pallywood clips. Thanks to An Dean for submitting a video on this topic, highlighting the total inversion of truth:According to Palestinian Sources. Or here is another, more recent example for how to ambush a car driver and later to sell it as his crime. I mean, it is not only the muzzies’ fault, also our Stalinist dumbster douche bag journalists, who are working so hard to make us believe all possible crap and to educate us about what we should believe and say and what not, have a major part in this play. We should see this as a category of comedy, shouldn’t we. In the end, also the Pallies are just doing this for money. The problem is only that our Lefties and Goodies believe every word of it. They get so angry if we speak of Pallywood and pull out the Nazi club in no time.


Dutch ex-journalist Joris LuyendijkDutch ex-journalist Joris LuyendijkIf you want to learn more about the dirty business of the journalists in Gaza, and not only in Gaza, get yourself a copy of the books of the Dutch ex-journalist Joris Luyendijk. The title in English is “Fit to Print” (Australia), “Hello, Everybody!” (UK) or “People Like Us” (US). Promise: this book is taking you the belief in any TV news once and forever! Luyendijk was working for the Dutch media in Gaza and explains the background of Pallywood from ‘our side’, if you want to call the Stalinist slander artists of mainstream journalism like this. He tells the story of his colleagues working remotely from Tel Aviv or Nicosia, having no clue about Arab language and culture and little more about Gaza than the telephone numbers of the stringers, guys on the payroll of every western news agency getting them the right pictures and witness accounts to every possible topic desired. The editors at home order 30 seconds ‘proves of Israeli war crimes’ and the stringers deliver pictures and witnesses in time for the prime time news ‘show’.


The ugliest slander produced by Pallywood for our forger media in my opinion was the French vicious hoax of the killing of Mohamed al Durra, a small Fakestinian boy presented to be killed by Israeli soldiers. Editor Charles Enderlin was justly granted the ‘Worst Film Editor‘ award by Honest Reporting in 2007 and lost a number of trials he started against colleagues calling him a liar.


Muzzy logic #8: As the universe is full of spirits seducing the faithful to unusual sexual practices (see #3), it is not uncommon either that muzzy leaders meet ghosts of imaginary spiritual leaders who promise the muzzies to dominate the world.


Lucifer's twin brother, chief butcher Khamenei, habitual liarLucifer’s twin brother, chief butcher Khamenei, habitual liarChief butcher Ali Khamenei, doesn’t he look like Lucifer’s twin brother, told his folks in a speech to the Iranian ‘leadership’ and foreign ambassadors that the present world order, led by the West and the U.S., “contravenes God’s decrees and is consequently collapsing before our eyes”. He said that one of the reasons for the collapse is the awakening of the Muslim world under Iran’s leadership. Khamenei told his associates that the Hidden Imam had appeared to him and promised to arrive during his term as Supreme Leader. It is a bit a candy man tactic, come with me and I show you something nice, but with so many people totally brainwashed and unable to think for themselves, it is not only easy to make them believe a ghost was talking to them, it is also essential to have the ghosts do the thinking.


Muzzy logic #9: As muzzies are superior, the rest of the world has to adopt to their needs, their feelings, their customs – no matter how small a minority they are.


Dr. Faisal Qazi is the President of American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP)Dr. Faisal Qazi is the President of American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP)U.S. doctors must become more attuned to islamic beliefs and values that could affect the physician-patient relationship with Muslim Americans, reported USA Today. Although they still make ‘only’ 7 Millions or 2.3% of the population, half the share they have on European average, there is not one day passing without a new claim or demand for changing this or that. In fact, they are the most aggressive, noisiest and best represented of the meaningless minorities everywhere. And the laziest, when it comes to working for your money. And the least educated, most criminal, most racist and reclusive as well. Yet, it is us, the majority generously allowing them to flood our countries in order to live on our pockets with no advantage for our societies whatsoever, that have to adopt to them! In the rotten European societies infested with Leftism and eco terrorism, this principle is widely accepted and the Goodies call it cultural enrichment. Isn’t it ironic? An un-culture is invading to destroy our culture and our own brainless maggots are calling this enrichment!


Muzzy logic #10: Girls are worthless with the only purpose to serve and please the man sexually, infidels can be enslaved or killed at will, and their women are the faithful’s just booty. Western minor girls consequently are there to be hunted, raped, enslaved and forced into prostitution. This is a good muzzy’s right.


Britain's finest. I'd kill a 100 of them or more if this happened to my daughter.Britain’s finest. I’d kill a 100 of them or more if this happened to my daughter.So we covered paedophile activities, rape of infidel women, sodomy. Next muzzy hobby in the line is taking part in predatory gangs hunting little (mostly white) girls to press them into prostitution. There is an extremely disgusting fashion creeping into our societies with muzzies increasing in numbers. In countries like Pakistan or Egypt, Christian girls are often kidnapped and forcefully converted and married to the first best sex gangster coming along. If the girls are refusing, they simply kill them. In Chechnya, every second woman has been taken with force from her family to be married to her abductor. How much suffering is this muzzy cancer bringing over the world, especially over their own folks!


It is naive to assume such habits would stop with emigrating to the West. Do or did they stop any of their monstrous rites? The many examples from Western countries demonstrate two things: a) grooming Western minors into prostitution has nothing to do with the nationality of the muzzies involved in such barbaric acts. Moroccans in the Netherlands, Somalis in the U.S., Porkistanis in the UK, Algerians in France, Turks in Germany and b) there is a clear link to the death cult of islam. Islam gives all the justification for these heinous acts.


The pattern is pretty much the same everywhere, whether it is in the USA, in the UK where several such cases have been uncovered especially in the Northwest of England. Also inFrance such cases occur, and in the Netherlands. Likewise in Germany, from where I know several cases, where Turks started this business as an extension to their fast food and grocery stores. Their methods: Either the muzzy cancer is literally hunting for little girls on playgrounds and in schools and uses brute force to intimidate and rape the girls into sex slavery, or they look for insecure teenagers to flatter and lure them into their role. The Dutch call the scum applying the latter method ‘Loverboys’. Sometimes the kids disappear from home; sometimes they are allowed to stay at home, where they have to keep available at any time. Out of fear they usually don’t tell their parents about what is going on and withdraw totally from the family life. The result is in both cases: the girls are gang raped and raped dozens of times a week and passed around in muzzy circles. This is done not so much as a means of earning money but rather as a way of humiliating a member of the West and celebrating one’s own supremacy. All they do is acting as prescribed in the qur’an. Hence it is not only logical but also just for them to do these appalling things.


Related to, but based on other motives than these crimes, is the so-called Love Jihad in India, where thousands of Hindu girls are hunted and lured into traps in order to take them away from their families and their religion. They often pop up in brothels and harems around the Gulf. If you happen to be on one of these airports in spring time, you will notice it with your own eyes: thousands of minor Indian girls streaming out of the aeroplanes form Mumbai or Chennai eagerly awaited by their sponsors’ personnel.

Apropos Gulf, did you know that minor Iranian girls are a delicacy much requested in Arab countries? And there is loads of supply. The impoverished population of Iran and especially the subdued Persian women have often no other chance than prostituting themselves. Once in the claws of the mullahs organizing the human trafficking, the journey is not long to the next brothel in Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar or Kuwait.


Muzzies matingMuzzies matingOne thing is absolute clear to me: next to animals, there is an extreme sexual obsession with children among the muzzies. Be it arranged marriages, swapping arrangements, by which old men are exchanging their young daughters to have access to fresh meat, kidnapping and sexual slavery, paedophilia. The victims are always minor girls or boys. In Freudian theory, sex and violence are expression of the same instinct and the sexual preference for animals and children has to do with using violence against someone who cannot escape nor defend herself. On the outside, they play the brave muzzies, busy with defending their honour. What an oxymoron! But in reality they look for opportunities, where they can exert power to fulfil their sexual desires with no risk. Ever seen a group of baboons? The pasha uses sex to submit his harem and to control the females. Pretty much the same with muzzies. And al-lah knows well what a muzzy man needs.


We came a bit off-track. This last one was not about “muzzy logic” – the total absence of reason and inversion of the truth, but it was the bitter truth about what is just and logical according to general muzzy thinking.




Ten done, more to come. Time for reconciling the above. We have seen how telling lies is a habit deeply entrenched in muzzy un-culture, but when you catch them doing so and have the evidence in your hand, they simply turn the matter around and you are the liar and a racist on top of it. The means, by which you obtained your proves, have to be removed to protect them from your racism and should this not happen and the evidence is used in court, the trial is unfair. Muzzies are superior to everyone else, they simply cannot be sentenced by the courts of the “unbelievers”. It is us who have to adapt to them also in this point. And what is truth anyway, other than the revelations in qur’an? Truth can be bent and twisted until it confirms what is good for the muzzy, even if this goes until the point of inverting the truth as we know it.


One of the things good for the muzzy, for instance, is the possibility to have sex wherever, whenever, with whomever. Boy, girl, animal – it doesn’t matter as long as there is a whole. But it is not their fault, make no mistake, it is the ghosts and spirits haunting them all day long and their victims seducing them and luring them into traps without escape, for the muzzy himself is pure and good. It is the others who make him do the things he doesn’t want to do. Unless, of course, it involves acting according to the qur’an. And we know that this book of horror is full of things a muzzy must do to us ‘unbelievers’. In fact, qur’an, sira and the hadiths deal mostly with what the muzzies have to do with and to us: 60% of all words in the islamic trilogy are dedicated to the Kafir.


Now let’s make that point clear: that cult is based on believes and rites, which in turn are based on the writing in the books the muzzies believe in as the word of al-lah or the pervert paedo killer prophet. 60% of what is written in these books deals with us, the ‘unbelievers’ (I actually would call people believing in the moon god al-lah unbeliever or pagans, rather than us), and how to deal with us, what to do to us, what not to do with us. This is the reason why many call islam a totalitarian ideology rather than a religion. It concerns itselfpredominantly with how to spread the cult, how to win against us and how to rule us. Don’t think that any muzzy will agree with this, because, I quote myself: We have seen that telling lies is a habit deeply entrenched in muzzy non-culture. I personally think that the vast majority of muzzies simply doesn’t know their religion and what it commands them to do, which doesn’t make their lies about islam better, they just flow out more easily. But one thing they know for sure: they have to defend islam, because it is the essence of their existence, it is about why they are on earth, the meaning of their lives.


I find this not only bad but also a remarkable strength of the muzzies. Just look at our Lefties and Goodies! Even our church people easily agree when false comparisons between Bible and qur’an are drawn to divert the attention from the evil. Our own priests seem to follow the strategy, it doesn’t matter what the people believe in as long as they believe in anything. How sick! Sacrificing your own identity and belief that easily to an imperialistic death cult. The left maggots find explanations and apologies for every atrocity the muzzies commit and in the end it is always our fault. We didn’t do enough to integrate them, we discriminated them so they stay uneducated so they know nothing better than killing us.


Are all muzzies like that? Is this slander, hate speech or the blunt truth about muzzies? When it comes to telling lies to cover up the evil sides of islam, I am certain from rich experience that a 100.00% of them is not telling the truth to anybody outside of that cult. They might not like either what is written in their cult manifesto, but you will hardly find a muzzy not defending his cult with claims of “beauty and peace and only friendly words”. And you will find only very few muzzies who do not think that muzzies are superior to others. Using lies as a justification and cover for their personal weaknesses and depravities is likely to be close to 100%, because qur’an doesn’t condemn telling lies and allows a lot of things we do not tolerate, so that there is a need to lie about them. The sex topics naturally apply only to some of them and in general to male muzzies only. I have no data, but again, islam sanctions a lot of these things so at least there is a lot of understanding and sympathy among those not pursuing these preferences.




Muzzy logic #11: When doctors tell you that your children are mentally ill and it is because you made babies with a close relative you know it was them, the doctors, making your children sick. After all, your brother married your sister and they have 5 perfectly normal children. At least that’s what you think.


They are cousins who married and all of their three children are severely mentally handicapped. Is it al-lah's will or their fault?They are cousins who married and all of their three children are severely mentally handicapped. Is it al-lah’s will or their fault?Fuzzy muzzy marries cuzzy: genetic degeneration. This topic is a very hot topic in muzzy countries. Due to the custom of (often forced) cousin marriages over the past two to three centuries, not longer ago this custom was started, mental diseases are skyrocketing in these countries, especially in places where the gene pool is limited, like in Gaza for instance. But not only these countries are concerned. The parasitic immigration into our welfare states often goes along with importing cousins to marry. This way the girls are ‘purer’ and have not grown up in the depraved culture of the West, and they are less educated and less demanding and more obedient, which is practical, too. Anyway, this topic comes also to us like an avalanche. We better start building chains of mental hospitals specialized on genetic disorders before it is too late.


Instead of going into the scientific backgrounds and likelihoods of causing genetic disorders when inbreeding, I rather present you with an example. Meet the Ahtel family from Bradford, UK. Their situation is described in the second half of this video. Of course, this is no case to ridicule the parents, but a number of striking observations can be made with their statements. First of all, there is the general feeling that they know better than the doctors. This was explained in muzzy logic #9 (the superior muzzy).


But there is also something like the infallibility of muzzies kicking in here, which led already to some of the earlier muzzy logics. Have you ever seen a muzzy standing up and saying, I did that and it was my fault? You won’t see that, especially with males, because in their view they are simply not responsible. I can only guess that it has to do with the concept of unconditionally submitting yourself to al-lah’s will so that everything that happens is al-lah’s providence. I almost said the moon god’s fault, but we are not angering some bushy beards now, do we?


The third aspect is the total lack of feeling for likelihoods and scientific concepts. If your chance of getting mentally handicapped children is at 75%, there is still a chance that your first child is normal. And your second child. And your third child. In fact it is possible, but very unlikely, that all of your five children are normal, if that is the word we want to use for muzzies here. So how could that be a reason why the doctors are wrong? What is clear to us, is a miracle to them. Here is more on the inbreeding topic. Oh, and before I forget – did you notice the woman speaking her gobbledegook instead of English. She might have lived there for 50 years and never have spoken English. It would not be uncommon at all.



Further upcoming topics:

  • Porkistan is Pornistan: the No1 country for all search engines when it comes to the search terms animal sex, dog sex, horse sex, rape pictures etc.
  • Porkistan is Subhumanistan: two thirds of all girls and one third of all boys in Punjab have been raped, says a recent study.
  • on the custom of getting rid of your wife by burning her alive, burrying her alive, killing her with acid
  • bacha bazi: lust boys forced into sexual slavery
  • they myth of integration through education: the more educated, the more willing they are to use violence


To be continued…

This is a living text, constantly worked on. If you want to follow its progress, either tag yourself or comment this note and you will get notifications automatically. Don’t like it? Kindly untag yourself. There is nothing I can do for you.

Mass murder is fun!Mass murder is fun!


He thought it a good defense tactic: Rami Saba refuses to testify in court, only answers to Allah thought it a good defense tactic: Rami Saba refuses to testify in court, only answers to Allah

Source: (98) Muzzy logic

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