Why Muslims cannot integrate into the West. A psychological explanation.

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Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who has studied the habits and psychoses of Moslems in the West and who also wrote “Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences” allowed us to reproduce his analysis on why Moslems will not integrate into Western society.

The integration of Muslims into Western society has failed, and will never occur to the extent necessary for them to function successfully in Western society. The reason is that a vast majority of them have not fulfilled all three of the criteria that are necessary for becoming members of, and feeling at home in, our non-Islamic societies: wanting to integrate; being allowed to integrate; and being able to integrate.

Wanting to integrate Firstly, we must ask ourselves: Why should Muslims want to integrate? They’re sure to receive all possible welfare benefits, whether they educate themselves, work, learn our language, acknowledge Western values and mix socially with the native population, or not. Lack of integration does not involve any risk of becoming socially or culturally isolated, because there are ample opportunities to live with others in a parallel society where all share the same cultural norms as themselves.

Being allowed to integrate Secondly, it is important to know that Muslim culture is dominated by extreme social and religious control. Because of the great differences (and often even incompatibilities) that exist between Western culture and the Muslim way of life, it is commonplace for members of the Muslim community to see true integration – including making use of basic human rights and freedoms to freely chose one’s clothing, sexual partners, religion, geographic location, lifestyle, etc – as being forms of religious and/or cultural apostasy.

Muslim defectors risk serious consequences: they are almost certain to be excluded by their family and the Muslim community. Threats, kidnappings, incarcerations and even honor killings are not uncommon methods by which the Muslim community sets examples that entice the great majority to “voluntarily” submit to Muslim culture and Islamic rules – at the expense of integration.

Being able to integrate Thirdly, integration is difficult for Muslims. The cultural and educational level of our high-tech knowledge society is very high. In the West, we are expected to regulate our own behaviour without having an aggressive God, an unpleasant Hell, all pervading social control, and aggressive male authorities to set the borders of what is and what is not acceptable and to motivate us towards constructive actions.

A Muslim upbringing thus fails to equip those that are exposed to it (and especially the boys) emotionally and socially with the behaviour required to fit into our institutions, schools, and jobs. The girls are brought up to think that they can only marry a Muslim man (and are ultimately forced to do so if they don’t agree) and, once married, they are squeezed into the Muslim gender roles and family patterns at the expense of their education and jobs.

Aside from learning the host country’s language (both spoken and written), completing our education, keeping a job and refraining from crime, psychological integration has also proven difficult for many Muslim immigrants and their descendants; whilst we in the West see education, career and the ability to control our emotions as the key to economic and social success, religion, honor and the readiness to defend these two aggressively is the most important thing in Muslim culture. Whilst the latter can be a source of profitable relations and social status among Muslims, one does not get far with them outside societies shaped under Islam.

Psychological aspects of integration also impose the requirement that Muslims must deep-down accept such things as the equality of women and non-Muslims, acknowledge freedom of sexuality and speech, and that democracy and secular authorities come before any quoranic or prophetic statements, or anything their imams say. Being brought up with Islamic norms, the jump required for Muslims to embrace our Western lifestyle is too much for most. Socially and psychologically it is more comfortable to stick to what you are told is the right thing from birth.

The solution All Muslims in the West are filtered through the three filters mentioned above. However, only a small minority is able to accomplish the necessary social, economic and psychological integration. If we want to save our continent from deteriorating into ethnic conflicts, and to prevent our welfare societies from being destroyed by the unbearable burden of failed integration, there is only one effective solution: make failed integration so practically unpleasant and economically un-beneficial that those who can or will not integrate will find repatriation – state-sponsored emigration to their country of origin – the only attractive option.

Making it more profitable to have fewer children rather than many is the only way to enable the creation of the educated middle class that is the basis for functioning economies and societies and thereby limiting immigration, conflicts and religious fanaticism.

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and author of Among Criminal Muslims – [The Experiences of a Copenhagen Municipality Psychologist]

Source: Why Moslems

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2 Responses to Why Muslims cannot integrate into the West. A psychological explanation.

  1. topcat1957 says:

    Our political leadership in Washington is bringing large groups of Muslims from Islamic countries to the U.S., knowing that they will not assimilate, will not abide by our Constitution and other laws. They know that these groups will seek to establish and impose a foreign legal system in and upon the United States and her people. They know these immigrants are unwilling and/or unable to function in our highly technical society. They know these immigrants will create a crushing burden on our welfare system. They know these immigrants are unwilling to tolerate living among liberated western women and among gay and lesbian people. They know this will lead to the rapes and murders of women, gays, and other non-Muslim Americans by these Muslim immigrants (as has already happened).
    Globalists like George Soros (who promotes open borders, no countries, and a world government) have bought off our politicians, and used their great wealth and influence to remove others from office. Candidates who are not on board with the globalist agenda (such as Donald Trump currently) are attacked viciously in various ways. Soros is pushing the Islamization of Europe first, and America also, knowing this will lead to civil war in western nations. Civil war will justify governments imposing martial law and total control over the people. That is just what globalists want.


  2. gbaughan62@gmail.com says:

    Lived and worked in Middle East for seventeen years. Muslim beliefs/culture will never be able to integrate into western society. Islam is a way of life that indoctrinates ideals that are alien to most westerners. It is all about respecting and understanding each other and when this breaks down integration will not be possible.


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