Google Is SkyNet … SkyNet Is Google – To The Death Media

July 27, 2015 ELDER PATRIOT – From “NaturalNews” comes an announcement that they are close to launching a new search engine “that will finally offer a credible search alternative to the NSA-funded, surveillance-state search engines currently dominating the web.”

This is welcome news for those of us who spend countless hours doing research and trying to validate the information we use to form and support our opinions when writing stories.

I have found it increasingly difficult to locate information and websites when using Google that would readily pop up only a couple of months ago.  Evidently this is what Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt meant when he said Google plans to control the news that people see.

Google can accomplish this without actually erasing any information, news and opinions they don’t want you to see.  Google decision-makers are well aware that well over 90% of their users limit their search to the first page of search results.  By bumping articles onto latter pages they have the power to effectively limit access to that information.  This appears to be happening already.

Schmidt has also said that in the future Google will decide what is true and what isn’t true when determining how search-engine rankings are configured.  This is especially frightening since Google controls a whopping 67% of the search engine market providing them with the ability to limit access to information and viewpoints that they disagree with to over 60% of all Internet users.  This too appears to be happening already.

For his part, Schmidt is an Obama supporter who organized the Obama campaign’s web-based operations.  On election night, Schmidt was personally running Obama’s last minute get out the vote operations and that certainly must have endeared him to the president.

Google’s immense power to influence the political debate in our country did not go unnoticed by President Obama.  Following in the footpaths of every tyrant who has preceded him, the president knew the benefits of controlling the media.  Obama moved to build an alliance with Google, ignoring the recommendation of his own FTC staffers who supported bringing a lawsuit against Google for abusive trade practices.

Obama went further by providing Google access to an FCC report before it was released to the public that resulted in 15 pages of policy being stricken because Google executives didn’t like their content.

Even more evidence of Obama’s willingness to accommodate Google in order to gain their favor surfaced when Obama overrode FCC chairman Tom Wheeler on “net neutrality” regulations at the behest of Google.

In his incessant drive to turn the United States into a centralized command and control oligarchy, President Obama has decided, once again, to favor a monopoly that’s friendly to him over the interests of the people who elected him.  This is how dictators operate.  It is not the conduct we should expect from the leader of the free world.

If we cherish what is left of our freedoms we will embrace this new search engine as well as every alternative source of reporting.  The free flow of news, information and opinion is what informed the citizenry of the United States for over two centuries aiding us in making the correct electoral decisions.  We owe it to future generations to be vigilant and resolute in always providing a welcome mat for that dissent.

Source: Google Is SkyNet … SkyNet Is Google – To The Death Media

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