California Finds Dozens of Boxes Filled With Uncounted Mail-in and Provisional Ballots – THE DAILY TRUMP

June 16, 2016

The Conservative Tribune is reporting that Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s questionable campaign tactics have once again come into the spotlight, and we doubt this will be the last time as more and more of her allegedly criminal acts are uncovered.

This time, a lawsuit in California discovered dozens of unpacked boxes that pointed to a huge Clinton campaign cover-up.

After Clinton winning the California primary, many voters were perplexed. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had many more attendees at his rallies than Clinton did, and it looked like a sure thing that he was going to take the state.

Was Bernie Sanders defrauded by the Clinton Campaign?

The official count, however, gave Clinton the state after it had been announced just days prior that she already had the necessary delegates to clinch the Democrat nomination.

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However, now a lawsuit has alleged foul play. Dozens of boxes filled with mail-in and provisional ballots were discovered unopened and not counted, according to The Justice Gazette.

The historic lawsuit was filed after the California primary election on June 7. It demanded that all provisional ballots be counted as well as all mail-in ballots which would then, in theory, retroactively determine Sanders to be the true winner of the primary.

Sanders supporters were tricked out of their democratic rights, and the proof was in the votes, according to the report. The California primary was rigged using illegal tactics, media collusion, voter suppression and fraud.

Clinton clearly had the media on her side; they treated her as if she was royalty, a history-maker well before the polls closed during Tuesday night’s primary, while Sanders was treated as a egomaniac who didn’t know when to call it quits.

People have begun speaking out. One poll worker filmed a video before the primary stating that she was given misinformation about how to handle voters who were “No Party Preference.” California had a semi-closed primary meaning that NPP voters were allowed to vote either in the Republican or Democrat race of their choosing.

According to the official poll worker guidebook, NPP voters are to be given crossover ballots. However, this poll worker was told that they had to give NPP voters provisional ballots. Provisional ballots cannot be counted until voter verification is approved.

Provisional ballots are normally given to those who may have lost their mail-in ballots, not to those with no party preference. It wouldn’t make sense anyway considering verification would not show that those voters are registered with a certain party because they are not — they are not pledged to any party, by definition.

Millions of votes were thrown out because of this, according to the report, most of them being froms Sanders supporters. If the lawsuit is accurate, it represents mass election fraud, and Hillary Clinton should not benefit another second from it.

Source: California Finds Dozens of Boxes Filled With Uncounted Mail-in and Provisional Ballots – THE DAILY TRUMP

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