Television Educated Pundits and Gun Rights

There is a British based series called “Luther” starring Idris Elba about a homicide detective in London. It is a very well done show revolving around detective John Luther and several of the important people in his life, and the ongoing investigations he takes on. People commonly think that British police officers never carry firearms but this isn’t really true. But detective John Luther is rarely seen with a handgun in this series. In the United Kingdom private citizens rarely are legally allowed to own handguns, though criminals pay no heed to such restrictions. Luther however usually talks his way through the rare encounters with gun wielding perpetrators.

The “Internet Movie Data Base” ( also covers television shows and has forums for viewers to comment on and question the productions. In one post about Luther a viewer opined that citizens in London were forced to capitulate to criminals because they have no right to go about armed. Another viewer responded to his comment saying that if handguns were available to honest citizens, innocent people would be shot, e.g. “a child who found a gun in his Mum’s handbag and some guys dancing at a club and neighbours who don’t like dogs barking all hours, anyone the Police thought was acting a little oddly, anyone who doesn’t do EXACTLY as they are told by law enforcement…”.

Unfortunately this lady seems to get her information from television news. Studies by criminologists and psychologists don’t support her contention that armed citizens present a danger. In the US, those states and cities which allow legal ownership and possession of handguns have much lower rates of violent crime.

It isn’t just the US, studies, including a huge study from Harvard show that cities and countries with strict gun control usually have much higher rates of violent crimes, including murder.
In short, “gun free zones” are helpless victim killing zones. Conversely, those areas where citizens are legally allowed to own and carry firearms, have low rates of violent crime.

The countries of the world with the highest rates of murder per capita have strict gun control.
The US, despite having the most guns per capita by far, is only #111 in terms of murders per capita with 4.7 per 100,000.

Even this is artificially high, because it includes the data from cities with strict gun control like
Detroit with 54.6 murders per 100,000 per year.
New Orleans 53.2
St. Louis 35.5
Baltimore 34.9
Newark 34.4
Oakland 31.8
Stockton 23.7
Kansas City 22.6
Philadelphia 21.5
Cleveland 21.3
Memphis 20.2
Atlanta 19.0
Chicago 18.5

Even with all those socialist utopias with strict gun control and their high murder rates, America’s murder rate per capita is only 4.7 per 100,000.
Plano Texas, where virtually everyone owns at least one gun, has a murder rate of only 0.4 per 100,000.

Honduras, with strict gun control is #1 in the world with 90 murders per 100,000.

Murder rates and violent crimes rates in general always decrease after States allow citizens to carry concealed handguns. And despite the fears of people who oppose the civil right of self defense, citizens who carry concealed handguns rarely ever commit crimes, and they don’t act like “cowboys”, they don’t shoot innocent people, etc.

God bless the police for all they do to reduce crime and put criminals behind bars. But they are not, and cannot be our bodyguards.
It is a basic human right, a civil right, to be able to defend your life and those of your loved ones.
Revoking that right always leads to a rise in violent crime.

In season 2 episode 3 of the show Luther, a man murders people at random with a small bat and later with a hammer. These scenes are examples of the vulnerability of defenseless citizens against violent criminals. When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

Interestingly, the very politicians who oppose citizens’ rights to carry firearms are known to carry handguns themselves, or have armed bodyguards in many cases. Occasionally we read about them in the news. There was a famous cable news pundit who promoted gun control back in the 80s who shot an intruder in his home.
It seems many of the people who want others disarmed, want to be exempted from gun bans.

The variance in violent crime rates within other countries follows the same pattern vis a vis gun availability.


“Indeed, “data on fire‐arms ownership by constabulary area in England,” like data
from the United States, show “a negative correlation,” that is,
“where firearms are most dense violent crime rates are lowest,
and where guns are least dense violent crime rates are high‐

A psychological study indicates that guns are not the problem.
Hans Toch & Alan J. Lizotte, Research and Policy: The Case for Gun Control, in
PSYCHOLOGY & SOCIAL POLICY 223, 232 (Peter Suedfeld & Philip E. Tetlock eds.,
“[T]he fact that national patterns show little violent
crime where guns are most dense implies that guns do not elicit aggression in any
meaningful way. . . . Quite the contrary, these findings suggest that high saturations
of guns in places, or something correlated with that condition, inhibit illegal aggression.”

As one man said, “an armed society is a polite society.”


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