Texas Attorney General Shuts Down Sharia Law: “Sharia Doesn’t Apply In Texas” – US Chronicle

The Lone Star State has taken a firm stand against the possibility of Sharia Law being implemented, as Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that Sharia will never trump the laws of the United States.

“Sharia Doesn’t Apply In Texas”

Should there ever be a question of which set of laws to follow, explained Paxton, the US Constitution and the Texas state laws should be given precedence.

The issue arose when Irving’s Mayor Beth Van Duyne realized that a group of Muslims had set up their own Sharia Law Court system within the American city.

The unlicensed courts made it clear that when American laws conflicted with Sharia Law, the Islamic rules would supersede American Law.

Sharia Law goes beyond telling an individual what is legal or not, and is often described as a “way of life” rather than a set of laws.

Sharia can dictates the details of a persons life that range from the foods they eat to the clothes they wear to the relationships they are allowed to have.

Mayor Duyne used Social Media to make it clear that these sets of rules were not compatible with the United States legal system.


Since the controversy has started, the Texas State Legislature has introduced Senate Bill 531, which offers the following background:

“Concerned parties note that most states, including Texas, have no established policy regarding the manner in which courts and judges should address issues pertaining to foreign law.

The parties’ research indicates that several states have enacted some form of law, including the American Laws for American Courts, to address foreign legal doctrines and laws, and several other states are considering such a law.

These concerned parties believe that Texas courts should not enforce a foreign law that violates Texas public policy and believe that Texas needs a tool to provide clear guidance for judges and courts during family law proceedings that involve the application of foreign law.”

Though Senate Bill 531 does not specifically mention Sharia Law, it does make it clear that foreign law is invalid when it contradicts American laws.

That would include stoning an adulterer, dismembering a thief, hanging a homosexual, and executing someone who decides not to worship in a particular religion anymore.

Source: Texas Attorney General Shuts Down Sharia Law: “Sharia Doesn’t Apply In Texas” – US Chronicle

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