Trump supporters vandalized with swastikas – Story | WOFL

– Two Trump supporters were shocked to discover someone painted swastikas on their property this morning. Now police are looking for the vandals.

Ronnie Sartain was surprised to find swastikas on his garage, sidewalk and campaign sign today. “It’s disappointing.I guess they had a little political issue with Trump.” It’s the first time, he decided to put campaign signs in his yard. “This is really a wonderful place to live. To see something like this was totally unexpected.”

Gainesville police are trying to find the vandals. We asked Sartain, “Why a swastika? I have no idea. I have no idea that totally doesn’t make any sense to me at all.” And to make matters worse, a neighbor’s truck was also vandalized, “He got his truck painted on the side but he managed to get it off.”

While he has no idea who did this, he has his suspicions, “The democratic party did not go out and plan something like this, I don’t think. Someone had a little too much to drink and partied a little too hard. They need to find ways to express themselves a little better than property damage and that kind of stuff.”

He has a message for the vandal who ruined his property, “We’d like to think we have free speech but it’s not quite as free as we want it to be.” Sartain plans to leave up the swastikas until after elections, so people are more aware of the issue.

Anyone with information on the vandals should call the Gainesville Police Department at (352) 334-2400.

Source: Trump supporters vandalized with swastikas – Story | WOFL

The Democrats chose the symbol of National Socialism to identify themselves, fitting since they favor big government control over everything just as Hitler did.

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