Clinton’s Coup in Broad Daylight! – STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS

Clinton’s Coup in Broad Daylight!

The Clintons just Implemented a Coup in America!
Usually a coup d’etat, the overthrow of a government by illegal means, is executed by a military force. However, in this particular case, the Clintons have implemented a de facto coup by refusing to abide by any written or implied US laws.

She and her co-conspirators have:

[1] obstructed justice

[2] committed perjury

[3] destroyed any incriminating evidence

[4] have absconded with countless millions of dollars

[5] killed any noisome individuals.


Hillary alone has violated the following law: Per 18 USC Ch.101, field-end-cite: Records and Reports:

“Whoever willfully conceals, removes, obliterated, falsifies, destroys records, proceedings, map , book, document, paper…. Shall forfeit  his/her office and be disqualified from holding any office under the USG…. Shall be fined… or imprisoned not more than three years or both…”
As I have previously written, Hillary, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and many others are guilty of violating the letter and intent of our federal laws. This is, of course, contrary to what the corrupt FBI Director James Comey dribbled after his non-incriminating interview with Hillary and her lovers:Cheryl Mills and Uma Abedin. The galling part of this coup is that despite the vehement protests of those of us who recognize her criminal activities; she continues to corrupt our legal/civil systems irrespective of the public outcry.

HRC does not care what the American public has to say. She presumes that she has won the office of the Presidency without having to campaign or solicit votes. She is completely indifferent to the wishes of the American public that is crying out, “Foul Play!”


The mainstream press, national security officers and police officials have enabled her to enact a blatant coup of our USG in broad daylight. At any other time or other country, an army would have assumed power if she had failed to abide by the civil rules/laws of the land.Yet today, our military stands frozen in time and action.

Why do they fear their own formidable power ?Have they been made eunuchs to accept civilian law no matter how corrupt or ineffective it is? The real question awaits her ascendancy onto the throne: can she or will she be impeached?

That’s a question that I think about! Maybe you should too.

Source: Clinton’s Coup in Broad Daylight! – STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS

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