Cry-Bully Snowflakes and Thugs React to Clinton Loss

The liberal snowflakes on college campuses ran to their ‘safe spaces’ and had Play Doh therapy after Trump won, but apparently all that didn’t help. Now they are calling suicide hotlines threatening to kill themselves because Trump won.
Well, don’t get bet on it. The Hollywood stars who ‘threatened’ to leave America if Trump won have backtracked those statements now. Pampered liberals threatening suicide probably won’t follow through on their threats either.

They don’t think, they FEEL. And they have to tell us how they feel. They believe we want to know. They believe it will make a difference if we know they are emotionally more immature than kindergarten children.
It is the liberal formula for everything: identify as an injured victim, cry loudly, and demand compensation. They are cry-bullies.

It won’t work this time. Trump won by getting enough votes to beat Hillary and her vote fraud. Time to grow up and get remedial training on being an adult.

Perhaps they should sue their universities for teaching them to be emotionally unstable, unemployable, and charging them more than the price of a house doing it.

Clinton campaign manager John Podesta said recently that Hillary lost because the media “eviscerated” her and gave Trump a pass! Being so coddled and protected by the media has warped their view of reality. As far as I can remember, no candidate has received worse treatment by the press than Trump. Yet the press whitewashed or ignored the legion of Clinton scandals. They even fed her the debate questions ahead of time. What is Podesta smoking?

Reports are coming in of Trump supporters suffering felony assaults at the hands of Clinton supporters. Unfortunately, this is the nature of leftists. They demand they get their way, cheat to ensure they win, and have deadly temper tantrums when they lose. They have “needs” for your money, consider you “greedy” for wanting to keep it, and say politicians are “compassionate” when they take your money by force & give it to them. Democrats have enabled and encouraged this thinking and this behavior for years. Any perceived threat to the gravy train is met with petulant displays, curses, and violence.

The victim-hood culture arose because it was enabled and funded by corrupt politicians and leftists with an anti-American agenda (e.g. George Soros). Leftist cry-bullies, trained in the Alinsky model of activism, attempted to censor opposition by ridiculing us, calling us racists, bigots, sexists, and oppressors. Americans realized the real source of oppression in our country stems from the collectivist, anti-capitalist, Democratic policies, and their incendiary, divisive language. Young leftists seem surprised that their offensive, pejorative insults and accusations failed to attract support for their candidate.

America voted for a reality check, a change of course, a better economy, a safer country, a more sensible tax code, a return to the rule of law, and an end to the rampant corruption which defines Democratic administrations.

The cry-bullies need to grow up, or go stand in the corner. The adults have said ‘enough’.


Bill Dawson is a semi-retired pharmacist and chemist with varied interests including constitutional law and politics.

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