Nature of the Current Liberal Threat

Liberals are demanding despots as O’Rourke said. Liberal politicians are petulant tyrants, vindictive, unethical, demagogues who act injured and insulted when expected to obey the law themselves. Anyone who frustrates their assumption of dictator status is soon the recipient of their almost epileptic tantrums of anger and wrath. They seem to take pride in their lack of self control, as though it is virtuous. It is mind boggling to watch them. Their rejection of fairness, honesty, and other traits of good character is spiteful, an angry response toward those who object to liberal usurpation of powers never granted them. They smirkingly name and describe their laws with the very concepts they reject, such as “fairness”, “justice” and so on. They mock virtue. They are the absolute worst people to allow into public office.
George Soros recruits the worst of the liberals as “social justice warriors”, another mocking misnomer, pays them and transports them to cities across the nation to engage in destructive and criminal acts, assaulting random citizens, destroying store fronts, and disrupting traffic preventing people from reaching their jobs or even medical help, while liberal propagandists in the media portray them as peaceful protesters, saying “this is what democracy looks like”. This is as much an attempt to recruit more directionless youths to their numbers as it is to popularize their lawless push for power.

They defend vote fraud, and furiously oppose all measures designed to ensure honest and fair elections since the majority of Americans reject the tactics and most goals of liberals. They seek to frustrate the will of the people by rigging elections, denying the country of representative government. These actions are thus seditious in nature and effect.
They have not finished their efforts to subvert this election. Electors who meet on December 19 to vote for the President have received offers of money; some have received death threats, (and here) to change their vote to Hillary Clinton. At least one elector has changed his position after receiving death threats.


In an article titled “The Liberal Threat to Democracy”, authors Yuval Levin & Ramesh Ponnuru state: “Its true that Hillary Clinton is a mainstream contemporary liberal, albeit a disturbingly unethical one….Instead,. it is precisely in the way in which Clinton seems normal that she poses a serious danger to American democracy. The mainstream contemporary liberalism she represents so well is in itself a threat to constitutional government in America.”


Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the public face of the new Democratic party, which is today a decidedly leftist, liberal, and lawless organization. Today’s liberal politicians represent a clear and present danger to our very system of government, and rank and file liberal voters are either unaware of or don’t care about this, but reflexively support anything they believe their party or their candidate supports.


Mark Dice has interviewed many hundreds of people while posing as a news reporter or a social activist. A majority of liberals (i.e. Obama or Clinton supporters) will support or sign petitions in favor of virtually anything they believe their candidate or their party supports, including sending nuclear warheads to China in response to their hacking US computers, nuking Russia in order to keep the US as the world’s superpower, banning the 4th amendment, banning the entire Bill of Rights, banning the sale of Bibles on and Barnes and Nobles, banning the American flag, and adding Big Foot to the Endangered Species Act. There liberals are mindlessly supporting criminal acts, senseless acts, and measures which would revoke their own rights because they believe their party supports the measures. Clearly it would not take much to convince them to commit vote fraud.

We must all pray for Trump to be safely elected and protected once in office. And we MUST enact serious, effective measures to prevent all methods of vote fraud, restore domestic tranquility, and enforce the rule of law once more.

Dec 6, 2016

Bill Dawson, R.Ph.

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