Propaganda as News. The Media Exposed.

For decades liberals in the media have taken advantage of the basic honesty of the public. We assume others are similar to us and would not make up false stories and report them as fact. Our trusting nature made us appear to them as stupid rubes, easy marks.
The leaked emails revealed by Wikileaks during the 2016 election season gave us proof that the main stream media often reports fake news designed to support a leftist narrative: ‘news-like propaganda’ passed off as fact. It worked like Hitler’s Big Lie, nobody would believe that journalists, who are supposed to obey a code of ethics, would have the audacity fabricate huge lies and report them as fact, complete with actors playing parts to sell the story. Once other news outlets picked up the story and repeated it over and over, the public believed it thoroughly.
Their former successes in pushing false narratives with fake news stories has made them so bold as to be careless however, and the leaked emails (and old news stories since proven to have been faked) have revealed the truth about most of the main stream media. They long ago abandoned journalistic ethics, if they ever had them. Their purpose is to ignore stories which don’t support the leftist narrative, and create stories, sometimes along with fake events, to shape the beliefs and behavior of the trusting general public, particularly with respect to politics.
The current story about alternative conservative news sources publishing “fake news” is their desperate attempt to censor real news and maintain their monopoly on information. They know from experience that they can sell the public on almost anything so long as they can control what we hear. And they want to divert our attention from the truths we now have proof of regarding the main stream media’s primary role as propagandists for the Left.

On a June 1988, hour-long special CBS Reports: The Wall Within, one Vet Terry Bradley, told Dan Rather he had tortured and skinned alive whole Vietnamese families, 50 men, women, and children in a single hour. Another vet described slaughtering hordes of Vietnamese civilians, and blaming the North Vietnamese. In all the show presented 6 Vietnam Vets with horror stories of Gruesome American Atrocities committed in Vietnam.

The show was praised by critics, the Washington Post, a liberal rag at the time, called it extraordinarily powerful.

Years later – Burkett and Whitley obtained the service records of all six soldiers, documenting where each was stationed throughout the Vietnam War. Only one of the men actually served in Vietnam; he claimed he was a Navy SEAL, but the records contradicted his claims and listed him as an equipment repairman , the other 5 never even set foot on Vietnamese soil. A completely fabricated and false narrative viewed by Millions.
This is just one example of a main stream media outlet fake news story, complete with actors, designed to support a leftist narrative critical of American military and the Vietnam War. Once believed, this story became part of the leftist myth of a sadistic military creating a culture which so warps the minds of soldiers that they commit war crimes. The real crime is that nobody at CNN who knew about this fabrication had the honesty to reveal the truth to the public.
The media has more recently reported that the drop in employment of almost 5 percentage points is due to ‘the mass migration of baby boomers out of the work force’. This fake news is designed to support a general leftist narrative defending the Obama presidency. In fact, the percentage of people over 65 has been on the rise. The rise in unemployment is due to fewer jobs, not to retirement from the workforce of senior citizens.
The media presents each new fact or story through the prism of the false narrative they wish to promote, burying facts which don’t support the narrative. Thus when a black police officer shot a black man who was brandishing a handgun the media reported it as another police shooting of a black man, and two days of riots ensued in Charlotte, NC. The leftist narrative is that police forces are systemically racist and are targeting young unarmed black men for assassination. Sensational headlines failed to mention that the police officer was black, and the suspect was armed.
The leaked DNC, Clinton, and Podesta emails revealed that journalists were paid to create articles and broadcast stories highly critical of Donald Trump, that some journalists agreed to let the Clinton campaign edit their stories prior to publication, that CNN provided debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to the debate, and other gross improprieties. Many political pundits emphatically stated over and over “Donald Trump will NOT win” and other statements to that effect, and media polls on election day showed Hillary Clinton with an 80 to 90 percent chance of winning the election, demonstrating a clear bias intended to affect voters. In one email John Podesta sent instructions to the polling company on how much to pad the poll with Democrats, which made it appear that Hillary had a big lead.
The credibility of the main stream news media fell to about as low as it has ever been in the wake of these revelations. Then on November 24 of this year, the Washington Post ran a story claiming that many alternative Internet news sites have been publishing fake news stories originating from Russia and that they influenced the election of Donald Trump. Their primary source for the story is an anonymous website recently created called The methodology used by this site has been widely criticized and the Washington Post is now facing several lawsuits due to the story and have updated the story with an editorial note which tries to back peddle from responsibility for the claims, without retracting them.
Still the main stream media is now awash with repetitions of the alternative ‘fake news’ sites story, and “Russians hacked the election” story. (Whatever the leftist narrative being pushed, you can expect the entire liberal media to quickly fall into line.) The Russian interference angle has been discredited by the FBI. One story claimed that “unnamed sources at the CIA” claim that Russia attempted to influence the election. But despite Congressional calls for an explanation, the CIA reportedly is refusing to testify before them regarding the story.
This appears to be yet another in a long line of fake news stories peddled by the main stream media. Is this an attempt to discredit alternative news sources? Is it an attempt to divert attention away from stories about the partisan and unethical behavior of the main stream media? Is it another attempt by liberals to blame others for the crimes they themselves commit? Is this the opening salvo in a war by the main stream media to censor those who refuse to promote the liberal narrative?
Perhaps. But the general public is no longer naive and trusting when it comes to the liberal media.
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