Mass Hypnosis: The Secret Of Obama’s Success, And How Mass Awakening Will Vanquish Him. 

original date: 10-25-2009

Dear Pals,

Hypnosis is suggestion accepted as reality.

That’s it in a nutshell.

“You are getting sleepy…very sleepy. Your eyes are as heavy as lead…you are going deeper and deeper into a very very deep sleep…”

I have been told that my blogs have that affect (or is it, effect?) on many.

Well, candidate Obama and now President Obama succeeded in hypnotizing a large portion of the American population. Enough to get him elected along with OTHER like-minded people in the House and Senate.

How did it work?

1) By giving potential voting segments suggestions that they would accept

2) Then, building on their acceptance of his suggestions, he promised…

3) Solutions that will immediately benefit them and their families…and all America ($1000.00 cash stimulus anyone? Hey let’s buy GM and Chrysler and stimulate those “shovel-ready” jobs to the tune of a Trillion! )

4) All you have to do is elect me

5) And accept my policies and plans

6) If we do that, we will transform America now…but we’ll have to move fast, because (white male) American capitalists (IE: war-profiteering, minority and women and union labor-exploiting Republican business owners)

That’s all it took…

Hypnosis suggestion accepted.

And, a suggestion once accepted gives The Great Suggestor control over the minds and wills of the Unthinking Suggestion Acceptors – otherwise known as The Hypnotized American.

Here’s an example:

Imbedded belief 1: You and your family before you have been the recipients of great social injustice. You have been disadvantaged, held back and held down. America is run by (white male) capitalists and they have ruthlessly amassed wealth by exploiting minorities and women – who they pay less than white men doing the same work.

You have been victimized.

Imbedded truth: Slavery was evil. Minorities and women have been exploited for their labor.

Leading Conclusion 1: You have been victimized and robbed..

Finding a class of culprits to blame (The Nazis demonized the Jews and the Russians the Kulaks)

Let’s blame: (White male) American capitalists…look what they have done to you and your family and to women and to union laborers.

Leading Conclusion 2: You have been victimized and robbed and (white male) American capitalists are to blame.

Imbedded Belief 2, Justice is fair and good:  All people are entitled to justice, where you get what you deserve. The wealth robbed from you and your family’s labor by (white male) American capitalists was unjustly and unfairly taken.

Emotionally-Charged Suggestions:

Your family deserves a wonderful home – is $250,000 too much to ask, given as long and as hard as you work??

You deserve a $3500.00 mortgage relief credit -it’s not your fault you can’t pay your bills, the man (white male capitalist) doesn’t pay you enough…BUT he pays HUGE bonuses, that he doesn’t deserve, to himself.

You deserve high quality healthcare and it should be low cost and available to all.

You deserve $4500 for that clunker you drive…

You deserve a new union-made American GM or Chrysler car

The Big Set Up Question: Is simple social justice to much to hope for??? Hasn’t simple social justice been denied long enough?

The Accepting Minds are now primed and their emotions (hope) have been energized to accept The Hypnotic Suggestion from the Great Suggestor.

The Hypnotic Message: I, Barack Obama, am just like you, just look at my face…my skin color isn’t like the Presidents on our paper money…I get it. I am the one and the ONLY one, who can make your hopes become reality…but I need you to step up and stand with me.

This isn’t about me…it’s about all of us.

The Hypnotic Suggestion: Here it comes…elect me and together we will change America now.

We will fundamentally transform it and you and your family will get all that you deserve and are entitled to…and the (white male) American capitalists, who exploited all the minorities and women and union laborers will be made to pay.

There will be no new taxes on the “middle class” – only the wealthiest (white male capitalist) Americans will pay – actually they will just repay what they have robbed from you and your family, and then some!

The Hypnotic Reaction: Yes we can!

This is OUR time.

This is OUR turn!

Elect me and let’s move America forward.

Let everyone rejoice!

Let the school children sing!

Barack Hussein Obama…mmm…mmm…mmm


So, the trap was set and sprung.

The messenger Barack Obama became the physical embodiment of The Hypnotic Message.

The attractive, articulate, affable, smiling, passionate, young and well-educated mixed-racial Great Suggestor, known as Barack Hussein Obama, stepped forward as the freshly-packaged solution to what ails America…and, to the larger world that was alientated by decades of American exploitation, intervention, intolerance and injustice, he became Apoligist-In-Chief. After all, as long as he’s transforming America…why not transform the world too?

The media and the message and the messenger merged into a powerful Hypnotic force.

I hate to admit this!

But, David Axholerod and I both practice the same craft.

We are salesmen. Marketing guys. Hucksters. Hypemeiesters. We know how to read research. We know how to “position” and “brand” products for sale. We know how to craft messages that will cause people to buy things. Cars. Jewelry. Food. Whiskey. Champagne. Banks. Bar-B-Que Sauce…even people and opinions…like Brand Barack H.Obama.

Axholerod (and yours truly) both know that the Human Brain Cannot Be Rewired…I used to teach this to my classes of capitalists at Enterprise University.

Only at EU the capitalists I saw included women, minorities, women minorities, new business starters, 2nd. and in some cases, 3rd. generation business owners. They didn’t look like culprits to me…they were risk takers, job creators and folks who were willing to do the hard work it took to be successful.

I loved teaching these folks…and in all modesty, my courses Marketing Strategy I and II were the best attended by actual enrollment count and I consistently earned the top #1 rating in attendee surveys.

BUT, I digress!!!

Axholerod and I also know, that if we know and understand the Imbedded Beliefs In The Human Brain, we can plug a well-crafted hypnotic suggestion into those beliefs to get the outcome we desire.

All it takes now to make the SALE is the selection and deployment of the right creative mix:

1) An appealing and attractive and “clean sexy” spokesman/On-Camera Talent – Barack is cool…sigh and isn’t he kinda exotically sexy in way that many women find almost irressitable?

2) Deliver an easy-to-understand resonating message that will be accepted – Barack smiles and people want to like him and believe in him. ( He makes “slick Willy” and “Tricky Dick” look like doofuses…what chance did torture-maimed-McCain really have? )

3) Backed up with a sufficient amount of money to buy a tsunami wave of media reach and frequency in an exposure pattern to drive the message home…over and over with single-minded repetition.

4) Deployed against the target audiences (Including: “victimized” minorities/women/guilt-ridden white liberals/social activists/progressive socialists/hardcore ideological liberals/compassionate moderates/single-issue independents (E: anti-war/anti-Bush/Al Gore Greenies)…and, God Bless ’em, those kind-hearted older people, who feel “guilty for being white and fortunate” or for the plight and the suffering among us.

That is an winning recipe to sell Fresh New Obama Juice – fortified with Hope and Change!

That is how Obama Hypnotized America en masse.

Of course, having ACORN out there helping “get out the vote” didn’t hurt his chances either. It’s all about distribution and in this case, re-distribution of wealth from the culprit class to the entitled and deserving exploited class.

This is Obama’s plan to “bring America together.”

“Say Amen Brother!!” – Rev. Jeremiah Jackson

Hypnotic Reinforcement Message: People who oppose Obama are angry mobs (of white male and female capitalists). They want to hold us back and keep us down…and out.

Don’t listen to them. Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. Don’t watch FOX News, don’t listen to the US Chamber of Commerce, don’t listen to the Office Of Budget and Management. Don’t listen to those “teabaggers.” Don’t listen to the angry Nazi mobs of old white men and women at the town hall meetings.

They are not real Americans tuned into what we need to do…they are yesterday…and we are now and tomorrow.

Let’s hear the mantra!!!

Yes we can! Barack Hussein Obama mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm

There is no stopping us now.

Not even tax cheats like Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, Charlie Rangle or fools like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Mark Murtha…or even Joe “The Scrappy Kid From Scranton PA” Biden can slow us down.

I am The Dream come true!

I am a Nobel Prize Winner!

I am the President!

I am Barack Hussein Obama…”look on my work ye mighty and behold!”

(Please see my archived blog on Ozymandias, King of Kings,  if you need a point of reference on that quote.)


Birk, Commonsensetarian and Citizen of the Republic and a Mob of One

PS: Tune in tomorrow when I’ll tell you how America can wake up from and pemanently break Obama’s Hypnotic Spell.

The Working Title is: Barack Obama AS SEEN ON TV!!! 24/7/365.

The Theme is: Not As Advertised, but assault and batteries on freedom and liberty are included.

The Sub Theme is: Controlling The Message – Tune in to your local affiliate on the Obama Network – NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC. And don’t miss the show “In The Tank” every Sunday (formerly called Meet The Press)

FYI: The only equipment you’ll need to bring to the blog tomorrow is a logically-functioning brain.

FCC INTERNET REGULATORY NOTICE: This blogger does not consume or endorse the use of the alcoholic beverage brand: Hypnotique. Nor should the use of the word Hypnotic contained herein be construed as a veiled phoentic sound-alike reference to the afore-mentioned alcoholic brand in an attempt to encourage awareness, trial and use of Hypnotique. This blogger has received no financial compensation or remuneration of any kind from the makers of Hypnotique.

PERSONAL NOTE: Nor do I drink halleucinegetic OJ (Obama Juice) because of its potentially harmful secret ingredient: BS-4U.

Source: Mass Hypnosis: The Secret Of Obama’s Success, And How Mass Awakening Will Vanquish Him. – The Wise Buddha-hahahaha

Though humorous this blogger shares marketing insight into the branding of Obama.

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