Liberal student activists want SEGREGATION (and they want it NOW)

What do you think would happen if a student group at a university demanded a designated space where only white people were allowed to meet? That would start World War III, no doubt about it. But something very similar is happening at the University of Michigan and leftists consider this version virtuous.

Students4Justice has petitioned administration at U of M to give them “a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work,” and they want it staffed. Of course, the university, which is already building a $10 million facility for black students, is considering the request.

“This is our normal process,” a campus spokesperson told The College Fix, “ to better understand their concerns.”

But how is this even a possibility? This is racism and if the school approves, it’s sanctioned racism. Then, there’s the absurdity of the Students4Justice complaining about diversity and inclusion while demanding segregation! The only thing more outrageous than that would be setting up a food cart and serving only black people.

Oh, wait, that actually happened. The New York Post reported on a young black couple in the Bronx offering doughnuts and juice to people on the street. They put a sign on their cart that read, “Free Food for Black People.”

I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising. After all, these people are Democrats and they’ve always been the party of racism.

Source: Liberal student activists want SEGREGATION (and they want it NOW)

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