These New Digital “Shares” Are Turning Pennies Into Millions | International Man

Today, I’m sharing with you a must-read article on the next revolutionary technology that’s flying under the radar right now.

It could soon be a critical tool in your international diversification toolkit… and it could also make you a fortune.

The piece below is from my friend and colleague, Teeka Tiwari—editor of the Palm Beach Confidential.

Teeka is a true expert on this new technology. He has more connections and expertise on this topic than anyone else that I know of. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Until next time,

Nick Giambruno
Senior Editor
International Man


The initial “stock” offering made $7.5 million in a matter of minutes…

SingularDTV is a blockchain-based platform for independent producers and filmmakers.

It uses “smart contracts” that are executed and enforced by computer programs. Users of the content pay its creators directly via these contracts.

This new model virtually eliminates the need for third parties like YouTube and Netflix….

In other words, SingularDTV will give creators full control of their content.

If you want to watch or listen to content on SingularDTV, you’d pay the creator a “token” called SNGLS. A token is like a cryptocurrency. SingularDTV would charge a tiny transaction fee to keep the platform running.

[Think of a token as a digital poker chip. You can store it on your computer or mobile device and cash it in later.]

We don’t know whether SingularDTV will take off. But here’s why we’re telling you its story…

When the venture group behind SingularDTV went public in October 2016… it issued a new type of “share” to fund the startup.

The group raised $7.5 million in cryptocurrency… in less than 10 minutes.

SingularDTV is not the only example.

The blockchain gaming app FirstBlood also issued “shares” when it went public in September 2016. It raised $5.5 million in cryptocurrency… in a few minutes (some reports estimated the money was raised in less than 60 seconds).

It could likely be the fastest crowdsale ever. In fact, the sale went so fast, nearly half the investors who wanted to get in couldn’t.

This new type of market is about to explode… And I’ll show you how you can profit from these revolutionary new “shares”…

 “Digital” Startups Level the Playing Field

Brand-new blockchain ventures are now “going public” with initial coin offerings (ICOs).

These are similar to the stock market’s initial public offerings (IPOs). But the important difference is major Wall Street money has yet to move into the much smaller ICO market.

Here’s why I’m so bullish on this market…

The biggest gains from technology (1,000%, 10,000%, or more) come from investing in private startup companies… before the public at large hears about them.

Think about “unicorns” like Uber, Airbnb, and Dropbox.

[A unicorn is a private startup company with a valuation of more than $1 billion.]

A few years ago, no one would have ever thought about ride sharing (Uber)… peer-to-peer property rental (Airbnb)… or cloud-based storage systems (Dropbox).

Today, these companies have private valuations of:

  • $68 billion (Uber)
  • $25.5 billion (Airbnb)
  • $10 billion (Dropbox).

But only the “big boys” on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley are allowed to invest early in these types of companies.

If you aren’t an accredited investor worth at least $1 million in net assets, you’re out of luck.

That’s all about to change…

The New Way to Invest in a Startup… For Pennies

As I mentioned above, each blockchain runs on its own cryptocurrency (like the new SNGLS token)…

The currencies are “money” that can be spent or saved… but they also act as “shares” for blockchain startups.

As more people use a particular blockchain, its “shares” increase in price.

Unlike most startups that require you to be an accredited investor, anyone can buy “shares” in a blockchain startup. All you have to do is buy its cryptocurrency.

And you can do it for as little as $100…

The Perfect Asymmetric Bet

In November, we used this strategy to buy into a social media blockhain platform. At the time, tokens traded around 12 cents. Today, we’re up more than 45%.

We purchased another blockchain platform (this one’s a gaming app) for a few bucks. It’s now up nearly 130%.

In Palm Beach Confidential, we call these types of trades Asymmetric Bets. They have a vast upside but limited downside.

That’s why I put together an Asymmetric Blockchain Bundle. It’s a way for the little guy to get in on startups with explosive potential. We’ve used our extensive network of industry experts to identify “shares” in these little-known blockchain startups.

A prime example of how this strategy works is bitcoin…

Just $100 invested in bitcoin when it was trading at one penny is worth $7.5 million today.

If you invested $100 when another cryptocurrency we own was trading at 30 cents (that was the initial price)… it would be worth $33,000 today.

My point is this: If you’re looking for life-changing gains, but you don’t want to risk much money… then you need to be involved in this space.

Would you risk $100 per trade over a basket of blockchain startups if even one of them could make you $33,000? I know I would.

Now, there are thousands of startups out there. Most of them are worthless. The best way to own them is to create a basket of several to give you some diversity.

All it takes is for one of them to become a breakout star for you to make gains of 100%, 1,000%, 2,000% or more.

Now, my team and I have researched hundreds of them for you already. And we’ve put only those with the most potential upside in our Palm Beach Confidentialportfolio.

If you’d like to learn more about our cryptocurrencies, click here to watch this video.

But you must act fast… These plays are so tiny we can only open the service to new members for a few hours more. The doors will soon close.

Source: These New Digital “Shares” Are Turning Pennies Into Millions | International Man

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