TV Show “LOST”, Michael and the Knife

I love “LOST”, the TV show about survivors of a plane crash stranded on a mysterious, uncharted, Pacific island. The show deals with the strange powers of the island and it’s wacky inhabitants almost as much as it does the survivors of the crash of Oceanic flight 815.

I am re-watching season 1 episode 14, “Special”. About 5 minutes into the show Michael tracks down his son Walt, and finds him with Locke, who is teaching him how to throw a into a tree.
Michael is upset (no surprise there) with Walt, and especially with Locke. He tells Locke that if they were back home he would call the police on him for letting Walt handle “a knife like that”.
The hunting knife was about the size of a kitchen knife used for carving meat.

Michael acted as if it were a grenade.

How can a responsible parent act that way? For generations, boys much younger than Walt have been given knives (Walt was 10 years old at the time). They were taught how to handle them safely and use them properly, and no harm befell them because of it.
It might be argued that Michael was just looking for a reason to criticize Locke. While that may be true, it still doesn’t explain why he would blow up a non issue like this.

He might as well have said to Locke “What are you doing? Are you trying to make a man out of my son?! I want him to grow up to be a pussy who is scared of his own shadow. I want him to avoid books for fear of getting paper cuts while turning pages. I want him to whimper and cower in the corner, unable to fend for himself, dependent upon others for his most basic needs.”
Sounds silly doesn’t it? Well so does Michael.

Perhaps Michael was projecting, afraid Walt would become as irresponsible and unsafe with a knife as he himself seemed to be. After taking the knife away from Walt and sending him back to the home camp, Michael began angrily lecturing Locke, waving and extending his arm toward Locke, using the knife to make his point, so to speak. Perhaps Michael knew he could not trust himself to control his emotions and behave responsibly.  But that is an argument for letting a more responsible adult raise Walt. The knife is not the problem.

Michael threatens Locke hunting knife

Toward the end of the episode we see Walt cornered behind the hanging roots of a large tree, a polar bear (oddly out of place on the island) threatening to claw his way through to him. Michael and Locke work their way into position to pull him up into the tree to safety. Michael then tosses the knife down to Walt, telling him, “if he gets near you, use it!” And Walt does use the knife, appearing to give the bear a minor wound. I loved this scene, which showed us the importance of training a young person in the proper use of tools such as knives.
[I know Hollywood liberals in charge of the film industry like to rail against all sorts of weapons, as though they’re concerned about violent crime rates. They are loathe to hold individuals responsible for their behavior, and focus blame on objects instead. I think it is part of liberalism’s attempt to create a ‘religion free’ moral high ground. They need to display fake moral outrage over invented issues to compensate for their rejection of traditional moral standards. They refuse to hold people responsible for their actions (unless they are conservatives) and they reject the rule of law, preferring to pick and choose which laws to enforce, depending upon the people involved.  Under a cloak of fake morality, they vilify and blame weapons to avoid dealing with the criminal and immoral behavior of their constituents.
To work in Hollywood one must go along with the PC attitudes, and espouse the political positions which the liberal execs hold. Perhaps this is why Michael had to pretend the knife was ipso facto dangerous to Walt.]

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