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Society’s double standards in the wake of recent atrocities


Waking up to the news yesterday morning that two mosques had been attacked and 40 people had been murdered was awful, just awful.

To hear that young children were gunned down while at the mosque with their parents was heart-breaking.

Some are already saying it is a false flag operation by the “New World Order” to remove firearms from the people and to stop criticism of mass immigration.  Others who have served in the armed forces are saying he was ex-military because of the way he dropped the spare ammunition and did not reload when in harm’s way. So much speculation and the bodies are not even cold.

Mainstream media and social media are out in full force condemning the attack, rightly so, but it has already been confirmed that right-wing extremists were behind the killings.

Yet when Muslims kill and shout ‘Allah Akbar’ the motive is never clear and the police, media and other apologists are quick to diagnose the terrorist as suffering from mental health issues.

The word of this terrorist is taken as gospel when he named his inspiration and motivation.  Everyone seems to be happy to blame conservative figures around the world as somehow inspiring this appalling act.  Yet when a Jihadi explains his act is purely down to religion, these same people do not want to know.  There’s no interest in looking at schools, mosques, family etc. to understand how he may have become radicalised.

Already we are seeing an offer of increasing security around mosques in London by Sadiq Khan.  Bear in mind that there are not enough officers to stop knife crime but Khan can magically find them to protect mosque-goers.

In Nigeria, on the 26th February of this year, at least 32 Christians were killed by jihadists, mainstream media and the usual suspects on social media were silent.

No breaking news, no non-stop coverage and interviews with Christian leaders.

And most certainly no offers of increasing security around churches in London by Sadiq Khan.

Does anyone remember the priest murdered in his Church, in France, by Muslim terrorists?

He was 85 years old, his name was Jacques Hamel and he was described as being a ‘warm, peaceful and charismatic man.’

Did we witness a worldwide outrage when a Muslim terrorist shouting “Allah Akhbar” killed him by slitting his throat?

This is what angers people, this double standard that exists in our society.

Watch and see how they use this attack to clamp down on any criticism of Islam and mass immigration.  As if they aren’t clamping down enough already.

“Don’t look back in anger’ was the mantra when children were killed in Manchester Arena terror attack.

Are we saying the same now children have been killed in the mosques in New Zealand or are we allowed to get angry just on this occasion?