Melbourne news: Woman who lied about rape to get her boyfriend killed is jailed

A woman who lied about being raped to convince a friend to shoot dead the man she planned to marry has been jailed for 21 years.

Yu Tung Lo, 29, was found guilty by a jury in February of murdering Bacchus Marsh father Paul Hogan in 2016, after manipulating another former fiance to do the killing in May 2016.

Lo incited Daniel Duhovic to kill the 48-year-old, taking steps prosecutors described as “highly manipulative and totally dishonest”.

‘Tracey’ Lo arrives at the Supreme Court, where she was jailed for a minimum of 17 years for lying that her fiance had repeatedly raped her and threatened his own daughter. (AAP)

Justice Paul Coghlan today jailed Lo for a minimum 17 years.

He said Lo was overheard by multiple people in the weeks before Mr Hogan’s murder, saying she wanted him dead, including in a message to Duhovic.

“Don’t talk silly stuff,” he responded.

“Nah, I seriously want him dead,” she replied.

Lo also referred to Mr Hogan as “it” in the messages and told Duhovic Mr Hogan had beaten her, repeatedly raped her and threatened his daughter.

She was previously engaged to Duhovic, and she and Mr Hogan had met with a marriage celebrant the day before his murder.

They planned to marry so she could stay in Australia.

Paul Hogan’s mother Val Hogan weeps outside court after the sentencing. (9news)

On May 24, after alleging Mr Hogan had repeatedly attacked her, she contacted Duhovic and warned him to “be careful, he got witness”, then later “it’s leaving the house now with its witness”.

Lo directed Duhovic to where Mr Hogan was, in the back of a van.

Mr Hogan was shot in the head at point blank range.

Duhovic and Lo fled after the shooting. He took the gun to be cleaned and she wiped her phone history in a failed attempt to delete messages.

She went to hospital and was interviewed by police about her rape claims and alleged threats to kill her and her family in Hong Kong.

Lo denied knowing about Mr Hogan’s death.

“Very simply, you tried to lie your way out of your involvement in this crime,” the judge said.

Lo later admitted lying about never willingly having sex with Mr Hogan and about the last time she saw him, and pleaded guilty to perjury.

Justice Coghlan accepted the relationship was tumultuous but not that Lo was raped.

Outside court, Mr Hogan’s mother Val Hogan said the sentence was “not enough”.

“It will never get my son back, but it’s the best I could expect,” she said.

“I have worked tirelessly for three years hoping that she would get a big sentence because she was the ringleader, she lied so much.”

She finished her statement by thanking the court, and God.

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Source: Melbourne news: Woman who lied about rape to get her boyfriend killed is jailed

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1 Response to Melbourne news: Woman who lied about rape to get her boyfriend killed is jailed

  1. topcat1957 says:

    It’s a crazy world. Toxic feminism at work there. Believe women? Women don’t lie? What about all the times they do lie? What about all those cases in which they are forced to confess they lied about being raped? Like this one?

    That lady should not get out of prison. She is too evil.


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