Psychologists: Children Should Undergo Irreversible Gender-Transition Surgery Without Parental Consent | The Daily Wire
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A top psychology group representing 24,000 psychologists in Australia claims children should neither have to get parental consent nor undergo mandatory counseling to undergo irreversible gender-transition surgeries. 

The Australian Psychological ­Society (APS), according to a report from The Australian, “says the disapproval of both parents should not inhibit a child under 16 from consenting to procedures,” The Daily Mail reported last week.  

The top group argued that children suffering from gender confusion would be assessed by “competent” doctors, which would apparently trump any parental reservations. 

The APS made the claims in an unpublished law reform submission, according to The Australian. 

“It was only last year transgender children needed to seek the approval of the Family Court to have irreversible surgery,” The Daily Mail noted. “The APS’ stance comes from questions floated by the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute,” which is “in the process of reviewing legislation which allows teenagers over 16 to change their gender identity on their birth certificate.”

The group of psychologists also argued that “mandatory pre-surgery counselling is often ‘an unnecessary burden’ on the child,” noted The Daily Mail. 

“The APS said the child’s gender identity had likely already experienced ‘considerable medical oversight,’” The Daily Mail continued. “Parents who disapprove of their children’s medical treatment pose a ‘significant barrier’ for the child, it said.”

Looking to skirt dissenting parents, the APS suggested hospitals and advocacy groups petition courts. Additionally, the group argued that children should have access to legal counsel in order to seek authorization for their own gender-related treatments.

With the mounting reports of gender-transition “regret,” the advice from the APS is particularly troubling. As highlighted by The Daily Wire on Monday, a recent Sky News report detailed accounts of young people who have detransitioned.

Born a biological female, Charlie Evans, 28, viewed herself as male for almost ten years before deciding to detransition. Evans told Sky News she’s spoken to “hundreds” of young people, mostly same-sex attracted women, who also regret their gender transitions. The young woman has encountered an “online community of 5,000 in a similar position,” according to the report. 

“I’m in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn’t, and their dysphoria hasn’t been relieved, they don’t feel better for it,” Evans told Sky News, adding, “I think some of the common characteristics are that they tend to be around their mid-20s, they’re mostly female and mostly same-sex attracted, and often autistic as well.”

“They don’t know what their options are now,” she explained.

One of the women who reached out to Evans began her gender transition at the young age of 13. “After taking testosterone her voice got a lot deeper, she grew facial hair and her body changed. She had been planning to have surgery to remove her breasts this summer,” Sky News reported.

Now, at 21, the young woman, who only wished to be identified as “Ruby,” wants to try to undo the damage done to her body and live as a female. 

“I didn’t think any change was going to be enough in the end and I thought it was better to work on changing how I felt about myself, than changing my body,” she said. 

As noted by Sky News, pushback against irrevocably changing a gender-confused child has been largely deemed “transphobic.” 

Source: Psychologists: Children Should Undergo Irreversible Gender-Transition Surgery Without Parental Consent | The Daily Wire

-A Swedish study found that patients who undergo gender transition surgery are 19 times as likely to commit suicide. Does it really make sense to do away with mandatory counseling for these children? It seems the trans children are less important to the transgender advocates than their social engineering campaign.

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