Ukraine Pulls Back Curtain On Biden – Claims Burisma Paid The Vice President Over $900,000 For Lobbying

By Adam Casalino|October 10, 2019

Biden should be sweating now!

Take a look at this huge development in the Biden case that the media is conveniently ignoring.

We are now learning about a huge accusation leveled at—not Hunter Biden—but Joe himself.

It’s common knowledge that the former Vice President’s son was working for a Ukrainian company. At the same time, Biden pressured the country to fire a man investigating the company.

A pretty clear conflict of interest. Yet, Democrats just looked the other way. When Donald Trump wanted answers, they tried to impeach him!

But the evidence is stacking up that Joe had a very chummy relationship with groups within Ukraine.

According to this bombshell report—he’s being accused of profiting off his ties in a big way.

From NY Post:

Derkach held a press conference earlier Wednesday in Kyiv where he claimed to have documents showing how Burisma Holdings paid Joe Biden the lobbying fees.

“Funds in the amount of $900,000 were transferred to the US-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners,” Derkach told reporters, referring to the investment company the younger Biden founded with Chris Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry.

Woah – a Ukrainian politician is now accusing Joe Biden of receiving $900,000 for “lobbying activities” from Burisma , which Derkach is claiming were routed to him through Seneca.

Burisma Holdings is the very same company his son was working for (and getting paid $50,000 a month).

Now, hang on, Biden claimed he had no clue what his son was doing. He even said he NEVER discussed Hunter’s work.

But now he’s accused of taking payments from the same company as Hunter was.

If this accusation doesn’t get you angry, it should.

Imagine if this was Donald Trump and one of his sons. If the Left even heard Trump was accused of taking $900,000 for “services,” right as he was threatening the Ukrainian government—they would have a field day.

Trump would be deemed immediately guilty just for the appearance of wrongdoing.

Remember, Biden admitted he threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid unless Ukraine fired the man investigating Burisma.

And this accusation would make this case much more than a conflict of interest. Is would cross so many lines.

But is the House investigating Biden? Is our media reporting on these facts? Of course not.

They are trying to convince you that it was Donald Trump breaking the law. Looks like Democrats are totally blind to anything their own party members are accused of.

It’s about time Joe, Hunter, and every last Democrat wrapped up in gets investigated, not Trump who was trying to investigate them.

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Source: Ukraine Pulls Back Curtain On Biden – Claims Burisma Paid The Vice President Over $900,000 For Lobbying

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12 Responses to Ukraine Pulls Back Curtain On Biden – Claims Burisma Paid The Vice President Over $900,000 For Lobbying

  1. J.H.morton says:

    Wonder why we’ve not seen this article reported in media.


    • topcat1957 says:

      Indeed. I believe well over 90% of the national media has a leftist bias. They are the propaganda ministry of the radical leftist Democrats in America. The Democrats have a favorite tactic for burying news of their crimes; they project them on Republicans. They play the old game “I will accuse my opponent of the crimes I’ve committed”, and with help from the media, this works fairly well for them.

      Consider the phony cries for impeaching the President. They claim Trump threatened to withhold aide to Ukraine unless they investigated Joe Biden and other possible criminal misconduct by Americans, particularly those seeking to illegally influence the election. That charge is baseless regarding Trump.

      However, there is video of Joe Biden bragging that he threatened to withhold $1 Billion in aid unless the Ukraine fired the prosecutor investigating the company Joe Biden was paid to lobby for, and which paid his son Hunter $50,000 per month. And as this article reports, Ukraine officials support that version of events, while exonerating Trump. So there is solid evidence that Biden is guilty of the charge they are falsely laying against Trump.

      I believe they use this tactic to confuse the public, most of which has little time or inclination to read up on the issues on their own. By airing the false “projections”, the false claims about Trump, most of the public will assume any mention of leveraging the Ukraine by withholding aide is a reference to Trump, even if the story is about Biden.

      It was not until I began to read foreign news sources, and conservative reporting not readily available in the American market that I realized just how consistently the Democrats use this tactic.

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      • Butch Toms says:

        Thanks for the information. It does not surprise me either. They have used this tactic for three years. They were promising to impeach Trump as soon as the election returns were in after the 2016 election.


      • topcat1957 says:

        Indeed Butch. In fact Pelosi commented after the impeachment vote that they had been working on this for the past 2 and a half years. Given that the conversation which is at the heart of the impeachment took place in the summer of 2019, it seems she has admitted that the impeachment was politically motivated.


  2. Randy says:

    Hmm if this were true and the Republicans controlled congress, why didn’t they do anything. Answer because it is probably not true. But let’s say for arguments sake it is. Could you get behind a law barring relatives from engaging in activities that would create a conflict of interest? Trumps kids are cutting deals it’s foriegn leaders that are netting them millions of dollars despite the emoluments clause.


    • topcat1957 says:

      I think the problem is not restricted to just Joe and Hunter Biden. There are Republicans who also profited from deals with the Ukrainians. So, while I can’t say for sure what goes on in the halls of Congress, I imagine there may be Republicans who also don’t want an investigation. I believe Mitt Romney is one who also got paid through the investment fund they used to pay American politicians. This could explain why he became such a vociferous opponent of Trump’s. He had been friendly with him before. Also, the Ukrainians have reported that while he was V.P., Joe Biden was a paid lobbyist for Burisma during the time period when he pressured the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma’s activities. That is a problem in and of itself. The issue of Hunter Biden getting paid by Burisma is, in and of itself, not illegal. But when his father as VP was also secretly getting paid, and threatening to withhold aide from the Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor (oddly this is similar to the false charge against Trump), then Hunter’s employment by Burisma looks suspicious, though not illegal. There is also the issue of diverted American monies given to the Ukraine during this time period. The Obama Ukraine embassy asked Ukraine not to investigate a missing $5 billion during this time period. There is much to investigate there, in addition to possible interference in our election by the Ukrainians.


    • Inspcowboy says:

      The difference is that the Trump “kids” are and have been working for the Company and making deals with foreign companies for years before Trump was president and have a background in said industry. Is everyone related to a POTUS supposed to quit their jobs?
      Biden has no background in energy and was specifically placed in his position on the board to gain favor from his dads position as VP. That said this article was about Biden himself getting money from Barisma and if this is just getting out due to the investigation in Ukraine how could the house while under GOP majority investigate if it wasn’t known till now?
      I don’t care who is committing corruption in our Gov. or what side of the isle they are on!
      If it’s happening it needs to be stopped and the perp arrested and tried. If found guilty, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law! In order to quell this type of behavior! This OBVIOUS Bias with the dems has got to be stopped. It hurts the party and the Country! It creates division and foments anger. We should all agree that corruption should not have a place among our Tax paid representatives!

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      • topcat1957 says:

        Agreed. There is some evidence that Mitt Romney may have been paid through the same investment firm apparently used as the vehicle to deliver monies from Burisma to American politicians. I want each and every one of the corrupt officials involved to be investigated, exposed, and to face justice. I know of no other way to fight the corruption, and the theft of taxpayer money. Foreign aid and foreign military aid is reportedly sometimes diverted to corrupt politicians. A great number of politicians enter office with relatively meager wealth but become multi millionaires while in office. Sometimes insider trading, legal for members of congress, is the vehicle, but there are other ways for these corrupt officials to profit, such as diversion of foreign aid. I don’t care which party they belong to, I want them caught and punished.


  3. Cynthia ferrell says:

    I felt all along the dema were going after president trump so hard to cover up what they the dens was realy up to and doing. A look at them and not me syndrom

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  4. Judy Lallerstedt says:

    This is all about defeating President Trump in 2020 and establishing a Socialist Globalist Liberal State. They just want to bring the country down. The Democrats know that they have to defeat Trump before they can achieve their misguided dream. MAGA!

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  5. Paul Jagminas says:

    wel i hope the rule of law will come threw if they dont get arrested for there crimes america will never trust goverment again……never


    • topcat1957 says:

      Agreed. In fact, people see that the first President to tackle this kind of corruption and massive embezzlement has been hit with false charges of doing things similar to what those corrupt politicians are guilty of doing, and it is disheartening to say the least. It is an old tactic called “I will accuse my opponent of the crimes I myself am guilty of”. It distracts attention, and delays any investigation of the real culprits. But I don’t think they can get away with it. I pray the guilty parties are brought to face justice.


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