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Barack Obama: America Must Embrace Communism – Your News Wire

Former President Obama has argued that we must change our economic system and embrace elements of communist ideology including “universal basic income”, the policy where the government grants citizens an income to live on. While delivering remarks Tuesday at the 16th … Continue reading

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Enthralled by Cultural Marxism

Four Horsemen of The Frankfurt School By Chuck Morse  –  January 2002 Links with multiple references to Marxism: Kurt Lewin: “Group Decision and Social Change” Using dissatisfaction as a tool in social transformation Bloody Utopian Dreams, Part I: Hammer … Continue reading

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Vasili Mitrokhin, 81; Copied KGB Spy Files – latimes

Vasili Mitrokhin, the KGB archivist who for 12 years secretly made notes from the Russian spy agency files until he defected to Britain in 1992, has died. He was 81. Mitrokhin died of pneumonia Jan. 23, the British government announced. … Continue reading

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Nature of the Current Liberal Threat

Liberals are demanding despots as O’Rourke said. Liberal politicians are petulant tyrants, vindictive, unethical, demagogues who act injured and insulted when expected to obey the law themselves. Anyone who frustrates their assumption of dictator status is soon the recipient of … Continue reading

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A Message to the Angry Leftists from an American Infantryman – Gruntworks11b

I know you don’t know me. I know you don’t even think about me and when you do, it’s probably not anything nice. I’m the evil hegemonically masculine patriarchal oppressor to you feminists. I’m the jackbooted statist thug to you … Continue reading

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Corrupting One’s Self is the Ultimate Morality in Pursuit of Utopia

(Though I don’t agree with this assessment of Donald Trump, the analysis of the Left’s manipulation of mass belief is well done) As we draw closer to the day that many of us hope will end the outright assault on liberty, … Continue reading

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Socialism & Communism are Hoaxes – False Collective Rights are Replacing Legitimate Individual Rights 

It’s plain and simple. Every political ideology that supports collectivism over the liberty and rights of each and every individual citizen is a hoax. Socialism and Communism have proven to be total failures. Social Liberalism, as the Democrats practice and … Continue reading

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