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Thomas Jefferson said Our Constitution and Islam won’t work together

Our Constitution and Islam have not interfaced for 275 years, on purpose By Dick Morris Former political advisor to Bill Clinton and Hillary For those who care enough about our future, take the time to READ! OR……. continue sticking your head up your butt! A 275 … Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Obama Is Not Just Unfit As Commander In Chief — He’s Guilty Of Treason | RedFlag News

by Bethany Blankley, WESTERN JOURNALISM  Governor Bobby Jindal recently asserted that Barack Obama “is unfit to be commander in chief.” He’s half right. America’s situation is dire because Obama is also guilty of aiding, abetting, harboring, and funding known enemies to America. … Continue reading

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President George Washington Structured The Militia System To Prevent Treason And Tyranny By Public Officials! | Political Vel Craft

On September 17, 1787 George Washington was the first to sign and accept the Constitution even though it had no Bill of Rights. It was Patrick Henry with his great speeches and lectures who in 1788 forced an agreement which … Continue reading

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Get your State Militia revitalized before it’s too late! « Publius-Huldah’s Blog

In all questions respecting the Militia, Dr. Edwin Vieira is the authority.  In the 7 minute video below, Dr. Vieira  shows us the difference between the State Militia and the State national guard. I’m going through Title 58 of the … Continue reading

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