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Muslim Migrant Savagely Beats Gorgeous White Teen For 1 ‘Offensive’ Word She Tells Him – AFT Media

July 31, 2018Kevin Stockwell While enjoying a night out with friends, a beautiful teen girl was brutally beaten bloody by an outraged migrant. Disturbingly, it seems the attack was launched when she said one simple word that deeply offended him. … Continue reading

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Feminist researcher invents ‘intersectional quantum physics’ to fight ‘oppression’ of Newton – The College Fix

‘Binary and absolute differences’ are ‘exploitative’ A feminist academic affiliated with the University of Arizona has invented a new theory of “intersectional quantum physics,” and told the world about it in a journal published by Duke University Press. Whitney Stark argues … Continue reading

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Saudis shut down camel urine shop: owner was selling his own urine

DECEMBER 22, 2015 12:21 PM BY ROBERT SPENCER Some hadiths depict Muhammad touting the medicinal benefits of drinking camel urine. This one also shows him in his full compassionate, merciful glory: “The climate of Medina did not suit some people, … Continue reading

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10 reasons to oppose illegal immigration protection policies

by Patrick Briney, Ph.D, President Arkansas Republican Assembly Issued: Patrick Briney, President ARRA, Feb. 26, 2007 It is the duty of government to protect and secure the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of its citizens. The Immigration and Naturalization … Continue reading

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The Origins of Political Correctness

February 5, 2000, Bill Lind, An Accuracy in Academia Address by Bill Lind Variations of this speech have been delivered to various AIA conferences including the 2000 Consevative University at American University Where does all this stuff that you’ve heard … Continue reading

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Leftist mobs silence foes at Berkeley, where free speech movement was born

February 2, 2017  by John Kass The other day I wrote a column about the need for originalist conservatives on the Supreme Court to limit the ever-expanding power of our Imperial Presidency. And in it, I mentioned President Donald Trump … Continue reading

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You Are Still Crying Wolf | Slate Star Codex

(Scott Alexander opposes Trump. He wrote this article for liberals who continue to sling the racism charge against Trump and his supporters, making the case that they are wrong. The author does display bias against Trump, as when he repeats … Continue reading

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