The Tortured Logic of Kamala Harris

The question of whether torture is immoral does not have quite the yes or no answer that California Senator and posturing Democratic presidential wannabe Kamala Harris implied it had during the questioning of CIA nominee Gina Haspel. Classic torture is the intentional infliction of excruciating pain and permanent injury. Merely pouring water down the nostrils of a terrorist does not meet that classic definition.

And yes, who is doing it matters. Brutalizing an American prisoner of war to get information to be used to kill more Americans is immoral. Making a Khalid Sheik Muhammed think you might actually drown him, which you have absolutely no intention of doing, to save American lives by disclosing future plans and plots is not an immoral purpose.

Extracting needed information by such methods from the likes of a Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the man who decapitated Daniel Pearl before turning passenger jets into manned cruise missiles, is not an immoral choice What about the choices the murderous and soulless Mohammed, who Kamala Harris turned into a victim, forced his genuine victims to make? As far as we know, Sen. Harris, no terrorists were ever forced to choose death by incineration or jumping out of a 100-story building.

One wonders what Harris would recommend if a terrorist planted a nuke set to go off in an hour in Washington, D.C. Would we tell him (or her): “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you. You have the right to an attorney. Now, please, tell us where you planted the nuke.” In that situation few Americans would be unwilling to attach the battery cables to the prisoner’s privates. Sometimes the end does justify the means.

We need to distinguish between what is torture and what is not. Sawing off Nicholas Berg’s head was torture. Saddam’s routine practice of putting dissidents into tree shredders feet first was torture. Forcing prisoners to listen to Christina Aguilera is not.

Waterboarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his two companions saved lives, as documented by CIA and Senate  intelligence investigators in 2014:

In particular, the CIA said that al-Qaeda captives who broke under interrogation disclosed the name of bin Laden’s courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti. By tracking this individual, the CIA was able to locate bin Laden’s own hideout in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad.

A statement from the CIA said that information “obtained from detainees played a role, in combination with other streams of intelligence, in finding Osama bin Laden”.

In particular “detainees in CIA custody” gave up intelligence that “fundamentally changed” the CIA’s assessment of Abu Ahmed’s “potential importance to our hunt for bin Laden”.

One wonders what Harris thinks about Obama’s reliance on Predator drone strikes to deal with terrorists, rather than capturing them to gather intelligence. Was that program favored by the Nobel Peace Prize winner immoral? The silence from the Harrises of the world spoke volumes:

There are lots of hypocrisies surrounding the recently released executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program. But they pale in comparison to the current Democratic silence about President Barack Obama’s policy of targeted drone assassinations….

How is assassinating a suspected terrorist — and anyone unfortunate enough to be in his general vicinity — with a drone missile morally or legally different from waterboarding a confessed terrorist at Guantanamo Bay? At least the waterboarded suspect survives the ordeal.

The Senate Intelligence Committee report failed to disprove the CIA’s contention that only three detainees were waterboarded. A small number of detainees were subject to sleep disturbance or excessive temperatures. In contrast, drone strikes ordered by Obama may have assassinated thousands.

Fighting terrorism is different when a Republican president is doing it. Democratic presidents are tough. Republican presidents and their nominees are cruel and immoral. Fighting terrorism is a nasty business and the results and methods must be effective We may never use such techniques again but then we may have to.

Harris does not appreciate the fact that but for the grace of God and the heroes of Flight 93 there might not be a U.S. Senate for her to pontificate in. And but for enhanced interrogation techniques many more would have fallen victim to terrorist evil, including some of her constituents.

Daniel John Sobieski is a freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in Investor’s Business DailyHuman EventsReason Magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.

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Source: The Tortured Logic of Kamala Harris

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Is Homeland Security Planning On Rounding Up Independent Journalists? – Survival Institute

If you’re reading this site, it’s probably safe to say that you have a healthy distrust of the mainstream media. And with good reason. There have been numerous cases where the mainstream national media have been caught intentionally slanting information in reporting to support their preferred narrative and other cases of simply refusing to report on a newsworthy situation that doesn’t fit their preferred narrative.

Now, the Federal government is making this whole situation even worse and is raising fears that they are looking at rounding up citizen journalists who are not part of the mainstream media wall of noise.

What is causing this concern? The Chicago Sun-Times gives us the details:

The Department of Homeland Security wants to track the comings and going of journalists, bloggers and other “media influencers” through a database.

The DHS’s “Media Monitoring” plan, which was first reported by, would give the contracting company “24/7 access to a password protected, media influencer database, including journalists, editors, correspondents, social media influencers, bloggers etc.” in order to “identify any and all media coverage related to the Department of Homeland Security or a particular event.”

The database would be designed to monitor the public activities of media members and influencers by “location, beat and influencers,” the document says.

The chosen contractor should be able to “present contact details and any other information that could be relevant including publications this influencer writes for, and an overview of the previous coverage published by the influencer.” [hat tip to here for the lead]

The Sun-Times story goes on to say that the DHS database would be able “to track 290,000 news sources including online, print, broadcast and social media.”

Now, why would the DHS even need this tracking ability? There seems little doubt that, if they even bother to try to justify it, the DHS will say that it’s to protect us from fake news and from media manipulation by other governments.

The problem with that is that the Federal government is already one of the worst about producing fake news. For proof of that, all we need to do is look at the controversy over the idea of Russian interference with the intention of electing Trump in the most recent Presidential election even though the entire FBI investigation was based upon admittedly unverified and intentionally biased information provided indirectly by the Hillary Clinton campaign to the FBI.

Love Trump or hate Trump, this whole FBI investigation is, in essence, a witch hunt cooked up to make Trump look bad and get him removed from office. Even if you hate him, you should be looking for truthful news stories for that purpose.

So, even after this giant FBI mess, now the DHS wants to go after independent journalists because they might be reporting fake news? That’s simply the pot calling the kettle black, and history says that it will be used to censor dissenting opinions. The round up of those dissenting voices often isn’t far behind the implementing of the initial censorship.

If you care about independent media, you should contact your representatives and the White House to demand that this database doesn’t happen.

Source: Is Homeland Security Planning On Rounding Up Independent Journalists? – Survival Institute

[This is the typical means by which leftist government seeks to control and influence what the public believes. By seeking to label truth as ‘fake news’ and presumably to censor it outright, the deep state, via leftist government institutions and their shills in the main stream media can continue to push their fake news stories and slanted coverage unopposed. Independent journalists have made inroads on the monopoly of the main stream media giants through the Internet. The deep state and their leftist puppets in government and the media find this intolerable; they are beginning to attack those who threaten their stranglehold over ‘news’ coverage.]

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Judge Ellis Lays Legal Foundation for Surveillance State, Clinton Exoneration, and Mueller’s Exit – Patriots for Truth

Judge Ellis Lays Legal Foundation for Surveillance State, Clinton Exoneration, and Mueller’s Exit

This opinion of Judge T. S. Ellis, III is very clever sleight of hand. The charges were dropped, but this opinion is forever. This is a “clean up” document for legal precedents the Deep State believed they needed in establishing the Surveillance State.

There was NO NEED FOR THIS OPINION IN THIS CASE.  Instead, the case was a vehicle to get all these subjects slipped in neatly in 68 pages of verbosity!

Thomas S. Ellis, III Aug. 09, 2006 MEMORANDUM OPINION

  1. Opened the door for Hillary’s exoneration by Comey for lack of willfulness in prosecutor opinion only (judge washed his hands of that on p. 67)
  2. Opened the door for First Amendment Free Speech rights to be curbed by the government itself… in the name of national security
  3. Opened the door to allow Communists to be employed by the federal government
  4. Opened the door to liberal interpretations of Free Speech protection in view of the emerging police state’s desire to label everything and everyone as a potential national security risk in order to take away their First Amendment rights.

So, why did Ellis write this voluminous 68-page Memorandum on Aug. 09, 2006?

US v. Steven J. Rosen, Keith Weissman (Aug. 09, 2006). MEMORANDUM OPINION Doc. No. 337, 05-cv-00225-TSE (ED Virginia 2005) (Judge Thomas S. Ellis, III). Alan Dershowitz called it “the worst case of selective prosecution I have seen in 42 years of legal practice” (Wikipedia: Jerusalem Post, January 31, 2006). Seealso Neil A. Lewis, David Johnston. (May 01, 2009). U.S. to Drop Spy Case Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists. The New York Times.

Clues to Judicial Mischief: Whenever judges are covering themselves, they often write dense footnotes that they add at the last minute after their underlings have completed their “final” drafting, usually to insert something they forgot or to escape liability for lack of “judicial discretion.”

ellis 10

Government imposed restrictions on Free Speech

Note: Ellis made 80 references to the First Amendment.

Ellis 11.JPG

Beware of long footnotes in judicial opinions. The devil is in that detail (otherwise, they wouldn’t stuck them in).

Ellis gives quarter to Communists to be employed in the federal government.

Ellis 12.JPG

p. 60. Tied Free Speech protections to alleged violations of national security. That is, anyone doing anything defined as being in the national interest can have their First Amendment rights restricted.

Defining all citizens as POTENTIAL combatants place the entire population under this interpretation.

Ellis 13.JPG

Note for below: Ellis used “willful” “willfully” and “willfulness” 33 times.

Ellis 14.JPG

Ellis 15.JPG

Ellis 16


This is a totally fishy docket and flurry of activity to cover for the government. The entire purpose of this lawsuit appears to have been to give T.S. Ellis III and opportunity to slip in his voluminous 68-page Memoradum Opinion that was never used in the case, but did memorialize “willfulness” and First Amendment Free Speech curbs for posterity. It also opened the door for the government to start hiring Communists.

It also appears to have been an opportunity for the shadow government media to slip in their support for censorship in the name of free speech in line with Ellis’s flaccid opinion.

It is curious that none of the media Memorandums in Support are available on the docket. So much for Free Speech.

Ellis 18

Here are additional documents in the case, none of which are available on PACER besides the voluminous docket. AFI / AIM super sleuths found other non-judicial copies)

US v. Lawrence A. Franklin, Steven J. Rosen, Keith Weissman (Aug. 09, 2006). MEMORANDUM OPINION Doc. No. 337, 05-cv-00225-TSE (ED Virginia 2005) (Judge Thomas S. Ellis, III). Alan Dershowitz called it “the worst case of selective prosecution I have seen in 42 years of legal practice” (Wikipedia: Jerusalem Post, January 31, 2006). See also Neil A. Lewis, David Johnston. (May 01, 2009). U.S. to Drop Spy Case Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists. The New York Times.

Complaint. (May 03, 2005). Doc. No. 1, U.S. v. Franklin et al (Lawrence A. Franklin, Steven J. Rosen, Keith Weissman), 05-mj-00309-BRP, 05-cr-00225-TSE (ED VA) (Judge Thomas S. Ellis, III).

Docket.(Accessed May 08, 2018). U.S. v. Franklin et al (Lawrence A. Franklin, Steven J. Rosen, Keith Weissman), 05-mj-00309-BRP, 05-cr-00225-TSE (ED VA) (Judge Thomas S. Ellis, III).

Notice all the Deep State shadow government media agencies that weighed in on this case… (Wow, what attention!) likely to muddy the waters and give the FBI Deep State beta-humans deniability when Ellis/FBI dropped the charges later:

  1. AMCHA
  2. Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
  3. ABC, Inc.
  4. American Society of Newpapers
  5. The Associated Press
  6. Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
  7. Newspaper Association of America, Inc.
  8. The Newspaper Guild, Communications Workers of America
  9. Radio-Television News Directors Association
  10. Reuters America LLC
  11. Society of Professional Journalists
  12. Time, Inc.
  13. The Washington Post
  14. Heart Corp. USA


Need more background on Judge Ellis? See the link below for more Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence Media intel:

Judge Ellis

Thomas S. Ellis, III’s Deep State Pedigree Exposed


Source: Judge Ellis Lays Legal Foundation for Surveillance State, Clinton Exoneration, and Mueller’s Exit – Patriots for Truth


The above article suggests that opinion of Judge Ellis lays a foundation for the erosion of our rights, while it avoids commenting on the guilt or innocence of the defendants. I reprinted the article because it raises what I believe are important questions about rouge jurists’ opinions which chip away at our fundamental rights. I am not an attorney and don’t presume to offer an opinion. But the suggestions made in this article are troubling and need to be examined by those more knowledgeable than I.

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Don’t Believe The BackTrack – Feds WERE Wiretapping Cohen To Conduct Surveillance On President Trump –

The news broke and then both outrage from Trump supporters and glee from Trump detractors, ensued. 

The problem for federal investigators is the initial NBC story revealed potential and very significant illegalities in what they were doing. A swift call was made. NBC updated the story and now the Mueller investigation holds its breath hoping it dodged a potential bullet.



All evidence as originally detailed by the NBC report points to the federal government using a president’s longtime personal attorney to surveil a sitting president. Such a move is unprecedented. If this had been done during the Obama years the Establishment Media mob would be demanding jail time for the offenders and the Justice Department would be moving double-time to accommodate them.

The Cohen/Trump surveillance wasn’t just phone calls – it was allegedly ALL electronic communications as outlined by NBC – an outline NBC is now desperate to hope people will forget. Note how the information is said to be undeniable fact. Why is that? Most likely because it came from the same Mueller sources that have been leaking to NBC and other media outlets since its illegal investigation into President Trump began: (see below)



The Deep State was caught by its own eagerness to push its anti-Trump media-driven narrative.

If Jeff Sessions were acting anything close to a real Attorney General, he would be calling in any and all associated with the Trump witch hunt and proceeding with a scorched earth shutdown and then following up with charges filed against the investigators – including Robert Mueller.



Source: Don’t Believe The BackTrack – Feds WERE Wiretapping Cohen To Conduct Surveillance On President Trump –

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FBI Docs Catch Comey In ANOTHER Lie – Clinton Email Server Compromised By Unauthorized Source. –

When he was FBI Director James Comey told Congress and the American people that Hillary Clinton’s (illegal) private email server was not hacked.

That was a lie. Comey’s own FBI said as much. This lie reveals yet further proof of the high-ranking cover-up that was underway on Clinton’s behalf and why the Deep State remains so determined to destroy Donald Trump. It’s this kind of information they don’t want getting out.


Source: FBI Docs Catch Comey In ANOTHER Lie – Clinton Email Server Compromised By Unauthorized Source. –

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Fear of the Left: The Most Powerful Force in America Today – Dennis Prager

The dominant force in America and many other Western countries today is fear of the left.

This is a result of the fact that the most dynamic religion of the past 100 years has been neither Christianity nor Islam. It has been leftism. Whoever does not recognize this does not understand the contemporary world.

Leftism — in its incarnations, such as Marxism, communism and socialism; expressed through egalitarianism, environmentalism and feminism; in its denigration of capitalism and Western civilization, especially America and Israel; in its supplanting of Christianity and Judaism; through its influence on Christianity and Judaism; in its celebration of race; and in its replacing of reason with romanticism — has almost completely taken over the news and entertainment media and institutions of education.

There is a largely (though not entirely) nonviolent reign of ideological terror in America. In almost every area of life, people fear antagonizing the left.

Last week, before my speech at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a man employed by the university (I will not say in what department) walked over to me, looked around to see whether anyone was watching and whispered in my ear, “I’m a conservative.”

This happens just about everywhere I speak. People whisper — yes, whisper — that they are conservative or they support Trump. The last time I experienced people looking around to check whether they were seen speaking to me was with dissidents in the Soviet Union.

People call my radio show from all over the country to say that their fellow musicians, nurses, teachers or employees do not know that they are conservative, let alone that they support the president.

I have called contemporary conservatives in America Marranos, the name given during the 15th-century Spanish Inquisition to Jews who hid their Judaism while appearing to be Catholics, lest they be persecuted. I do not compare the consequences: Losing one’s friends or employment is not the same as losing one’s home or one’s life. But otherwise, the label is apt.

Because of my widely covered conducting of the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra at the Walt Disney Concert Hall last summer, members of some of the most prestigious orchestras in America have opened up to me, telling me they are conservative but would never reveal this fact to their fellow musicians. They fear either losing their position or, more likely, being socially ostracized.

Why are so many Democrats shocked when a Republican is elected president? Because, as they themselves say, they “don’t know anyone” who voted for the Republican. The primary reason for this is the people in their life who voted for Donald Trump — professional colleagues, and even friends and relatives — are afraid to tell them.

There are two reasons the left labels most conservatives and all Trump supporters “white supremacists,” “neo-Nazis” and “racists.” One is to defeat conservatives without having to defeat conservative ideas. The other is to instill fear: Speak out and you will suffer the consequences.

Parents call my radio show and ask what they should tell their children at college when they ask whether they should risk receiving a lower grade for divulging their conservative politics in a paper or on an exam.

It is becoming more and more common for leftist mobs to gather in front of a conservative’s home, scream epithets at the conservative’s family members and vandalize the home. Just last week, the Associated Press reported: “Protesters are targeting the northern Virginia home of the National Rifle Association’s top lobbyist … Chris Cox … as well as his wife’s nearby decorating business. … Libby Locke, a lawyer for the Cox family, said the vandalism included spraying fake blood and defacing the home with stickers.”

Left-wing student mobs routinely take over the offices of university deans, professors and even presidents. The few non-left-wing professors on any campus understand their lives will be made miserable if they speak out. The widely reported case of liberal biology professor Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State College in Washington is directly on point.

In May 2017, professor Weinstein was surrounded by about 50 left-wing students, who screamed curses at him outside of his classroom for refusing to participate in an event during which white people were asked to leave the campus for a day.

On May 24, 2017, Weinstein tweeted: “the police told me I am not safe on campus. They can not protect me.”

Within a few months, left-wing students and the left-wing Evergreen administration made life so miserable for the lifelong liberal professor he left the university.

Since the left began spreading the lie that a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, shot a black youth because he, like most police officers, is a racist, police officers in many cities have feared taking proactive measures to prevent violent crime in black neighborhoods. They fear the left-wing mob known as the news media will ruin their reputation and end their career.

In the recent case of a Philadelphia Starbucks manager who asked two black men to purchase something before giving them the code to the restroom, Starbucks immediately appeased the left-wing mob. The company didn’t wait until any facts came out; it simply abandoned the manager and announced it would close every U.S. store one day in May to educate all Starbucks employees about “unconscious bias.”

These are only a few examples of the left-wing intimidation that dominates much of American life.

It does so in large measure because liberals are either too afraid to confront the left or they don’t understand that the American left, not the American right, is the mortal enemy of liberalism.

Source: Fear of the Left: The Most Powerful Force in America Today – Dennis Prager

This speaks to what a friend calls “effectively censorship leading to an oppressive atmosphere that stymies and even endangers the most fundamental freedom of all; the freedom to freely express yourself without fear of the bullying we see happening all throughout our society now.”

Though they call President Trump a “dictator” (without any evidence or cause), in fact these leftist neo-fascists are the real dictators, deciding what can and cannot be said, at least not without sanctions and repercussions.

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Children of mean, psychologically abusive mothers suffer well into adulthood: report

For those who grew up living with Mommy Dearest, Mother’s Day isn’t always a celebration. Adult victims of maternal abuse don’t have warm memories of spending time with a loving, supportive mother, and they may still suffer from low self-esteem and depression.

Many studies show when mothers criticize, humiliate and withhold their affection, the toll it takes can last for a lifetime, according to ABC News.

Women comprise 56% of all abusers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And of the various kinds of abuse, which include physical and sexual, the most common form is psychological.

“It happens a lot,” Columbia University clinical psychiatry professor Dr. Philip Muskin told ABC News. “Neglect and emotional abuse are every bit as damaging as sexual abuse.”

Psychological scars can last for a lifetime because kids look to a mother for a reflection of themselves, says psychiatrist Carole Lieberman. “If the mother is mean, the message to the child is that he is bad, worthless and unlovable,” she explains. “So that child grows up with this identity and expects the rest of the world to treat him like that, too. It affects them in their career and in their love life.”

Often the most vulnerable time of a person’s life is infancy and childhood, since the mom is at that point the primary nurturer.

“Freud was right in attributing a major responsibility to mothers in the culture as he knew it,” clinical psychologist Robert Simmons told ABC News. “This of course includes fathers and any others who are caretakers for the child. The fundamental question is whether the child experiences an environment that is predictable and not chaotic and feels emotionally and physically safe.”

One woman who recalls a tough childhood, whose first name is Leslie, says she and her sister would be spanked  by their mother with no warning. Of her mother, the 45-year-old Oregonresident  told ABC News, “She was very clever at using emotional abuse to get my sister and I to do what she wanted. The two emotions I remember growing up were fear and obligation.”

A single parent from MontereyCalif., called Wendy, had a mom who probably had a narcissistic personality disorder. “I felt like I grew up with no floor,” Wendy wrote to ABC “I thought there was something wrong with me a lot of the time.”

Having an abusive mom has a terrible effect on self-esteem, said psychologist Daniela Schreier of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. “You internalize the abuse and don’t trust yourself,” she said. “It can affect your self concept. There is also a heightened level of anxiety in a person who was abused by their mother. And they may doubt themselves in their relationship choices.”

But having suffering emotional abuse from a mother doesn’t necessarily mean being constrained to a lifetime of negative self-worth. It’s possible, though difficult, to move beyond a painful past, experts say.

“Through all the horror of growing up, some move on and marry, have a successful family,” Muskin told ABC News. “There are psychological factors that enable all of us to put things in perspective, to take responsibility for ourselves and to create the life we want.”

Forgiveness can be key in the healing process, said licensed clinical social worker Rona Bartelstone, who works at SeniorBridge, a national geriatric care management company.

“You may have to move on and make a happy mother’s day for yourself for other reasons,” she said. “People have to choose if they are going to stay angry or figure out how to change the pattern and make the choice to do something different with their own life. It sounds glib and easy, but it’s not. It can be like trying to unscramble an egg.”

[I reprinted this article here because the research involving abusive mothers is presently being buried. I am fortunate that my own mother was kind and loving toward me and I will always remember her with joy, and sadness at her absence. But not all children share my experience.

The feminist bias in the media prevents an open discussion of this problem. If it is mentioned at all it is blamed on “patriarchy”. Attempts to treat the sexes equally are often deemed “misogyny” or anti-women sentiment. But an honest and fair approach to the issues requires a disinterested examination of the facts and the research. Nothing should be buried, and nothing should be censored.]

Source: Children of mean, psychologically abusive mothers suffer well into adulthood: report

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