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Enthralled by Cultural Marxism

Four Horsemen of The Frankfurt School http://www.tysknews.com/Depts/society/cultural_marxism.htm By Chuck Morse  –  January 2002 Links with multiple references to Marxism: Kurt Lewin: “Group Decision and Social Change” Using dissatisfaction as a tool in social transformation Bloody Utopian Dreams, Part I: Hammer … Continue reading

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10 reasons to oppose illegal immigration protection policies

by Patrick Briney, Ph.D, President Arkansas Republican Assembly Issued: Patrick Briney, President ARRA, Feb. 26, 2007 It is the duty of government to protect and secure the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of its citizens. The Immigration and Naturalization … Continue reading

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The Individual vs. Globalism « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

By Jon Rappoport “Global solution” means the individual is cut out of the equation, he doesn’t count, he doesn’t mean anything in the larger scheme of things, he’s just another pawn and cipher to move around on the board. And … Continue reading

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The War on Whitey: How “Education” Is Fanning the Flames of Racial Division |

Posted by Daisy Luther Across the country, schools are causing even more racial division by teaching kids that being white isn’t okay. From kindergarten through college, kids are being shamed because of their “privilege.” They’re being taught to feel guilty … Continue reading

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Extreme Political Correctness Is Making Public School Education Pure Hell For America’s Children

  Political correctness is taking over America, and this is especially true when it comes to our public schools.  In the United States today, our public schools are being transformed into “Big Brother” training centers where virtually everything that our … Continue reading

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