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Hoax confirmed: ‘Whites Only’ sign at UW-Madison was part of protest for ‘underrepresented students’ | The College Fix(Black fraternity also filmed white students, then later protested the all white content of the video they created.)

‘[W]e have been informed that it was part of a protest by students of color’ The University of Wisconsin-Madison got fooled by yet another racial hoax. The administration alerted the community mid-morning Friday morning that a seemingly racist sign that … Continue reading

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Fake News: No, Three White Boys Did Not Pin Down A Black Girl And Cut Her Hair Last Week At Karen Pence’s School

Readers may have seen a story from the mainstream media last week floating around that a group of white boys held down a black sixth-grade girl and cut her hair while hurling racial slurs at Immanuel Christian School. Those same … Continue reading

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Religion and political ideals replaced with dogma that has turned beliefs into hate crimes  | Daily Mail Online

We are going through a great mass derangement. In public and in private, people are behaving in ways that are increasingly irrational, feverish, herd-like and unpleasant. The news is filled with the consequences. Yet while we see the symptoms everywhere, … Continue reading

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Victimism: The New Fighting Creed of Leftist Elites

By JASON JONES & JOHN ZMIRAK Published on March 24, 2018 •  Jason Jones & John Zmirak On Friday The Stream highlighted a campaign of vilification against Bethany Kozma. She’s a Trump appointee to a UN conference on women. And the LGBT machine is revved up to paint … Continue reading

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College hid evidence that accuser invented rape to get out of punishment for drinking: lawsuit | The College Fix

‘ ‘Jane Doe asked campus security if she could face discipline’ A Minnesota liberal arts school hid exculpatory evidence from a student it found responsible for sexual assault, even though it knew his accuser had ulterior motives, according to a … Continue reading

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What do race pimps do when they can’t find enough whites to label as “white supremacists?”  They ignore the race of the bad guy, they ignore the race of his victims, and they ignore the bad guy’s motivation for the … Continue reading

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Jussie Smollett’s high-profile STAGED HATE CRIMES (he is also being investigated for sending himself a racist letter) are merely the latest.  Since Trump was elected there have been more hate crime hoaxes than actual hate crimes. HATE CRIME HOAXES INCREASED AFTER TRUMP’S ELECTION … Continue reading

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