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Mark Alexander: Winning Elections the Democrat Way — The Patriot Post

“The more time that passes since Election Day, the better things keep looking for Democrats.” —Demo Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Mark Alexander · Nov. 14, 2018 “No Wall of words, no mound of parchment can be so formed as to … Continue reading

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EPA honors fake employee as an ‘ethical scholar’ | The Daily Caller

At the Environmental Protection Agency, employees don’t necessarily have to exist in order to be recognized for their accomplishments. “Richard Windsor,” the alias email account used by former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, was honored as a “scholar of ethical behavior” … Continue reading

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EPA Honors Fake Employee 

Just when you thought the federal government couldn’t get more ridiculous Richard Windsor may be the most famous Environmental Protection Agency employee. Oddly, he does not exist. “Windsor” is the e-mail alias that Lisa Jackson, former head of the EPA … Continue reading

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The Climate Change Racket is Doing Nothing but Making Liberals Rich ⋆ The Constitution

It is common for environmentalist anthropogenic global warming promoters to accuse “deniers” of being paid off by oil companies.  In spite of decades of such accusations they have produced no evidence, witnesses or documents.  In private money alone environmental groups … Continue reading

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Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer

By Ali Sina 2008/09/22 This article has been published in more than 1000 sites, erroneously attributing it to Dr. Vaknin. One person even wrote to me accusing me of plagiarism (double whammy?). Those sites are in error. If you find … Continue reading

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