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Middle Easterners Illegally Enter The United States Thru Ctrl. America

Panama and Costa Rica are chokepoints on the migrant trail followed by people from other continents seeking easier U.S. entry through our porous border with Mexico. By Todd Bensman JANUARY 2, 2019 In December 2018, the Center for Immigration Studies dispatched Senior … Continue reading

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Leaked Documents Prove Soros Working with UN Supporting Illegal Migrant Crisis | Neon Nettle

George Soros’ Open Society is working behind the scenes with the United Nations On Sunday, the United Nations admitted it is supporting the illegal immigrants and caravans from Central America, currently marching towards the US southern border.In another report, the … Continue reading

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Fake News: Barefeet, Diapers, and Teargas. | Global Liberty Media – The Counter Narrative

By Fu Kuo Han  – November 27, 2018 “These children are barefoot. In diapers.  Choking on teargas”  Fake news headline carried by the US mainstream media (aka MSM) this last week of November 2018. The flashing headlines says US CBP … Continue reading

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The UN Global Compact for Migration will damage Western civilisation

By JANICE ATKINSON  20 November 2018 The ‘Global Compact for Migration’, in the works since April 2017, is a rather hushed up plan to move large numbers of people from the third world to countries with a strong, sustainable economy. In other … Continue reading

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Author of 14th Amendment: ‘Removes All Doubt as to What Persons Are or Are Not Citizens’

Today, debate is raging in Congress over whether or not the 14th Amendment grants automatic citizenship to the children of illegal aliens born on U.S. soil – but, the author of the amendment said its intent couldn’t be clearer. On … Continue reading

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Democrats Fed Up Switching Sides

The election of Donald Trump shocked the establishment elite in America. A big reason for the defeat of Hillary Clinton was the defection of significant numbers of voters whom Democrats have long assumed would vote for their ticket. Why did … Continue reading

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Czech Prime Minister: ‘Illegal Immigration Is a Threat to European Civilisation’

Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš has condemned the past approach of Merkel’s Germany and the European Union to illegal immigration, branding it a “threat to European civilisation”. Andrej Babiš, a Slovak-origin populist and billionaire tycoon sometimes described as the ‘Czech … Continue reading

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