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What Were the Consequences of Black September?

byPierre Tristam  updated Jan. 2, 2018 The Jordanian civil war of September 1970, also known in the Arab world as Black September, was an attempt by the Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO) and the more radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) to topple … Continue reading

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Golan Heights, Did Israel Steal It From Syria, Aren’t They Breaking International Law annexing It?

Since Trump has come out and said that the US will recognize the Israeli de facto Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, we have been deluged with claims that this is just another move to expand Israel, they stole it from Syria, … Continue reading

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An Eloquent Response by a Scottish Professor to Israel Boycotters | United with Israel

Max Gelber August 2018 <img class="i-amphtml-intrinsic-sizer" src="data:;base64,” /> Dr. Denis MacEoin (Screenshot) Students at Edinburgh University voted to boycott Israel. A professor and expert on Middle East taught them, point by point, why they were so wrong. A must read! Dr. … Continue reading

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CNN Israel Fires All Jewish Journalists,Retains Only Muslims?

CNN slants coverage of Israeli and Palestinian News. MSJEEVES SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2012 Update at 8:30 PST:we just received the names of the four journalists that were fired: Moshe Cohen,editor,fired on january It is likely to provoke a wave of shock … Continue reading

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