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Delingpole: ‘Princess Pushy go Home’ – Britain Tires of Meghan Markle

JAMES DELINGPOLE 21 Oct 20192,970 5:57 Princess Pushy — aka former Suits actress Meghan Markle; aka the current Duchess of Sussex; aka Prince Harry’s missus — has been telling anyone who’ll listen how tough it is being a member of … Continue reading

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Petition launched to support embattled Villanova whistleblowers

A petition has been launched to support two Villanova University professors who alerted the nation that their institution has implemented a new method to keep tabs on scholars and their political correctness levels inside the classroom. The National Association of Scholars put … Continue reading

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Orwell’s 1984 No Longer Reads Like Fiction: It’s The Reality Of Our Times | Zero Hedge

Authored by Robert Bridge, op-ed via RT.com, 70 years ago, the British writer George Orwell captured the essence of technology in its ability to shape our destinies in his seminal work, 1984. The tragedy of our times is that we have failed to … Continue reading

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Big Social Media—The Enemy Of The People – Ares and Athena

Information Darkness Is Coming (Unless . . . ) By Ned Ryun Just over six years ago, I attended Google’s Political Innovation Summit in New York City. Over the course of the day, it dawned on me that, in the not-too-distant … Continue reading

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The woke go broke | Spectator USA

What’s the connection between shrinking profits and being vocally progressive? Damian Reilly November 2, 2018 8:16 AM   It could just be, two years on from the election of President Donald Trump, liberal America is finally arriving at the fifth … Continue reading

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Tom Wolfe’s BACK TO BLOOD—A Confederate Looks At Miami’s Cubans | VDARE – premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform

Remember last spring when the Main Stream Media kicked off the Obama re-election drive by inflating a local police blotter item—the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida—into the latest Hunt for the Great White Defendant? For Obama to win in … Continue reading

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The Origins of Political Correctness

February 5, 2000, Bill Lind, An Accuracy in Academia Address by Bill Lind Variations of this speech have been delivered to various AIA conferences including the 2000 Consevative University at American University Where does all this stuff that you’ve heard … Continue reading

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