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How an African-American Grandmother Enraged 1,000 Google Lefties | Frontpage Mag

Fighting for diversity by driving the highest-profile African-American woman out of Google. April 4, 2019   Daniel Greenfield 31 Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left … Continue reading

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Socialism’s Bloody History Shows Millennials Should Think Twice Before Supporting It

Socialism demands that we place blind trust in whoever takes the power to distribute society’s goods and services. History shows those who have this power abuse it in horrific ways. By Stella Morabito MARCH 15, 2016 Nikolai Bukharin was executed by shooting in Moscow … Continue reading

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Leftism – Not Just Wrong, But Evil | Frontpage Mag

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager once made an insightful distinction between the political left and right. The right, he noted, generally sees the left as wrong but not evil, whereas the left sees the right not merely as wrong but as … Continue reading

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Freedom’s Slow Decline

The State’s erosion of our rights is slow. steady, and incremental. Remember the story of the frog in a pot of water? Drop a frog in hot water and he will jump out, but put him in cool water and … Continue reading

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