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The Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia (And How to Use It) | Natrogix

Garcinia cambogia, also known as garcinia gummi-gutta and brindleberry, is a small pumpkin-looking fruit native to Indonesia. It contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is similar to citric acid in its structure. HCA’s weight loss properties were discovered in mice by … Continue reading

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“Racist Motherf*cker!” Georgia Vape Shop Employee Has Epic Meltdown Over Trump T-Shirt, Assaults Customer (VIDEO)

A clerk at Xhale City vape shop in Tucker, Atlanta went absolutely ballistic after a customer wearing a Trump t-shirt walked into the establishment. The pro-Trump customer was denied service and asked to leave the store while the vape shop … Continue reading

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Magnesium and the Brain: The Original Chill Pill | Psychology Today

Magnesium is a vital nutrient that is often deficient in modern diets. Our ancient ancestors would have had a ready supply from organ meats, seafood, mineral water, and even swimming in the ocean, but modern soils can be depleted of minerals and … Continue reading

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In Court, Steele Claimed His Dossier Was Meant to Help Hillary Challenge 2016 Election Results | Trending

BY DEBRA HEINE DECEMBER 17, 2018 Christopher Steele (Victoria Jones/PA Wire) The DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign funneled cash to ex-British spy Christopher Steele to help them “challenge the validity of the outcome” of the 2016 election in the event Clinton lost, … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerberg did everything in his power to avoid Facebook becoming the next MySpace – but forgot one crucial detail… • The Register

By Kieren McCarthy in San Francisco 20 Dec 2018 at 00:09 77  SHARE ▼ Comment Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Facebook, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and its COO Sheryl Sandberg, and its public relations people, and its engineers have lied. They have lied repeatedly. They … Continue reading

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Writer touted by CNN as ‘Journalist of the Year’ forced to resign for fabricating stories | Fox News

The German magazine Der Spiegel revealed Wednesday that one of its top award-winning journalists fabricated many of his articles, inventing characters, sources, and their quotes “on a grand scale” for many years. Claas Relotius, a reporter and editor, admitted to … Continue reading

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Bombshell! What State Dept URGENTLY Sent to Congress Hours Before Inauguration

By S.Noble  – December 15, 2018 Judicial Watch released two sets of heavily redacted State Department documents, 38 pages and 48 pages, showing classified information was sent to multiple U.S. Senators by the Obama administration IMMEDIATELY BEFORE President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The classified documents were sent … Continue reading

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Electoral Fraud: the Real Record

By Apolo Villalobos When Donald Trump was running for office, he raised the issue of fraudulent votes. As with everything else Trump has said, it was instantly attacked and ridiculed by the media. Since then, the idea has been dismissed by … Continue reading

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Study: Physically weak men more likely to be socialist, strong men more likely to be capitalist – TheBlaze

A new study from Brunel University London found that physically weaker men are more apt to believe in socialist policies, such as redistribution of wealth. Meanwhile, stronger men are more geared to believe in the capitalist concepts, such as the idea … Continue reading

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New NAFTA: Text of U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Revealed

(President Trump screwed up by agreeing to this, because it undermines American sovereignty. Citizens must write Congress and demand they declare the agreement unconstitutional.) Late Sunday night, Canada agreed to join the new renegotiated NAFTA — officially named the United … Continue reading

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