Ilhan Omar Tries Justifying Call To Boot Kavanaugh From SCOTUS With Constitution | Tea Party Pac

(Tea Party PAC) – Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has a well earned reputation for being an anti-Semite, has once again decided to play ball with the Democratic Party by jumping on their latest crusade to, for the second time, slander the name of SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Over the weekend, the New York Times ran a piece alleging that an eyewitness saw friends of Kavanaugh’s push his penis into the hand of a female student at a college party.

However, they later got busted for not including the fact that the student in question didn’t recall the incident and had to amend the piece to include this incredibly important piece of information.

As soon as this hit the Internet, folks started demanding that Kavanaugh be impeached, including Omar who said it’s our “Constitutional duty” to do so.

Isn’t that rich? A hardcore, Jew-hating leftist who wants government control of practically everything, suddenly caring about the Constitution?

Via Breitbart:

However, before the Times added what amounted to a walk-back of the new allegation, Democrats such as Omar began lining up for calls for Kavanaugh’s impeachment.

On Sunday she tweeted, “Nothing terrifies this corrupt president more than the idea of Congress upholding the rule of law. We must open impeachment inquiries against Trump *and* Kavanaugh immediately. It’s our constitutional duty”:

Ilhan Omar


Nothing terrifies this corrupt president more than the idea of Congress upholding the rule of law.

We must open impeachment inquiries against Trump *and* Kavanaugh immediately. It’s our constitutional duty. 

The Guardian


Trump blasts calls for impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh after new allegations 

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Omar has not commented or taken back her tweet as of Monday.
The Times piece was adapted from a forthcoming book by two Times journalists Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly titled The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation.

The walk-back of the allegation was prompted by backlash from conservative media commentators and journalists, led by The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, who had received an early copy of the book and noted that the book itself said that the alleged victim did not recall the incident.

After the Times acquiesced in an “Editors’ note,” the paper was criticized by the right and the left for omitting the important detail that the alleged female victim did not recall the incident.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough questioned why the Times originally left out that the alleged victim could not recall the episode.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” he said Monday, according to the Washington Examiner. “We were on the phone yesterday asking each other, wait a second, there’s a woman who [Max] Stier claims was abused by Kavanaugh. Has she denied this? Has she claimed this happened? Why is there this glaring omission in the New York Times story?”

“I could not believe the New York Times would write this piece without that information contained in it,” he added.

The Times piece also failed to mention that the person making the new allegation, Max Stier, had served on former President Bill Clinton’s defense team during impeachment proceedings. Kavanaugh had served on independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s team.

Gee, it’s almost like the New York Times has some sort of agenda and narrative they want to push in order to help Democrats gain an upper hand in the federal government and steal more power from the American people.

Which is precisely what they want. The mainstream media these days is all about that propaganda, having forsaken the standards of ethical journalism long ago, trading it for pushing the progressive agenda, which the vast majority of Americans don’t actually want, believing they know what’s better for us than we do.

Omar is just another politician looking to play the game and advance her career, which is why she tows the party line so closely, only daring to come away from it in her boldness to slam Israel.

We have to make sure these folks are shut down come 2020.


Source: Ilhan Omar Tries Justifying Call To Boot Kavanaugh From SCOTUS With Constitution | Tea Party Pac

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Ilhan Omar’s Response To Deleted Tweet And Reporter Reveals She’s A Massive Liar | Tea Party Pac

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the most controversial modern political figures currently serving in Congress right now is Rep. Ilhan Omar, a woman who has become notorious for her radical liberalism, anti-Semitic statements, and possibly marrying her own brother.

Just based off that description it’s clear she’s a Democrat, isn’t it?

Well, as it turns out, she’s also a raging liar, a fact that probably surprises no one.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

New evidence has emerged that Rep. Ilhan Omar did indeed marry her brother, and that her real name may actually be Ilhan Nur Said.

A resurfaced tweet from 2013 links to a now-deleted Instagram post in which she refers to her father by the name Nur Said.

Above: Ilhan and her father Nur Said.

The tweet was later deleted this morning after the news broke!

But it was saved before it was deleted…

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi


Your father is Nur Said?
Not: Nur Omar Mohamed?

So you’re Ilhan Nur Said?

And you married Ahmed Nur Said,

You married your brother.

(Most Americans don’t know that in most Muslim countries, the surname is actually the father’s name)


Ilhan in 2013 👇🏽 BUSTED. 

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi


This means her real name is Ilhan Nur Said

Some examples for Non-Muslims/Those not from Middle East & North Africa:

1. ‘Mohammad Salman’ means: Mohammad the son of Salman.

2. ‘Mohammad Zayed’ means Mohammad the son of Zayed.

• Ilhan’s dad is Nur Said. She’s: ‘Ilhan Nur Said’

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As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, in 2017, Rep. Omar swore under penalty of perjury while divorcing her husband (brother?) that she hadn’t seen Ahmed N. Elmi since 2011 and didn’t know anyone who could help her contact him.

Ilhan Omar is getting lost in her lies.

On Tuesday Ilhan Omar’s spokesperson responded to Jon Levine and The New York Post.

Here is the statement they sent out.

So Ilhan’s latest lie is that Nur Said means “happy light” and is not her father’s name.

We already know it’s her brother-husband’s name — Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Her father’s name before applying for asylum was Nur Said Elmi Mohamed. Her sister Sahra Noor’s name before applying for asylum was Sahra Nur Said Elmi.

Her three siblings who were granted asylum by the United Kingdom are Leila Nur Said Elmi, Mohamed Nur Said Elmi, and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Power Line also included this graphic on the Omar Elmi family.

This ties in to our previous report by Joe Hoft on Ilhan Omar’s father.

Far Left Communist Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar’s father and other Somalian war crimes perpetrators are currently living illegally in the United States.

No wonder she supports communists, terrorists and illegal aliens!

The Gateway Pundit has obtained information that is damning for Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Omar’s father, Nur Omar Mohamed (aka Nur Said Elmi Mohamed), is connected to the former dictator in Somalia, Said Barre. Nur and other former Barre accomplices are living in the US illegally.



Luke Rosiak


Now she claims Nur Said is a nickname (why’d she delete it then?). Problem is, it’s her sister’s dad’s legal name: 

Luke Rosiak


Replying to @lukerosiak

Omar has said she has a sister named Leila Elmi, whose father’s legal name (per her marriage certificate) is Nur Said Elmi.

Certificate also shows Leila grew up in the same tiny London neighborhood as the ex-husband (& social posts prove they’re family). 

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Listen, we’re all aware that Congress and pretty much any form of politics seems to appeal to those who are corrupt, dirty, and craving power, but even by the standards that currently exist in Washington, Omar is pretty messed up.

There are a lot of folks currently serving who shouldn’t get another term, but Omar has managed to put herself pretty close to the top of the list, an impressive feat given her competition.

At the end of the day, Congress doesn’t need any more corrupt, hateful, liars occupying seats where the people are supposed to be represented. Let’s hope voters wake up and don’t allow Omar to have a second term.


Source: Ilhan Omar’s Response To Deleted Tweet And Reporter Reveals She’s A Massive Liar | Tea Party Pac

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Mark Alexander: Another WaPo Pollaganda Whopper — The Patriot Post

Collusion between the Democrat Party and its MSM propagandists is an abject betrayal of the First Amendment.

Mark Alexander · Sep. 11, 2019

“But the fact being once established, that the press is impotent when it abandons itself to falsehood, I leave to others to restore it to its strength, by recalling it within the pale of truth.” —Thomas Jefferson (1805)

Imagine, if you will, what the American political landscape would look like if our national mainstream-media outlets were actually neutral in their reporting — conducting themselves as journalists rather than ranting political puppets. It would look much more like what our Founders intended — a nation where protecting Liberty and the Rule of Law enshrined in our Republic’s founding documents was chief among the concerns of our people.

Unfortunately, we have ventured far from that landscape today, largely because of the influence of an unethical and prejudiced mass media.

In a single headline and its opening paragraph this week, The Washington Post provided the most blatant example of that subversive corruption I have seen this year — a case study of what we have defined as the “Pollaganda Effect.”

If you recently joined the ranks of our American Patriot readers, or even if you’re a seasoned veteran, allow me to share with you a couple definitions.

“Pollaganda” is a word we created to describe the most egregious Demo/MSM propaganda machine abuse of the First Amendment. It is defined as follows:

Pollaganda — n. 1. mainstream media (MSM) polling used to manipulate public opinion and advance a particular bias. 2. Outcome-based polling; instruments designed to generate a preferential outcome, which can be used to manipulate public opinion by advancing the perception that a particular issue, individual, or group has a majority of public favor or disfavor. 3. A “dezinformatsiya” (disinformation) campaign of political polling used for propaganda; polling masquerading as “objective journalism” designed to advance a liberal bias.

In its active form:

Pollagandize — v. 1. To engage in pollaganda. 2. To utilize instruments of pollaganda, or selective poll reporting (reporting polls that comport with a particular ideological viewpoint), to advance a bias.

The Leftmedia strategy is to achieve what we call “The Pollaganda Effect,” defined as follows:

A self-perpetuating cyclical effect — the intentional and systematic propagation of mainstream-media polls to manipulate public opinion by first saturating viewers with “reporting” that reflects a particular bias; second, conducting public-opinion polls in concert with like-minded organizations or campaigns, which will reflect that bias; third, further proselytizing to a readership by treating these poll results as “news”; and fourth, using pollaganda to induce “bandwagon psychology” (the human tendency of those who do not have a strong ideological foundation to aspire to the side perceived to be in the majority), thus further driving public opinion toward the original media bias, ad infinitum.

The Pollaganda Effect depends on outcome-based opinion samples (polling instruments designed to generate a preferential outcome), which in large measure reflects prior-opinion indoctrination or cultivation by the same media conducting the poll. The incestuous results are then used to manipulate public opinion further by advancing the perception that a particular candidate or political position enjoys majority support. The MSM fallaciously presents such polling as if it were completely objective.

Which brings me back to this brazen and inexcusable Washington Post example of the Pollaganda Effect.

Leading the news Tuesday was this top-of-the-fold WaPo headline proclaiming: “Six in 10 Americans expect a recession and higher prices as Trump’s approval rating slips, poll finds.”

The opening paragraph declared: “President Trump’s approval rating in the Washington Post-ABC News poll stands at 38 percent, down from 44 percent in June. The survey highlights how one of Trump’s central arguments for reelection — the strong U.S. economy — is beginning to show signs of potential turmoil.”

So, despite a strong economy, WaPo and other Leftmedia propagandists have been pushing the “imminent recession” narrative for six weeks in order to shape public opinion on the economy and then poll on the opinion they’ve twisted into the desired outcome.

As I wrote last year, Democrat Party leaders are pinning their 2020 political prospects on a pre-election economic downturn, hoping for a recession, and doing everything they can to create one by undermining consumer and business confidence in our economy. That was the successful model they used when seeding the 2008 financial crisis, which paved the path for Barack Obama’s ascendancy and his ruinous eight-year presidency.

Notably, the same day this WaPo pollaganda piece ran, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly “Employment Situation Report” indicating that the U.S. unemployment rate remains at a near-historic low of 3.7%, while unemployment rates for black and Hispanic Americans remain at historic lows.

That notwithstanding, WaPo then noted: “The Post-ABC poll finds that Trump’s economic approval rating has also declined from 51 percent in early July to 46 percent in the new survey, with 47 percent disapproving. His relatively positive standing on the economy continues to buoy his reputation amid public criticism on other issues.”

And there you have it. A textbook example of Pollaganda.

The political collusion between Democrats and their media opinion shapers results in the most insidious form of “fake news,” which Donald Trump has correctly and continuously identified as “the enemy of the American people.” We’ll go further, calling it a pernicious violation of First Amendment principles regarding freedom of the press and, thus, a perilous threat to American Liberty.

According to Trump: “The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open and obvious hostility and report the news accurately and fairly. That will do much to put out the flames of Anger and Outrage and we will then be able to bring all sides together in Peace and Harmony. Fake News Must End!”

Regarding Trump’s MSM callout, distinguished journalist Brit Hume observed, “There has been more bad and biased reporting such as I have never seen in the 50 years I have been in this business.” (For the record, The Washington Post has never in its history endorsed a Republican for president.)

In January, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unwittingly identified another version of Demo/MSM collusion to propagate disinformation and perpetuate a BIG lie — the “wrap-up smear.” According to Pelosi: “You make up something. Then you have the press write about it. And then you say, ‘Everybody is writing about this charge.’ It’s a tool of an [authoritarian regime] to just have you always be talking about what you want them to be talking about.”

The Demo/MSM collusion is an abject betrayal of the First Amendment, whose assurance of freedom of speech and of the press our Founders intended to be among the most significant checks on centralized government power. The press was charged with a heavy burden — that of providing impartial reports about the issues of the day and those running for political office. Fair and unbiased reporting was therefore essential to an informed citizenry.

Among the First Amendment’s strongest advocates, Thomas Jefferson penned, “Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.” Likewise, James Madison wrote, “The right of freely examining public characters and measures … has ever been justly deemed the only effectual guardian of every other right.”

Unfortunately, when the press discovered it could exercise enormous power over public opinion, those who controlled it began to use their pages to that end. Neither Madison nor Jefferson could have imagined the power of today’s mass media and the dumbed-down bias used to shape mass opinion. Over the past 40 years, the Leftmedia has become the primary empowering agent of those who support the central government’s exponential (and extra-constitutional) growth. In this way, the Leftmedia has become little more than the public-relations arm of the statists.

Long ago, Founder John Adams warned, “We should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections.”

To Adams’s point, another equally insidious threat to our “free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections” has emerged in recent years, in the form of Big Tech bias, both by social-media giants and the “search-engine manipulation effect.”

Caught in the crossfire of all the subversive Demo/MSM machinations endeavoring to create a politically induced recession between now and the 2020 election are the job and income prospects for tens of millions of American workers. Unfortunately, this rotten cabal considers grassroots Americans to be nothing more than collateral damage necessary for the Left’s resurgence.

Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis
Pro Deo et Libertate — 1776

Source: Mark Alexander: Another WaPo Pollaganda Whopper — The Patriot Post

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“Nothing More than a Slut, a White Whore!” – Raymond Ibrahim

FrontPage Magazine

Western women are to blame for being raped by Muslim men.  Such is the latest position—the latest apologia—being offered by those Western elements dedicated to exonerating undesirable Muslim behavior, particularly in order to continue taking in more Muslim migrants.

According to an August 9, 2019 report, “in the Swedish city of Uppsala … four women were raped in as many days….  Two ‘completed rapes’ took place last weekend, with another attempted rape on Saturday night, and another sexual attack in the early hours of Wednesday morning.”

So many (reported) rapes in so brief a time span should be unsurprising considering that, since opening its doors to “multiculturalism”—which mostly means taking in male Muslim “refugees”—rapes in Sweden have increased by 1,472 percent, making it the rape capital of the world.

Although Uppsala Police failed to issue descriptions of the rapists—usually a sure sign of their origins—they did issue warnings for women to “think how they behave,” to “think ahead,” and not “go out alone” (original Swedish language report here).

Sweden is hardly the only Western European nation to implicate victims with their own rape.  In late 2018 in Germany, seven Muslim migrants raped a teenage German girl in a park, after drugging her at a disco in Freiburg.  (She at least survived; in a similar case that occurred a week earlier in Italy, the drugged rape victim was left murdered.) Freiburg’s police chief responded by warning German women not to “make yourself vulnerable by using alcohol or drugs.”

Advice against alcohol, drugs, and reckless behavior would be more welcome and sincere were it not made under duress.  As things stand, it is a copout.

For example, after mobs of Muslim migrants sexually assaulted as many as one thousand women on New Year’s Eve 2016 in Cologne, Germany, its mayor, Henriette Reker, called on women to “be better prepared, especially with the Cologne carnival coming up. For this, we will publish online guidelines that these young women can read through to prepare themselves.”

Or, as another report discussing the aforementioned rape in Freiburg puts it, “The focus on prevention is a good thing, but also shows how German authorities and media barely hold the migrant crisis responsible for the disaster that is unfolding in Germany.  Political correctness has caused officials to put the blame for the criminal acts on the women instead of Merkel’s guests.”

Similarly, in Austria, after a 20-year-old woman waiting at a bus stop in Vienna was attacked, beat, and robbed by four Muslim men—including one who “started [by] putting his hands through my hair and made it clear that in his cultural background there were hardly any blonde women”—police responded by telling the victim to dye her hair:

At first I was scared, but now I’m more angry than anything. After the attack they told me that women shouldn’t be alone on the streets after 8pm. And they also gave me other advice, telling me I should dye my hair dark and also not dress in such a provocative way. Indirectly that means I was partly to blame for what happened to me. That is a massive insult.

In Norway, Unni Wikan, a female professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo, insists that “Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes,” because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative. The professor’s conclusion was not that Muslim men living in the West need to adjust to Western norms, but the exact opposite: “Norwegian women must realize that we live in a Multicultural society and adapt themselves to it.”

So much for the feminist claim that women are free to dress and behave as promiscuously and provocatively as they want—and woe to the man who dares cite this as justifying male sexual aggression.  Apparently this feminist refrain does not apply to Muslim men.

But perhaps the greater irony is that all these excuses that implicate female victims in their own rape agree with Islam’s unwavering view—on display past and present—that European women are by nature sexually promiscuous.

Consider Islamic views concerning the first “white” women encountered.  Muslims habitually portrayed neighboring Byzantine women as sexually promiscuous by nature. Thus, for Abu Uthman al-Jahiz (b. 776), an Abbasid court scholar, the females of Constantinople were the “most shameless women in the whole world”; “they find sex more enjoyable” and “are prone to adultery.” Abd al-Jabbar (b. 935), another prominent scholar, claimed that “adultery is commonplace in the cities and markets of Byzantium”—so much so that even “the nuns from the convents went out to the fortresses to offer themselves to monks.”

For all these reasons and more, Byzantine women became Islam’s “beautiful femme fatale who makes men lose their self-control,” as the author of Byzantium Viewed by the Arabs explains:

Our [Arab/Muslim] sources show not Byzantine women but writers’ images of these women, who served as symbols of the eternal female—constantly a potential threat, particularly due to blatant exaggerations of their sexual promiscuity. In our texts, Byzantine women are strongly associated with sexual immorality. . . . While the one quality that our [Muslim] sources never deny is the beauty of Byzantine women, the image that they create in describing these women is anything but beautiful. Their depictions are, occasionally, excessive, virtually caricatures, overwhelmingly negative.

Such fevered fantasies—which “are clearly far from Byzantine reality”—existed only in the minds of Muslim men. “The behavior of most women in Byzantium was a far cry from the depictions that appear in Arabic sources.”

Regardless, not only did Muslim writers/scholars fail to “revise” their opinion concerning Byzantine women; they subsequently went on to portray all white/European women encountered—including Frankish, Spanish, and Slavic women—in the same manner.

Today, little has changed (except, as shall be seen, Western responses): all European women continue to be seen as naturally promiscuous and provoking Muslim men into raping them.  Thus in the United Kingdom, a Muslim man explained to a British woman why he was raping her: “you white women are good at it.”  Another Muslim man called a 13-year-old virgin “a little white slag”—British slang for “loose, promiscuous woman”—before raping her.

Another British woman was trafficked to Morocco where she was prostituted and repeatedly raped by dozens of Muslim men.  They “made me believe I was nothing more than a slut, a white whore,” she recollects. “They treated me like a leper, apart from when they wanted sex.  I was less than human to them, I was rubbish.”

In Germany, a group of Muslim “refugees” stalked a 25-year-old woman, hurled “filthy” insults at and taunted her for sex.  They too explained their logic to her—“German girls are just there for sex”—before reaching into her blouse and groping her.  A Muslim man who almost killed his 25-year-old German victim while raping her—and shouting “Allah!”—asked afterwards if she enjoyed it.

In Austria, an “Arabic-looking man” approached a 27-year-old woman at a bus stop, pulled down his pants, and “all he could say was sex, sex, sex,” prompting the woman to scream and flee.

In Australia, a Muslim cabbie groped and insulted his female passengers, including by saying “All Australian women are sluts and deserve to be raped.”

In short, the ancient Islamic motif concerning the alleged promiscuity of European women is alive and well—irrespective of the latter’s behavior—and continues justifying the Muslim rape of Western women.

The only thing “new” is that Muslim would-be rapists can turn to those “progressive” elements that dominate Western society for cover.  For, just as “the Left” has worked long and hard to portray Islamic intolerance, violence, and terrorism as the West’s fault—because of the crusades, because of colonialism, because of Israel, because offensive cartoons—it now adds Islam’s perverted fantasies concerning Western women to the list of reasons that “provoke” Muslims to lash out.

Note: For numerous documented examples of Muslims sexually objectifying and enslaving Western women throughout history, see author’s new book, Sword and Scimitar, which also sources many of the above quotes.

Source: “Nothing More than a Slut, a White Whore!” – Raymond Ibrahim

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11 Shot Dead, 63 Wounded in Chicago Over the Weekend. America Yawns | Trending

In this Aug. 5, 2018 photo, police investigate the scene where multiple people were shot in Chicago. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson plans to discuss the weekend violence during a Monday news conference. (Tyler LaRiviere/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

It was a beautiful summer weekend in Chicago. The city’s premiere summer music event — “Lollapalooza” — went off without a hitch, despite soaring temps and oppressive humidity.

There were the usual block parties, church socials, neighborhood bake sales…

And 11 people were gunned down in the streets, with 63 more wounded.

But because this explosion of blood wasn’t committed by one or two crazed white supremacists or racists, you probably didn’t even hear about it. That’s because the shootings in Chicago — a city that votes 70% Democratic, is run by Democrats from top to bottom — couldn’t be blamed on Donald Trump, Republicans, or conservatives.

Does it really matter that much whether one crazy man with a gun shoots up a Walmart or vicious gang-bangers spray gunfire in densely populated neighborhoods?

Why, yes. Yes, it does.

Chicago’s John Kass:

Those angry loner white boys with guns, this time in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, have again erupted on the body politic.

And those with eyes to see are reminded that the American culture is ill.

But what of the mass shootings in Chicago, the 55 people shot over the weekend, with seven hit near a park and then eight more not far away?

You might think these are “mass shootings” too, but, in political/media terms, they’re not treated as such. The victims, and in all likelihood the shooters, are black. And Democratic politicians find no political advantage in weaponizing the victims of everyday street violence in a Democratic town. So Chicago’s dead are stepped over by national media and national Democrats on the way to 2020. (Emphasis mine)

It’s not a “mass shooting” if 30 people are shot in three hours, as happened on Sunday in Chicago? If you can’t pin it on Trump, those 11 dead and 63 wounded human beings simply don’t exist.

Babies shot in Chicago? Poor people terrorized daily? Cops and paramedics pushed to the breaking point?

They’re largely forgotten. In political terms it’s all about those white boys with their guns.

Democrats wrap them around Trump’s neck, focusing on a key voter block, suburban white women with those “Hate Has No Home Here” signs. For two years, the left and media have shrieked unproven allegations about Trump and collusion with Russia. Now that has faded, Democrats adeptly find themselves on comfortable, familiar ground: race.

That’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? Headlines today speak of Hispanics feeling like they’re “being hunted” because they’re now “targeted.” The El Paso shooter is called a “white supremacist” while the media is largely silent about the politics of the Dayton shooter because he has expressed left-wing sympathies. Can’t make it about race, so it never happened.

Has it ever been said better?

Years ago, before Trump was elected president, there were white boys with guns too, slaughtering innocents. And those of us who made the culture argument back then, rather than advocate ripping the Second Amendment out of the Bill of Rights, were denounced, predictably, as know-nothing conservatives.

There had already been tens of millions of legal abortions serving as grim building blocks of an American death cult. And there were increasingly violent video games that fed the isolation, growing nihilism and misogyny in those sad, angry, mentally disturbed boys who nonetheless pass their background checks, buy their guns and make the news.

Now? They are lost in public schools that teach them about their toxic masculinity, they are loners, they are armed, in a culture that turns its face away from God.

Democrats also seem to forget just two short summers ago when it was a left-wing loner with a gun who tried to murder his perceived political opponents:

Because it was also a crazy white madman who stalked those Republican Congressmen as they played baseball in a park in 2017 and tried to massacre them all with a rifle. He was a Sanders supporter and the cry went up wherever we talk politics, in the common square and in newsrooms, that blaming the left for the insane actions of an insane man would be unthinkable.

The shooter in Dayton was, reportedly, of the political left and a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, but you don’t hear much of that, do you?

All of this comes back to 11 dead, 63 wounded in one weekend in a major, supposedly civilized American city, run by Democrats, where blood is routinely spilled in buckets by mostly black murderers killing mostly black victims that we can’t talk about because the perpetrators aren’t white nationalist supporters of Trump.

Got that? Now go back to sleep.

Source: 11 Shot Dead, 63 Wounded in Chicago Over the Weekend. America Yawns | Trending

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Rep. Ilhan Omar Caught Lying, Admits She Spread False Story About Police – Blue Lives Matter


Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar admitted that she may have stretched the truth during a speech at a high school.

Minneapolis, MN – Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has admitted that she embellished a story she told a group of 400 high school students about a supposed arrest that local officers made.

During a recent visit to Richfield High School, Omar claimed that she witnessed a “sweet old…African-American lady” being sentenced for stealing a $2 loaf of bread to feed her “starving five-year-old granddaughter” five years ago, according to The Washington Post.

Omar claimed that the woman was jailed for a weekend prior to being fined $80 for the theft.

She said she was in the courtroom when the sentence was handed down.

“I couldn’t control my emotions, because I couldn’t understand how a roomful of educated adults could do something so unjust,” Omar told the students.

“Bulls–t!” she screamed inside the courtroom, according to Omar.

But Omar’s lie was exposed after city officials noted that police are not even allowed to arrest shoplifters unless there is a likelihood that they will commit further crimes or act violently, The Washington Post reported.

The paper noted that the congresswoman’s story “echoed the plot of ‘Les Miserables,’” and that if there was any grain of truth in it at all, it had likely been embellished.

Upon confrontation, Omar admitted that she may have stretched the truth.

“She might have had a prior [arrest],” she said. “I’m not sure…The details might not have all matched, but that’s what I remember.”

Omar, who has touted herself as “America’s hope and the president’s nightmare,” also recently presented false information to a group of military veterans, according to The Washington Post.

She was attempting to prove to the veterans that Republicans don’t care about the troops, and alleged that approximately 45 percent of military families rely on food stamps to get by.

In actuality, less than 5 percent of military families receive food stamps, according to the Pentagon.

After Omar presented her fake story to the students, they flocked around her to express their support and take selfies, The Washington Post reported.

“I arrived at the age of 12 and learned that I was the extreme other,” Omar has proclaimed in the past. “I was black. I was Muslim. I also learned I was extremely poor and that the classless America that my father talked about didn’t exist.”

“It’s great to have a representative who looks like the people she represents,” one student told The Washington Post after Omar’s speech.

Source: Rep. Ilhan Omar Caught Lying, Admits She Spread False Story About Police – Blue Lives Matter

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Religion and political ideals replaced with dogma that has turned beliefs into hate crimes  | Daily Mail Online

We are going through a great mass derangement. In public and in private, people are behaving in ways that are increasingly irrational, feverish, herd-like and unpleasant. The news is filled with the consequences. Yet while we see the symptoms everywhere, we don’t see the causes.

Various explanations have been given, usually involving Donald TrumpBrexit, or both. But these explanations don’t get to the root cause of what is happening. For beneath all the day-to-day madnesses – over race, sex, sexuality, gender and the rest – are much greater movements and much bigger events. Even the origin of this mass derangement is rarely acknowledged. This is the simple fact that we have been living through a period of more than a quarter of a century in which all our grand narratives about our existence have collapsed.

Religion went first, falling away from the 19th Century onwards. Then, over the past century, the secular hopes held out by all political ideologies followed. In the latter part of the 20th Century, we entered the post-modern era, defined by its suspicion towards grand narratives.

Hundreds of demonstrators take part in the 'Women Demand Bread and Roses' protest organised by Women's March in Trafalgar Square, London, on January 19

Hundreds of demonstrators take part in the ‘Women Demand Bread and Roses’ protest organised by Women’s March in Trafalgar Square, London, on January 19

However, nature abhors a vacuum. People in today’s wealthy Western democracies could not simply remain the first people in recorded history to have no explanation for what we are doing here and no story to give life purpose.

The question of what exactly we are meant to do now – other than get rich and have fun – was going to have to be answered by something. The answer that has presented itself in recent years has been to live in a permanent state of outrage. To find meaning by waging constant war against anybody who seems to be on the wrong side of a question to which the answer has only just been altered.

The bewildering speed of this process has been principally caused by the Silicon Valley giants (notably Google, Twitter and Facebook). They have the power not just to direct what most people in the world know, think and say, but have a business model which has accurately been described as relying on finding ‘customers ready to pay to modify someone else’s behaviour’.

But today’s wars of ideas are not random – they are consistently being fought in a new and particular direction. And that direction has a purpose that is vast. The purpose – unwitting in some people, deliberate in others – is nothing less than to embed a new religion into our societies.

The controversial statue of Cecil Rhodes, British imperialist, on the front of Oriel College, University of Oxford. Students led a Rhodes Must Fall campaign

The controversial statue of Cecil Rhodes, British imperialist, on the front of Oriel College, University of Oxford. Students led a Rhodes Must Fall campaign

though the foundations had been laid over several decades, it is only since the financial crash of 2008 that there has been a march into the mainstream of ideas that were previously known solely on the obscurest fringes of academia.

The interpretation of the world through the lens of ‘social justice’ and ‘identity group politics’ is probably the most audacious and comprehensive effort since the end of the Cold War at creating a new ideology.

To date, ‘social justice’ has run the furthest because it sounds – and in some versions is – attractive. Even the term is set up to be impossible to argue with. ‘You’re opposed to social justice? What do you want, social injustice?’

The attractions are obvious. After all, why should a generation which can’t accumulate capital have any great love of capitalism? And it isn’t hard to work out why a generation who believe they may never own a home could be attracted to an ideological world view which promises to sort out every inequality. The place where social justice finds its warriors is identity politics. This atomises society into different interest groups according to sex (or gender), race, sexual preference and more. It presumes that such characteristics are the main, or only, relevant attributes of their holders and that they bring an added bonus. As the American writer Coleman Hughes has put it, it assumes there is ‘a heightened moral knowledge’ that comes with being black or female or gay. It’s why people start statements with ‘Speaking as a …’. And this new religion is something that people both living and dead must be on the right side of.

That’s why there are calls to pull down statues of historical figures viewed as being on the wrong side and it is why the past needs to be rewritten to suit any interest group you wish to champion.

Identity politics is where minority groups are encouraged to simultaneously atomise, organise and go on the attack. Tied into this is something social justice warriors call ‘intersectionality’ – the notion that there is a hierarchy of oppressed minorities and society should organise itself around correcting this.

Today, intersectionality has broken out from the social science departments of the universities from which it originated into the mainstream. It’s now taken seriously by millennials and has become embedded via employment law (through a ‘commitment to diversity’) in all major corporations and governments.

The speed at which the ‘social justice’ causes have taken over everyday life is staggering. Once-obscure phrases such as ‘LGBTQ’, ‘white privilege’, ‘the patriarchy’ and ‘transphobia’ are suddenly heard everywhere – even though in the words of mathematician Eric Weinstein, they were ‘all made up about 20 minutes ago’. The policing of these issues is an even more recent phenomenon. Researchers found that phrases like ‘triggered’ and ‘feeling unsafe’ only spiked in usage from 2013 onwards.

It is as though, having worked out what it wanted, the new religion took a further half-decade to work out how to impose its credo on non-believers. But it has done so with frightening success.

The maddening results can be seen on a daily basis. It’s why a British academic study which found muscular, wealthy men are more attractive could be headlined by Newsweek magazine as: ‘Men with muscles and money are more attractive to straight women and gay men – showing gender roles aren’t progressing.’

It’s why a previously completely unknown programmer at Google could be sacked for writing a memo suggesting some tech jobs appeal more to men than women. It is why The New York Times ran a piece by a black author with the title: ‘Can my children be friends with white people?’ And it’s why a piece about cycling deaths in London written by a woman was framed through the headline: ‘Roads designed by men are killing women.’

Such rhetoric exacerbates existing divisions and creates new ones. For what purpose? Rather than showing how we can all get along better, the lessons of the last decade appear to be exacerbating a sense that in fact we aren’t very good at living with each other.

For most people, awareness of this new religion has become clear not so much by trial as by public error. Because one thing that everybody has begun to sense in recent years is that a set of tripwires have been laid across the culture. Among the first tripwires was anything to do with homosexuality. In the latter half of the 20th Century, there was a fight for gay equality which rightly succeeded in reversing a terrible historic injustice. Then, the war having been won, it didn’t stop. Indeed it began morphing. GLB (Gay, Lesbian, Bi) became LGB so as not to diminish lesbians. Then a T for ‘trans’ and a Q for ‘queer’ or ‘questioning’ got added. Then the movement behaved – in victory – as its opponents once did, as oppressors.

When the boot was on the other foot, something ugly happened.

A decade ago, almost nobody was supportive of gay marriage. Even gay rights group Stonewall wasn’t in favour. Now it’s a central tenet of modern liberalism. To fail the gay marriage test – only years after almost everybody failed it – is to put yourself beyond the pale.

People may agree with or disagree with gay marriage. But to shift mores so fast needs to be done with sensitivity and deep thought. Yet we engage in neither.

Other issues followed a similar pattern. Women’s rights had also been steadily accumulated throughout the 20th Century. They too appeared to be arriving at some sort of settlement. Then, just as the train appeared to be reaching its desired destination, it filled with steam again and went roaring off into the distance. What had been barely disputed until yesterday became a cause to destroy someone’s life today. Whole careers were scattered and strewn as the train careered along its path.

Careers like that of the 72-year-old Nobel Prize-winning UCL Professor Tim Hunt were destroyed after one lame joke, at a conference in South Korea, about men and women falling in love in the lab. What was the virtue of making relations between the sexes so fraught? Why, when women had broken through more glass ceilings than at any other time, did talk of ‘the patriarchy’ seep out of feminist fringes and into popular culture?

In a similar fashion, the civil rights movement in America, which started to right the most appalling of all historic wrongs, looked like it was moving towards some hoped-for resolution. Again, near the point of victory everything soured.

Just as things appeared better than ever before, the rhetoric started suggesting things had never been worse.

The most recent tripwire addition, and most toxic of all of them, is the trans issue. It affects the fewest number of people, but is nevertheless fought over with an almost unequalled ferocity and rage. Women who have got on the wrong side of the issue, including notable feminists like Julie Bindel and Suzanne Moore, have been hounded by people who used to be men.

Meanwhile, mothers and fathers who voice concerns that ten years ago would have been considered common sense have their fitness to be parents questioned. People who will not concede that men can be women (and vice versa) can amazingly now expect a knock on the door from police.

Last September, a billboard that comprised the dictionary definition ‘woman: noun, adult human female’ was taken down after someone complained it was a ‘symbol that makes transgender people feel unsafe’.

Everyone knows what they will be called if their foot nicks against society’s new tripwires. Bigot, homophobe, sexist, misogynist, racist and transphobe are for starters. To avoid these accusations, citizens must prove their commitment to fashionable causes.

How might somebody demonstrate virtue in this new world? By being ‘anti-racist’, clearly. By being an ‘ally’ to LGBT people, obviously. By stressing how ardent your desire is to bring down the patriarchy.

And this creates a situation where public avowals of loyalty to the system must be made regardless of whether it’s needed. It’s an extension of a problem in liberalism identified by the late political philosopher Kenneth Minogue as ‘St George in retirement’ syndrome. After slaying the dragon, the warrior finds himself stalking the land looking for more glorious fights. Eventually, after tiring himself out in pursuit of ever-smaller dragons, he may eventually be found swinging his sword at thin air, imagining dragons.

Today our public life is dense with people desperate to slay imagined dragons. On all the big issues, an increasing number of people, with the law on their side, now pretend that all questions have been resolved, all answers agreed upon – and that no good person can have any doubts. The case is very much otherwise.

Each of these issues is infinitely more complex and unstable than our societies admit. Yet while the endless contradictions, fabrications and fantasies within each are visible, identifying them is not just discouraged but policed.

And so we are asked to agree to things which we cannot believe, and told not to object to things to which most people object, such as giving children drugs to stop them going through puberty or allowing men who self-identify as female to use female toilets. The pain that comes from being expected to remain silent on important matters and perform impossible leaps on others is tremendous, not least because the problems are so evident.

As anyone who has lived under totalitarianism can attest, there is something demeaning and eventually soul-destroying about being expected to go along with claims you do not believe to be true.

If the belief is that all people should be regarded as having equal value and be accorded equal dignity, then that may be all well and good. But if you’re asked to believe there are no differences between men and women, racism and anti-racism, homosexuality and heterosexuality, then this will drive you to distraction. That distraction is something we’re in the middle of and something we must try to find our way out from. If we fail, the direction of travel is clear.

We face not just a future of ever-greater atomisation, rage and violence, but a future in which the possibility of a backlash against all rights advances – including the good ones – grows more likely.

A future in which racism is responded to with racism, denigration based on gender is responded to with denigration based on gender. At some stage of humiliation there is simply no reason for majority groups not to retaliate with the exact same weapons that have worked so well on themselves.

  • The Madness Of Crowds, by Douglas Murray, is published by Bloomsbury Continuum on September 17, priced £20.

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