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Dallas: Criminal Insanity 

Posted by Mike McDaniel in Politics What happens when a prosecutor goes over to the dark side? Dallas DA John Creuzot Democrats/socialists reflexively support that which harms America, and that which provides them with greater power while diminishing individual rights.  One persistent example is their … Continue reading

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Golan Heights, Did Israel Steal It From Syria, Aren’t They Breaking International Law annexing It?

Since Trump has come out and said that the US will recognize the Israeli de facto Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, we have been deluged with claims that this is just another move to expand Israel, they stole it from Syria, … Continue reading

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How two new court rulings are having a HUGE impact on the presidential election

By: Hans von Spakovsky | July 25, 2016 The same week that Republicans were formally nominating their 2016 presidential candidate in Cleveland, two different courts issued decisions, one positive and one negative, that may affect the security and integrity of … Continue reading

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