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Antifa Is Not Fighting For Freedom, But For Communist Revolution

Despite antiseptic portrayals throughout American media, Antifa are more than ‘anti-fascists.’ Antifa provide the violent complement to academic neo-Marxism. By Joseph D’Hippolito NOVEMBER 1, 2017 In the immediate aftermath of the Charlottesville violence, several prominent figures—including CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and Jeffrey … Continue reading

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Publications – Hal Lewis Resignation Letter from the American Physical Society | Heartland Institute

DECEMBER 8, 2010 By Hal Lewis The following resignation letter was sent by Hal Lewis, professor emeritus of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, to the American Physical Society:Sent: Friday, 08 October 2010 17:19 Hal LewisFrom: Hal Lewis, … Continue reading

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“Climate Science” in Shambles: Real Scientists Battle UN Agenda

[reprint of 2012 article reporting on the disillusionment with and defection from climate alarmism by leading scientists.  You may recall that the IPCC had many scientists review their report so they could list them as supporters. However these same scientists … Continue reading

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Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation – Telegraph

[A re-post of a 2009 British article discussing the leaked Climategate emails which revealed a conspiracy by principal proponents of the “man made global warming” theory to foist false data, and unscientific conclusions, on the public, and commit illegal destruction … Continue reading

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Media Bias: Pretty Much All Of Journalism Now Leans Left, Study Shows | Investor’s Business Daily

11/16/2018 Media Bias: Ask journalists, and they’ll likely tell you they play things right down the middle. They strive to be “fair.” They’re “centrists.” Sorry, not true. The profound leftward ideological bias of the Big Media is the main reason why … Continue reading

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NEVER FORGET: Whistleblower Investigating Fraud in Broward County Shot Himself in the Head — But No Gun Was Found

by Jim Hoft November 12, 2018 A federal prosecutor’s body was discovered on a Hollywood, Florida beach in May 2017. Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr. was handling several visa and passport fraud cases in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district in Broward County at the … Continue reading

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Ohio election: Hundreds of uncounted votes found in congressional race

Correction: The number of votes found is 588.  COLUMBUS – The tight race between Democrat Danny O’Connor and Republican Troy Balderson just got tighter. Election officials in Franklin County found 588 previously uncounted votes in a Columbus suburb. The result: … Continue reading

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